Diana of London Surprise Lipstick Wild Strawberry Review,Swatch

Diana of London Surprise Lipstick Wild Strawberry

Hello ladies, today I’d like to review a lipstick that I am in love with. It has utterly surprised me.  I had not really heard of it before. My Bhabhi picked up this lipstick from a store in Goa. Ever since my first swipe of this lipstick on my lips, I am in love with it. Then I decided to look up DOL online. This is what I found –



This lipstick resembles a bullet. It’s kind of cylindrical in shape, and has a pretty shiny liliac colour. It kind of stands out amongst my other lipsticks, as the colour is different and glossy. The lipstick comes in a small carton of a similar colour.

Price – Rs. 475

Product Claims-

Diana Surprise Lipstick for non-fading & non-allergic touch with vitamin E. It protects your lips from the summer blazing sun, dry heat and freezing winds. The soft creamy texture, semi matte best shades keeps the lips soft and supple. You can get the excellent color pay-off and high coverage in just one stroke. Enriched with Vitamin E and UV filters it makes lips appear healthier, softer, smoother and more radiant than before. It brings comfort & hydration up to 8 hours.



Colour and Texture
A very bright fuchsia pink shade. Texture is extremely smooth and glides on lips very easily. Gives a nice sheen to the lips. It might not suit dark skin tones.

Staying power

I have always believed that no lipstick stays really long in spite of the non-transferable and long-stay claims. This DOL lipstick has totally proved me wrong girls. Two swipes in the morning lasted the entire day. It survived two teas and one full meal. I couldn’t believe it when I saw my face into the mirror and saw the lipstick intact in the evening. It was not as bright as it was in the morning, but definitely a good amount was still n my lips.


Excellent colour pay-off. The best I’ve ever seen. One swipe deposits 90% colour on the lips. It works really well for pigmented lips as well.





Pros of Diana of London Surprise Lipstick : Wild Strawberry 73

• Extremely smooth to apply
• Lovely colour
• Moisturises lips
• Doesn’t chap
• Good pigmentation
• Natural Ingredients
• Vitamin E
• UV Filters
• Lives upto all the claims DOL makes
• Not so expensive- Affordable
• Extremely long lasting


Cons of Diana of London Surprise Lipstick : Wild Strawberry 73

• Might not look too good on dusky beauties as it a bright shade.
Other than this, honestly none. It’s a totally win-win product.

Final Verdict

A totally gorgeous bright pink shade that stays long, does not end up in fine lines and also moisturises lips. What else can one ask for from a lipstick? But, let me warn you, this is not the case with all DOL lipsticks. It’s just this particular shade – Wild Strawberry that has such an awesome exceptional stay.  Another lipstick from DOL which is a coral stay doesn’t last too long. And while Vitamin E in my lipstick makes me glad, I am not really sure about UV Filters. But overall, I’m quite impressed.

PS – It takes half n hour or so, for the lipstick to turn almost matte on your lips and then it becomes almost non-transferable.

IMBB rating-

5/5 It doesn’t deserve any less

Would I recommend Diana of London Surprise Lipstick Wild Strawberry?

Totally!! Go for it!!

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  1. i love such bright pinks!!! they make u luk funky even on days wen u dont feel so up!! lukin fab on u *clap* *clap*

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