10 Diet Changes That Accelerate Weight Loss

How many of us are struggling to lose some weight because an important event is coming up – your bf’s/husband’s birthday, your best friend’s wedding, or just because a female colleague you do not have much liking for is looking slimmer! If you have hit the gym to melt away the fat, gym alone would not help! Or worse if you are planning to spend an insane amount on meal replacement powders and appetite suppressant plans, those would absolutely not work either. What will eventually help you motor to your dream weight is by following a good diet, such as the Rati Beauty diet, which helps you drop extra pounds as well as lose inches, all by encouraging you to eat the right kind of food. Additionally, these 10 Diet Changes would also help accelerate the whole weight loss process.

Diet Changes Lose Weight Faster

1. Satisfy your Sweet Tooth with Dark Chocolate: Stop looking for desserts, milk-based chocolates, candies,  and sweet things when the cravings to eat something sweet hits hard – here’s a good option – pick dark chocolate instead. Dark chocolate has multiple benefits – it boosts metabolism, has antioxidants, and helps reduce stress as well. (Read – 12 Ways Dark Chocolate can Help you Lose Weight). Pick chocolates that have 70-80% cocoa, and see the benefits unfold.

2. Change Meal Plates: If you have a habit of taking your food in a big plate, then change the size of your plate to a comparatively smaller one. We would suggest opting for an 8 inch plate. This minor change makes a huge impact as you are psychologically satisfying your brain, even though you have been practicing portion control and eating fewer calories.

3. Change your Cooking Oil: Weight loss always starts from the kitchen and more specifically, from the cooking oil. Swap refined oil with extra virgin olive oil and practice portion control here too. Olive oil has healthy fats that expedite the fat-burning process, so do make this important switch.

4. Start Every Meal with a Glass of Water: We have mentioned the benefits of “water preloading” in previous posts too. Drinking a glass of water right before the meal helps to cut down calories by a great extent. Read all about “Water Preloading” here.

5. Pick the Right Snack: If you are a person who likes to munch something or the other every few minutes, we would suggest you to steer clear of chips, cookies, cupcakes, candies, etc., which would definitely lead to weight gain, and instead pick almonds, walnuts and peanuts for snacking. These three nuts have healthy fats that stimulate fat burning and also keeps appetite in check. Here are some other healthy snacking options that you could try.

6. Don’t Do Crash Dieting or Invest in Meal Replacement Plans: We often assume that not eating anything will lead to weight loss, but it’s a huge misconception! You would not lose any significant weight with crash dieting or staying off food because your body would start reserving fat and lower metabolism to avoid losing out on energy. Also, there are scores of meal replacement plans in the market that promise weight loss by making you drink liquids – not the right way to drop weight and definitely not a sustainable one. Only by respecting your body by nourishing it with healthy food will bring about transformation and make you healthy, lean, and fit. For long term success and to lose weight, check out healthy weight loss diet plans on the Rati Beauty diet. Download the Rati Beauty app for more details.

7. Reduce the Frequency of Eating Out or Ordering Food In: You can go too far ahead in your weight loss journey by deleting food-ordering apps which bring can bring unhealthy food to your doorstep with a single swipe. Food that is not prepared at home usually is high in calories, made with unhealthy ingredients, making losing weight extremely difficult. So, eat out or order in food from outside only on your cheat days.

8. Replace your Regular Chai with Green Tea: We agree it’s extremely difficult to say “no” to the morning cup of chai or coffee, but replacing chai with a small cup of green tea will help boost metabolism and help burn more calories.

9. Eat your Fruits, Don’t Juice Them Out: Fiber is an essential part of a healthy diet because it helps to maintain a healthy digestive system, clears constipation, regulates blood sugar levels, controls appetite, and reduces belly fat as well, and when you juice out fruits, you lose precious fiber. So, the next time around, don’t juice the fruits, eat them in their raw form.

10. Fill Half of your Plate with Veggies: Filling half of your plate with vegetables is an easy way to cut calories, feel fuller, and get load of nutrients as well. Most vegetables are extremely low in calories and are extremely filling because of high fiber and nutrient content. They nourish with vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, protein, minerals, and help in the synthesis of essential fat-burning hormones and enzymes. With vegetables, you can hardly fall out of calorie deficit because nobody has ever gained weight by eating “baingan ka barta!” Ideally, you should get 2 to 3 servings of vegetables each day, so load up on veggies with each meal.

Make these 10 diet changes and see the extra pounds melting away.

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