Dior Svelte Body Hydrating and Firming Creme Review

Dior Svelte Body Hydrating and Firming Creme Review

By Rachel A.

Hi Ladies,

This post will be about the new Dior Svelte Body Firming Creme I just purchased. It has been in the market for quite some time. I don’t usually indulge in high-end body lotions. Till date, I have been quite content with my Body Shop Strawberry Lotion and Vaseline Cocoa Glow which are two amazing products. I chanced upon this product while visiting Lifestyle.  At first, my attention was on the foundations and lip gloss testers they had.  Something about the product packaging being red with a silver cap drew my attention. Red is quite an attractive colour to us Indians. After trying out the product, I walked around the mall a bit before I made the purchase.


This cream is said to firm, tone, smoothen and tighten the skin. It may take some time for me to actually see the results, but for now I love the fragrance. It borders on citrus, powdery and slightly floral, but doesn’t overpower the nose.

Product Packaging:

Most of the written details about the product is in French. Not much is mentioned on the tube per say, esecially details about the directions for use and ingredients, which is a negative.

Dior Svelte Body Hydrating and Firming Creme 2


Rs. 3,800 for 200 ml.

Package Type:


My Experience with Dior Svelte Body Hydrating and Firming Creme:

The fragrance is heavenly, not my absolute favourite, but the main features I look for in anything I apply on my body. The texture of the cream is perfect, not too oily and not too watery. The spread is easy and doesn’t appear patchy after it gets completely absorbed, which means it doesn’t have titanium dioxide. I usually apply it at night before I go to bed. It just seems perfect to use at that time of the day. It is definitely moisturizing as I wake up feeling fresh and my face looks even toned and soft. I do hope over time, this cream does tone my thighs 😛

Dior Svelte Body Hydrating and Firming Creme 3

I do feel it will last about 3 months with regular use, but at this price, I am actually trying to make it last 7 months. Wish me luck with that 🙂 The fragrance is not long lasting, so it cannot be classified as a perfumed cream. My suggestion would be to apply the lotion immediately after a bath as the slight moisture on the skin and that from the product can help it spread easily over skin in the winter and move the product over larger areas of the body as it is not very oily, so you tend to use more product.


Dior Svelte Body Hydrating and Firming Creme 5

Dior Svelte Body Hydrating and Firming Creme 4

Here is how my hand looks after complete absorption of the cream. You can see it isn’t oily, but some amount of moisturization is visible and there is no patchiness.

Pros of Dior Svelte Body Hydrating and Firming Creme:

  • The red packaging with silver cap looks luxurious and lives up to the brand’s name.
  • Powdery, floral, citrus scent.
  • Non-oily texture and complete absorption.
  • Very hydrating and not sticky.
  • Can feel a tightening or slight plumping effect after an hour of application.
  • Skin feels soft and even in the morning.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Suitable for combination to dry skin.

Cons of Dior Svelte Body Hydrating and Firming Creme:

  • Too expensive and would definitely tug at your conscience every time you use it.
  • Fragrance not long lasting.
  • Packaging doesn’t mention details about ingredients and directions except the cardboard box.
  • For use on entire body, quantity is too less.
  • Not a common cream among the masses.
  • Half the details are in French. Unless fluent like me, one wouldn’t be able to tell what it says on the pack.

Would I Repurchase Dior Svelte Body Hydrating and Firming Creme?

Considering the price and target use for the entire body, I wouldn’t buy this any time this year or next. It is okay for a one-time indulgence and feels like a regular cream. Those people wishing to really feel a difference in the mornings could go in for this product. It does make the skin feel butter-soft and isn’t oily.

IMBB Rating:

As far as my rating goes, I would give it 3.5/5.

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  1. Awww this looks cute and a perfect luxury *happy dance* *happy dance* *woot* nicely written review and though i wouldn’t go for it coz i change my creams every month but you enjoy this luxurious product *pompom*

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