Diorshow Fusion Mono Eyeshadow Hypnotique Review & Swatches

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Diorshow Fusion Mono Eyeshadow Hypnotique

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Hey gals… how was the weekend? It was a very long weekend in India so I’m jealous of you guys 😉 Btw- let me ask you something : Have you ever admired an A-list actress who has the entire media swooning around he.. only to find out in person that she is a big douche-bag? well, this product is exactly like that!

DIOR says : These elegant shadows create multidimensional, light-reflecting eyes in a single step. The mousse-gel texture blends easily with the fingertips or the enclosed applicator to illuminate the eye with an iridescent metallic finish.

Cost : $30.00 for 0.22 oz.


The Dior Diorshow Fusion Mono Eyeshadows are a creamy- moussey eyeshadow that apply cream and dry to a powder finish. They are really soft and jello-like to touch and absolutely soft and silky to touch, which I really really liked. I was so impressed by the quality online and how everyone raved and raved about them that I instantly purchased them. Boy was I wrong!!! I have experimented and tried so many things with it before finally sitting down to write this review. With the fingers, it feels moussey to touch and the finger picks up the color nicely. I could dab and blend the color on the lids without having to pull the lids, which is a plus 🙂 But the shade gets applied so unevenly that I have to go over and over it and it still is uneven. With a brush, the entire shadow moves, I’m sure they thought about jello while making this. With a brush, I was able to blend the harsh lines but when I actually took pictures, it looked worse than what I normally look like when I wear a powder shadow for 8 hours. Even with my best primer, it creased on me so bad that I was wiping it with a cotton bud within the hour. I wore it with primer, without primer, in AC, out in the sun, etc but I had to wipe it with 2 hours because it creased like crazy on me. With a primer or a thick concealer underneath it stayed a while. When I wore it outdoors, gave me upto 3-4 hours of wear- not something I expect from a $30 shadow . In Mumbai humidity, it won’t even last one hour.


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This shade – Hypnotique looks so beautifully purplish-mauvish-jewel toned in the jar but when I apply it on my eyes, it kinda looks muddy. Will be a great base for a quick smokey eye though.Each eyeshadow comes with a smudge brush, housed in a stainless steel shell with a lid. I loved the brush for a normal gel liner but for this particular shadow, It did not work. honestly, I thought I got a bad product but I checked it in a store and they all behaved the same. the SA told me to layer it with “a same colored base”.Really? But the one thing I liked about them is : they are very sparkly and have that watery effect on the lids- as if you have wet shimmer on them. too bad – it behaved also like sparking water on me 🙁

Let me sum it up :

Pros of Diorshow Fusion Mono Eyeshadow Hypnotique

– Micro glitter : the glitter particles are so finely milled that they just glide on the skin
– Very soft and blendable.
– Very easy to work with
– Decent pigmentation
– No fallouts.
– Will look really great for cocktail parties and other nightly events


Cons of Diorshow Fusion Mono Eyeshadow Hypnotique

– They crease so bad on my oily lids, even with my best eyeliner. I don’t understand how so many girls said “it does not budge” I guess dry lids
– It will smudge on oily lids – with your best primer, it will give you 3-4hrs.
– I got the cutest looking purple shade Hypnotique but see in the pics – it looks like grayish/bluish mashup
– $30 for this :(( The MAC paint pots get all my votes now
– When I tried the other shades, no 2 colors had the same consistency. so other colors might be more or less pigmented
– EPIC : when I accidentally turned the pot upside down, the shadow, IT FELL DOWN from the pot – exactly like a jello would. Thank God it fell on my lap or I’d have cried.


Verdict : Unless you’re a collector of fancy items, skip it. Dior’s other products are better rated. If you do want to try a mousse shadow, try the Chanel’s Illusion d’Ombre Eyeshadows. they are much better. or our very own MAC paint pots.

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  1. The comparison of the product to an actress made me LOL. 😀

    This is so beautiful in the pot! Unfortunate that it performs like that. Shadow falling from the pot- saw that happen to Wayne Goss in his video, with a Chanel shadow!

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