ELF Essential Lipstick – Fearless Review

ELF Essential Lipstick – Fearless Review

ELF Essential Lipstick Fearless Review

I don’t particularly like or dislike reds, but still I believe it is a classic. Reds can also look best on our Indian skin tones and there is a red for everyone. I particularly love brick reds because they help in brightening my face up, but sometimes, I love pure reds too like this ELF lipstick.  It has to be the right red, not maroon red or pinky, but red which you can use as a stain, soften up on your lips or may be just use it with a lip brush for the perfect finish. Red for me is sophistication, its classic and eternal and red lips never go out of fashion.

These days, I don’t know what has come over me, I have been collecting a lot of nice reds, like Chambor Rubis Rouge, Lakme Classic Rose, Burgundy from Maybelline Moisture Extreme, now this one.  I don’t intend to buy red, but always end up buying reds. You don’t have to own so many, but its my job to provide you with the right options, and so this one is for all “deep pure red, blood red lipstick lovers.”  First of all, the lipstick can be sung in praise of, if it were purchased for a dollar, but in India, these are being sold for around the same as Maybelline lipsticks, so it defeats the whole purpose, nevertheless, I am going to look at it as a $1 lipstick and write on.

ELF Essential Lipstick Fearless

The lipstick comes nicely packaged and the packing is simple but not cheap plastic. One can see the color peeping in the centre of the tube which I quite like. But one catch is that the lipstick does not twist back fully, it is made like that and I more often than not damage the tip when I put the cap back on, I don’t know why 😛

ELF Essential Lipstick Fearless

The texture is to die for, this is a very smooth, pigmented, soft, creamy and pure red lipstick.  One swipe is enough to tell you the story. The lipstick shape is also very cute and the bullet looks a little tiny too, but still the pigmentation will make sure you use very less of this lipstick.

ELF Essential Lipstick Fearless

The finish is soft, semi matte I would say.  It doesn’t feel dry in one coat and lasts for about 4 to 5 hours easily since it settles softly and doesn’t transfer on cups, etc.  The lipstick literally glides on and I love the feel it has!

ELF Essential Lipstick Fearless

This is great for pigmented lips since its thick and goes opaque in one swipe. The only problem with this one is that it can stain a lot. I think I will blame the color about that and not the range as I have two more lipsticks from this range, “Voodoo” and “Charming,” but they don’t stain as much, but feel drier than this.

ELF Essential Lipstick Fearless

If you like sheer and light lipsticks, this one is really not for you. If you like lip stains, then you can dab this lipstick with your finger and you are good to go. Apart from that, the texture, the pigmentation and the color of the lipstick is really impressive. The only problem is that this color is so deep that it stains.


IMBB Rating:

3/5 (points deducted for the staining part).

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27 thoughts on “ELF Essential Lipstick – Fearless Review

  1. boyyyyy!!! this like aweeeeeesome color. 😀 I am wearing a hot pink lip color today but now i wish i had worn an orange one. 😛

  2. such an awesome shade… but lotd is missing,,, though I know the answer from the above comments:)
    I’m sure this one looks hawwttt on you!!

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