Elle 18 Lipsticks Review- Rose Dew and Pinked Powder

To balance out mu freakishly large eyeshadow collection, I went out at bought 3 lipsticks.1 lakme lipstick and 2 elle18 lippies. I bought it in 2 shades 011 Rose Dew and 050 Pinked Power. I am planning on buying more of these, I don’t know what it is, but it just has that draw –like nail polish that make you want to buy more and more-maybe it is because of the price. Rose Dew doesn’t really suit me that much, but pinked power suits me to the T. Elle 18 Lipsticks THE GOOD:

  • I love the colors-Rose dew is a pale pink with silvery sparkles that gives a frost finish and pinked power is a darker pink with a kind of a violet undertone I guess when swatching but it becomes a true pink on application. There is also a white lip balm like thingie in the middle which will lighten up the color too.


Elle 18 Pinked Powder
Elle 18 Pinked Powder



Elle 18 Pinked Powder
Elle 18 Pinked Powder



Elle 18 Pinked Powder Swatch
Elle 18 Pinked Powder Swatch


[Rose dew-lipstick,info and swatch]


Elle 18 Lipstik ROse Dew
Elle 18 Lipstick ROse Dew



Elle 18 Lipstick ROse Dew
Elle 18 Lipstick ROse Dew



Elle 18 Lipstick Rose Dew Swatch
Elle 18 Lipstick Rose Dew


  • The smell is pleasant-like a raspberry scent which I like. But some may find it way too similar to the smell of cough syrup.
  • The best part yet-Rs 48.50/-Oh Yeah Baby!!
  • It is really small [4.3 mL] but I find its size cute and you can fit in the small pocket inside the pocket in your jeans and definitely in your money purse too. But you get more amount than you pay for.
  • It is very moisturizing for me.[I don’t have much of chapped lips even in winter-thank god!]It has a smooth finish [Rose dew is frosty and pinked power is satiny],but you can blot lightly with a tissue to get a matte/stained look.
  • I love the naming of the lippies!!

Elle 18 Lipstick Swatches - Pinked Powder and Rose Dew THE BAD:

  • It doesn’t last for that long,1-2 hours tops and it doesn’t withstand eating at all.
  • I HATE the packaging.[see-picture]It is made of plastic in a weird color I don’t even know how to define and where the cap meets the tube there are these silver marking that looks cheap and also the way they have put a piece of protruding square plastic piece to write the brand name looks cheap too.

Elle 18 Lipsticks THE VERDICT:

What is my feeling about it?

I really like it. In fact, I am going to go out and buy many other shades of it. This is one of those you can stock up on and not feel guilty about because it so cheap.

So rating is  :-* :-*:-* Vanity Case P.S. Due to the increasing size of my makeup stuff guess what my parents got for me??[yes, that is a speaker on top of the vanity-this is what you get when you have brothers]

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31 thoughts on “Elle 18 Lipsticks Review- Rose Dew and Pinked Powder

  1. Hey, these lipsticks look great.
    And the price makes it reasonable enough for makeup starters like me to buy a few in different colour families and experiment.
    Thanks for a great review! :-))

    1. they have a wide variety in colors..do go and check them out…my first lipstick was an elle 18 one which i bought for a dance competition when i was 12 and thus began my makeup craze…. 😀 😀

    1. aww.i live in an “onamkeramoola” and even i found it…yeah i know…they are THE sweetest parents ever!!!!!!11111

  2. My mum uses a lot of elle 18 lipsticks. she loves them and she says that it doesn’t even hurt to throw these if she gets bored with any of the shades. :giggle: :giggle:

    Rose dues is such a shade to die for. Sigh!

    1. yeah!! it is guilt free!!!!!!!!! i cant pull of frosty colors so it doesnt suit me otherwise it is really nice….actually when i swatched it.i liked it better than pinked power …….you can definitely pull it off…..

  3. they are really nice to buy specially if you wanna experiment with some shade….even if u dont use much it wont hurt because of the price…..

    1. i know!! i dont still know what shades i can pull of in lipstick coz i was an eyemakeup addict but thanks to IMBB now i am an all rounded makeup addict and i wanna find out what shades suit me before plunging in and buying expensive lipsticks so it is puuurrrrrfecct

    1. benuvento!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love freaking out people talking to them in foreign words i got from google..this is italian for welcome! 😀 😀 😀

  4. hi fathima,

    i too used elle 18 wen i was in college. they hv a wide range of shades to select from :yes: bt i found the quality so so…
    happy it worked 4 u. 😀 seems u r a sucker of pink , so u cn try shade #024 (wildberry wet)it was 1 of my favourite. :-))

      1. hmm i most definitely have to check it out now and yeah..i am a maaaaaaaaajor sucker for pinks!!![who isnt??]

  5. Elle 18 lippies used to be available all over the place, but recently I haven’t found them anywhere. Made me wonder if the company was closing down. Has anyone tried the lip glosses from elle 18? It comes in a lip balm type tub container, but the flavour and colour are really nice. I have 3.

    1. yeah i saw the add and wanted to buy it…but cant find anything else other than nail polish qand lipstick from elle18

  6. hey Rati, nice review…. even i have 2 elle18 lipsticks (rose dew and wildberry wet)… love the colour as i prefer pinks and nudes…
    i guess all shd give it a try…
    nd ya where u got it for 48 bucks ??? i bought it months ago in 65 or sumthing !!! 🙁

    m getting addicted to ur blog !! hehehhe :-* 😛

  7. I would totally try these two shades out.. i dont like lipsticks per se but these look sheer and glossy..!! thanks for the review baby..!!! will see if i get them somewhere..!!!

    1. i think they are available anywhere and everywhere unless u live in the weeeeeeeeirdd place where jomol lives… :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

  8. i was really fond of elle 18 pick icicle….the code was 009….i thnk its de coolest of de elle 18 lipstick collection….bt am nt able 2 get it in de shops…de told dat nw elle 18 is nt makin dat one….im really upset wth dat….

  9. elle lipstick no 015 is also my favourite but now it is not available . can any one tell me from where i can buy this lipstick i live in delhi. pls reply

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