Enchanteur Paris Mon Amie Eau de Toilette Review

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It’s another perfume that I am going to review today – it’s Enchanteur Paris Mon Amie EDT.

Enchanteur Paris Mon Amie Eau de Toilette Review

Product Description:
Mon Amie is an inspiration of a warm friendship between girlfriends who share their hearts and moments together. The creation of this fragrance is a combination of fresh citrus Lemon Orange with Bergamot enhanced with a touch of red apple fruity notches, resting on an enchanting luminous beautiful bouquet of Pink Peonies, watery Roses and white Magnolia surrounded with warm woody amber background. Inspired by sheer happiness, this scent perks up your day and is most suited for casual outings with friends.

My Experience with Enchanteur Paris Mon Amie Eau de Toilette:

The perfume comes in a simple, clear glass bottle with a ribbon cap. The design on the top of the cap is a rose. I like that it’s simple yet elegant and classy plus the ribbon adds a cute and sweet touch to the bottle. It’s a slim bottle so it’s not a hassle at all to carry it around in a handbag for quick spritz. The perfume inside has yellowish tone to it.

Enchanteur Paris Mon Amie Eau de Toilette packaging

This scent is very light and not at all over powering. It has a sweet and girly touch to it. At first when you apply, there is a scent of lemon which again is fresh and lively. It is an everyday perfume plus you can wear it on special occasions too, you won’t get bored with this smell.

Enchanteur Paris Mon Amie Eau de Toilette bottle

It is amazing for girls from ages 15-25 because the smell is a bit “teenager: type. It falls in the citrus category. The staying power is about 4 hours before complete fading off which is quite good for a perfume. It doesn’t induce headaches and it is not overpowering either. It can be applied to any occasion or event. It’s a mix of various things yet is very light, girly with floral scent to it.

Pros of Enchanteur Paris Mon Amie Eau de Toilette:

  • Travel friendly.
  • Doesn’t cause headaches.
  • Everyday perfume.
  • Cute packaging.
  • Doesn’t overpower.
  • Refreshing scent.
  • Not expensive.

Cons of Enchanteur Paris Mon Amie Eau de Toilette:

  • Good only for certain age group.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Recommend Enchanteur Paris Mon Amie Eau de Toilette?

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