Enliven Ultra Hold Mousse Review

Enliven Ultra Hold Mousse

By Niesha

This is my first article on IMBB and I am super exicted. Today, I am reviewing Enliven Ultra hold hair mousse. Enliven is a British Health and Beauty company that offers products that suits modern lifestyles. I have also seen their shampoos, conditioners, gels etc online.
enliven ultra hold mousse
If in case many of you are not familiar with what a hair mousse is and what is does. Then, here is a brief info about it.

Hair mousse is an aerosol foamy spray which helps in providing texture, volume and shine to hair. It is a very light hair styling product hence, often referred as hairstyling foam which is applied to damp or towel dried hair before styling and blow drying. They might also be considered as heat protectants. The best thing about them is they are not as greasy and sticky as the ultra hold gels and sprays.
enliven mousse
As I have read I lot on the internet about the hair mousse that i wanted to try them. However, for the trial purpose I wanted some cheaper alternatives available. While I was browsing through some online shopping sites, I saw this product called as Enliven ultra hold mousse. Without a second thought I ordered it immediately.

Price– 189 Rupees for 300ml
What the company claims – Enliven – Pro-V Ultra Hold Mousse
Enliven Ultra Hold Mousse contains Amino Pro-Vitamin B5 to help replace lost Amino Acids found naturally in the hair, helping to strengthen and maintain healthier hair. Suitable for all hair types.
How to use- Take a golf ball size of foam in you palm and apply on the damp or towel dried hair before styling and blow drying. Quantity of the product taken can be altered as per the length and volume of hair.
mousse foam

My Experience With Enliven Ultra Hold Mousse

I have used it about 5- 6 times since I got it and I really liked how it adds texture and volume to my hair after I applied it and blow dried or let them air dried naturally. And yes, a subtle shine was also there. I have also used it before straightening and curling and I could feel that I not only helped in styling better but also made sure that my curls and straightened hair lasted longer then usual.

Pros of Enliven Ultra Hold Mousse

• Easily available online or in shops
• Decently priced at 189 rupees and the quantity that we are getting which is 300 ml.
• It does add texture and volume, which I am sure most of us want.
• It does give shine to hair however which only lasts for half an hour.
• It is not as greasy and sticky as other hair gels probably this is why the mousse formulations came into existence.
• I could actually make a French braid and it was there till I wish it to be, otherwise my braids will not last for more than 15 mins as I have super silky hair which I hate sometimes. But it did helped me out.
• It might act as a heat protectant if heat styling is done occasionally, otherwise for those of us who would love to use heat styling regularly should religiously use a good heat protectant spray which is solely made for protection against heat and UV rays as well as none of us want to damage our lovely locks, our crowning glory.

Cons of Enliven Ultra Hold Mousse

• I am not sure if it was this products that made my hair ends a little rough or it was me who over used the straightner on my ends.
• Apart from that I could not find any other cons or flaws with the product itself or its packaging.

My take- Considering the price and the quantity, it was a decent product and did a nice job. However, it says it gives ultra hold on the packaging which I think is not completely true as it did helped my styled hair to last longer but it was not ultra hold. Anyways, we still like to have some bounce in our hair, not rock solid unlike guys. Good to try it before using any other costly or high end hair mousse.

Overall Rating– 3.75 out of 10

Niesha is delhi girl who loves shopping, makeup, clothes, creativity, playing games. She maintains her own beauty blog at Indian Beauty forever

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  1. I have been thinking about buying this product for a long time!!!! Thanks for the great review!!! Now I’ll surely buy it!!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Thank you for reviewing this product. I think that I’m going to give this a try. How was your experience with Goodlife?

    1. thanks a lot guys. 🙂 i have been planning to buy this for a couple of months but finally i bought it. and i have shopped with good life 2 times and it was fine.
      thanks again… 😉

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