Do Epilators Stop Hair Growth?

Hello girls! Since hair-free skin is every women’s dream, today we’ve come up with a very interesting question, “can epilators stop hair growth”? Since this gadget works by pulling the hair from the root-instead of just shaving off the ends you will enjoy hair-free and smoother skin much longer compared to other hair removal methods. According to experts, after using a epilator the skin can be hair free for up to 6 weeks! Some women claim that epilator can actually reduce or even completely stop hair growth in that area. Let’s find out the answer to this question, “do epilators stop hair growth.?”

1. Epilating does reduces hair growth: Since the hair is removed from the roots, it takes time for the hair to grow back and come to the surface of the skin, on an average it takes from 4-6 weeks. When it does grow back the hair is less thicker and softer! The hair feels softer and finer to the touch unlike shaving which feels poky and hard when touched. After regular sessions there the hair growth cycle also reduces in most cases. Yes, epilators do help in reducing the hair growth to a lot extent after regular use, but it doesn’t completely stop hair the growth cycle!

2. Epilating is more efficient: If you are a regular waxing person, you already know that it’s important for the hair to grow longer before you wax again, however with epilating you can get rid of even tiny hair as small as 0.5mm!

3. How to use the epilator: Simply taught the skin and run over the skin, using very gentle pressure on the device, you don’t need to press hard on the skin, doing so can catch the skin into the tweezers which can be hurtful.

4. What should you do after epilating: Using a wet cloth, clean the area to get rid of any left over hair and moisture using a body lotion/cream.

5. Which are the best epilators: Braun is one of the best epilators to invest in, Philips has also good range of epilators. Since epilator is a one-time investment and obviously saves a lot of time and salon money, it’s a good option of unwanted hair removal. It doesn’t damage or darken the skin. Women with sensitive skin can also use epilator. If you experience redness, simply run an ice cube or cold aloe vera gel over the area to calm the skin.

6. Does epilating hurts: We are going to be completely honest, yes it does hurt in the start, but gradually you get used to it. But believe me, it’s a life saver! Always epilate on shorter hair, long hair can be very painful. If You have long hair you can use a trimmer over the area and then epilate.

Still have queries let us know your concerns, hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it for my readers! Lots of love!


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