Estee Lauder Beautiful Liar Pure Color Long Lasting Nail Lacquer Review

Everyone’s been gearing up for the festival season with some gorgeous and bright shades of lipstick. It’s time to look at something bright for the hands as well. This one’s Estee Lauder’s Pure Nail Color in the shade Beautiful Liar.

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Product Information (from the website):

Product Details:
Turn your fingertips into fashion statements with a wardrobe of sensational shades.
Formulated with True Vision™ technology to transform ordinary color and make it extraordinary.
Fast-drying, long-wearing formula delivers high coverage. Resists chipping.
attribute 2

Our specially designed brush shape makes application incredibly easy.
In 3 strokes—middle, left and right—you’re done.

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$21 in US / Rs 1650 in India


The nail lacquer comes in a unique cuboid glass bottle with gold detailing – it’s like a piece of ice cube with an attached neck! The shape makes it very easy to store. The bottle comes packaged in the usual blue cardboard packaging – typical of Estee Lauder makeup.

My Experience with Estee Lauder Beautiful Liar Pure Color Long Lasting Nail Lacquer:

Colour: The shade Beautiful Liar is a gorgeous red with pink undertones. It is absolutely stunning and to me it screams Christmas. The shade is bright but not neonish kinds which tend to make the hands look dark. Instead, the colour is bright and the luminoisty of the shade and the smoothness makes the hands look quite classy.

It’s an extremly elegant shade of red. The polish applies very smoothly. And the best part is that the luminosity and shine of the shade does not dim with wear. On day 2 also, it is still bright, smooth and glossy.

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This range – which consisted of a lot of reds – has amazing pigmentation. Even a single layer gives full coverage. You do not really need to go back for a second coat. However, I can understand people doing it as habit. That’s ok too – for the purpose of the review, I applied 2 coats. There was no discrnible change or depth in the shade with the second coat. It really wasn’t needed.

The nail piant dries fairly quick – by the time I’m done applying both hands, the first hand is dry and ready for the second coat. I’ve never had an instance of the nail paint smudging coz it took too long to dry.

For the purpose of review, I did not use a base coat or top coat. Despite the intensity and darkness of the colour, it did not leave any stain on my nails.

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The crux of the matter however, is the longevity. This one didn’t quite live up to the claims of long wearing. The nail paint only gave 2 days of wear time before it started to chip. And being a bright intense colour, the chipping looks obvious and noticable. However, with a base coat and top coat, the longevity of the nail paint can obviously be increased.

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To sum this up for you:

Pros of Estee Lauder Beautiful Liar Pure Color Long Lasting Nail Lacquer:

• Beautiful bright pink toned Red.
• A sophisticated elegant shade of Red.
• Retains it glossiness and shine through the wear time.
• Packaging is unique and screams luxury.
• Classy small bottle, so easy to carry.
• There is no weird smell to it.
• It dries fast enough that I have never had a smudged nail paint incident with it – or any Estee Lauder nail lacquer.

estee lauder - beautiful Liar

Estee lauder - Beautiful liar 2

Cons of Estee Lauder Beautiful Liar Pure Color Long Lasting Nail Lacquer:

• It gave only 2 days of chip free wear – without the use of base coat or top coat.

IMBB Rating – 4/5

I really liked this shade of red. So much so that I went back and picked one up for my mom too. Not only is the shade beautiful, it will suit all age groups as well. My mom loves it too!

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