Estee Lauder Pure Color Lip Gloss- Fuchsia Fantasy

Estee Lauder Pure Color Lip Gloss-Fuchsia Fantasy

 Although I am not a huge fan of lipgloss (I am definitely a lipstick person!), I don’t think that it is a bad idea to own a few shades and types of lipgloss to use occasionally. While lipstick gives you rich, pigmented colour, lipgloss is mostly about the shine (the gloss) and/or the shimmer.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Lip Gloss Fuchsia Fantasy


 22.50 USD. I’m not too sure about the price in India but I think it is around Rs.1200-1300/-.

Sometimes, it’s fun to finish up lipstick with a hint of gloss because it adds a new dimension to the look. Lipgloss, by itself, is usually not very pigmented. Read on to find out more about this one. This Estee Lauder Pure Color Lip Gloss in Fuchsia Fantasy was gifted to me by my cousin, who was helping me find the perfect bright red lipstick. While this did not, obviously, meet or substitute my requirement for a bright red lipstick, it did make me really happy.

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Firstly, because names like “Fuchsia Fantasy” can be confusing, I would describe this one as a mild reddish pink colour. This is a shimmer-based lip gloss. Believe me, this colour looks very bold and pigmented in the tube, but it comes off as much, much more subdued and sheer on the lips. That is the case with most gloss-based or lustre-based lip products.

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Here are some reasons why I like this gloss. 

Pros of Estee Lauder Pure Color Lip Gloss- Fuchsia Fantasy:

  • Unlike some other lipglosses that I have used, this one does not feel sticky or too heavy on the lips.
  •  It has a hint of shimmer in it that adds to the dazzling look without making it look unnecessarily sparkly!
  •  The staying power is absolutely commendable! It just stays on your lips!
  •  The colour is not very pigmented and therefore this is not at all a bold choice for the lips. This is a very wearable colour. You can opt for this if you’re a fan of reddish-pinkish tones but don’t like wearing bold, pigmented colours.
  •  This adds an adequate amount of shine and hydration to the lips.
  • Not drying at all.
  •  Can be worn with or without lip liner, and with or without lipstick.
  •  Doesn’t bleed colour.
  • The coverage is buildable. The more you apply, the more colour you will get.

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 Cons of Estee Lauder Pure Color Lip Gloss- Fuchsia Fantasy:

  •   I think that the shelf life of Estee Lauder lip products is not as much as, say, MAC lip products. I have seen that my Estee Lauder lip glosses don’t remain in the original great condition for too long. They tend to get older more quickly.
  •  Slightly expensive for a lipgloss. While I think that it is okay to invest in good face products and the like even if they are expensive, I don’t know if it is worthwhile to spend a lot of money on a lip gloss that isn’t exceptional in every way.
  • I haven’t used too many lipglosses, so I wouldn’t know if there are cheaper ones around that are at least as good


Overall, this is a satisfactory lipgloss. The colour is nice and lends a beautiful look to the lips. If you’re generally a fan of lipgloss and like the prettiness of this mild colour, then you can opt for this. However, I can’t say for sure that this is an extraordinary lip gloss.

Would I repurchase Estee Lauder Pure Color Lip Gloss- Fuchsia Fantasy? 

I’m not sure if I would have purchased this myself, to begin with. This was a gift. But, no, I don’t think that I would re-purchase this. This is a pretty good product, but in any case, I don’t use gloss too often and this is just too much money to spend on a gloss!


 The packaging of the Pure Color Lip Gloss looks a little different now. My lip gloss is over a year old so it doesn’t have the new packaging.

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