Etude House Aloha Two Two Kiss

Etude House Aloha Two Two Kiss

Hi all! Some readers of IMBB may not be aware that I’m a Filipina, living in the city of Manila, in the Southeast Asian country of the Philippines. I may not be from India, but I do share the same love you have for makeup and beauty, and I honestly love writing for IMBB, as well as reading all the posts here.

I think it’s interesting to see and read about makeup from different parts of the world. I already have a list of cosmetics I’d like to try from Lakme and Colorbar, as well as skincare and bath and body products from FabIndia. I thought it’d be cool to be able to share my little finds from Manila. One of my most recent finds is from Etude House, a Korean brand of cosmetics with very cute, very girly packaging.
etude house aloha two two kiss

From the Etude House Aloha Collection

Walking into an Etude House store is kind of like walking into a dollhouse (sorry I didn’t get to take a picture). Everything is pink, girly, and pretty! Stores started popping up here about a year ago, and their newest collection for summer, the Aloha collection, managed to get my attention. Aloha is
inspired by Hawaii and its tropical beaches, and includes a multitude of items, of which I grabbed two colors of a lip product, called the Aloha Two Two Kiss.

aloha two two kiss pencils

Aloha Two Two Kiss Pencils. Top- Hula Hula Sandy Pink, bottom- Hawaii Ray Pink

Aloha Two Two Kiss is a double-ended pencil, at one end of which is a tint, and on the other, a gloss. I got #2 Hula Hula Sandy Pink and #1 Hawaii Ray Pink. Each side is labelled, so I don’t confuse which is the tint and which is the gloss, have plastic caps, and despite the pencil looking like plastic, can be

Hula Hula Sandy Pink:
hula hula

The tint side is a light, nude peach…

hula hula gloss
While the gloss is a light, nude pink.

Hawaii Ray Pink:
hawai ray

The tint is a cool Barbie pink…

hawai ray gloss

While the gloss is clear with silver glitter.

And here are swatches:

Left to right- Hula Hula Sandy tint, then gloss, Hawaii Ray tint, gloss.

I really liked the idea of a lip tint and gloss in one product. I always top off lip stains with lip gloss because stains or tints tend to dry out my lips, and I just think they look better with gloss. The tint side glides easily on the lips, doesn’t feel sticky, and leaves a natural tint of color, though they do have a just a little bit of a waxy feel. The gloss side also glides easily, isn’t sticky either, and gives subtle shine to my lips- I love this gloss in pencil form!

The Etude House Aloha Two Two Kiss pencils give my lips a nice, subtle wash of color. Hula Hula gives me nude peach lips, but doesn’t wash me out, and Hawaii Ray, when applied a bit heavily, gives me Barbie Pink lips! I’m not usually into that kind of shade, but I do think it’s a really fun color, and applied lightly, it creates a sheer medium pink (the glittery gloss I just dot on the middle part of my lower lip) that seems to brighten up my face. There are 398 Pesos or Rs. 406 each. A bit costly, but they’re a lot of fun, contain a decent amount of product, have pretty colors, last relatively long for a lip tint (about 3 hours), and I like them.

I really liked sharing this fun find from Etude House with IMBB and hope you enjoyed reading my post.

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44 thoughts on “Etude House Aloha Two Two Kiss

    1. Taps, okay…but in exchange for some Lakme Lip Love Conditioners and Colorbar lipsticks. :toothygrin: :)) :)) :))

    1. If they weren’t labelled for lips at the store I’d have thought they were for the eyes. :doh: Rids, you’re welcome! :thanks:

  1. hehe.. nice pretty names of suc cute sa pencils :teddy: :teddy: .. me too want them :waaa: .. nice shades even .. :whistle:

    1. Rati, I think I got these mostly because of their cuteness. There were 4 shades in all and I wanted to buy all of them. :cute:

  2. :woot: gimmie d peach so lovely shades
    1st i saw d blue and thot it’s eyeliner cum lip pencil 😛 but it turned out to b shimmer gloss
    i wish etuda house launches in India soon

    1. Sukanya, they are! :)) Next time I go there, I’ll take pictures. They have these super cute solid perfumes that look like tiny dolls…unfortunately they didn’t smell nice. 😮

    1. Aani when Etude House stores opened here last year I went a little bit crazy. 😮 Sephora we don’t have either…

  3. I have heard so much about Etude house,everything their is just soooo cute
    I would have bought these pencils just by seeing the names..they are adorable 😀

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