Eye Shadow Quads Review: Revlon Colorstay and Lakme

Eye Shadow Quads Review: Revlon Colorstay and Lakme

I am a through and through eye makeup person. Every time I go makeup shopping –I end up adding one or two stuff in my eye makeup collection. The result: I have some really good eye makeup that I can recommend, plenty of nearly-the-same stuff from multiple brands and better not mentioned-a number of super duds that spoil my mood every time I look at them.

So-out of my eye makeup collection-I can fish out some of my favorites-four eyeshadow quads that complete my life. I am going to write about one pair of regular wear shadow quad and a festive one here and another such pair later in part II of this article.

Revlon Colorstay 12 hour Eye Shadow quad in Copper Spice and Lakme Eye Quartet in Desert Rose

I must say, both of these quads are really good. What I love in both of these is that each and every color is wearable. However they differ in depth of color and staying power.

Revlon Colorstay 12 Hour Eyeshadow Quad in Copper Spice: (Price Rs 575)

Revlon Colorstay 12 hour Eye Shadow quad
Revlon Colorstay 12 hour Eye Shadow quad

It is a “just right” powder shadow quad for making neutral to smoky eyes-and the colors are very well chosen. The topmost color is pale yellow color with a golden shimmery hint-suitable for highlighting the brow bone. The second color is a midtone (cream color) for covering lids. The 3rd color is a beautiful chocolate brown shade-for either the lids or the crease-and the fourth color is dark brown-for the crease or to line the eyes with a pointed tip applicator.

Revlon Colorstay Shadow in Copper Spice
Revlon Colorstay Shadow in Copper Spice

Ever since buying this quad I have had no misgivings on my choosing this quad since it is a complete value for my money. The color payoff is extremely good- the powder shadow glides like dream and blends beautifully. There is minimum falloff and the color stays all day long. Also I hardly need to use an eye shadow primer while using this quad since the colors build so nicely. In one word this is a “one step” eye shadow. At the Revlon counter and on the internet I saw there are some really beautiful combinations available in this quad-from colorful lavenders to greens and plums-(in Revlon’s website I found there are actually 17-18 combinations!! That’s a whole lot of choice). Also unlike Revlon’s crème shadow quads, which too had beautiful colors-this powder shadow is easily applicable with any eyeshadow brush. The small applicators that comes with the palette are not all useless as I typically find in some other brands..they can be used nicely for blending. Also the back of the pack says it is ophthalmologist tested and suitable for contact lens wearers.
So I give this quad a 5/5 rating

Lakme Eyeshadow Quad in Desert Rose: (Price Rs 425)

I bought this eyeshadow for a wedding party some time back. What I say first of all-is that Lakme is a strange brand that has no regular wear neutral or matte shades to offer. Every quad is something meant exclusively for occasions (I am not talking about some Lakme SAs who sport these bright shimmery shades paired with formals in stores during daytime). However the good thing is that-Lakme is the only brand that sells glittery-shimmery shadows with descent quality below a Rs 500 budget (the Maybelline Eyestudio quads have only just been introduced..that is..and I don’t like street wear’s shimmer quad-it falls out like crazy!). What I find another trouble in most Lakme quads is that the colors are not all wearable- there is at least 1 color that lies almost unused. Considering this fact-the Desert Rose quad (and another one that I am going to write about in part II) stands out because all the colors are pretty usable.

Lakme Eyeshadow Quad in Desert Rose
Lakme Eyeshadow Quad in Desert Rose

The four colors in this quad are
1) Golden shimmer (top left)-good for highlighting the brow bone
2) Shimmery Pink: (top right) for the lids- a nice and soft coral pink shade with shimmer
3) Shimmery Copper: (bottom left)-This is the shade I use most for my lids-the most beautiful shade in the quad!
4) A deep shimmery red : For the corners and crease. Well I must say this is not a very good color for the crease except for bridal wear, still on blending nicely, the effect comes out to be pretty.

My critical point about this quad is that the depth of color is not good-I need at least 3-4 swatch of the pigments to bring out the color. Thus an eye shadow primer is a must. The color stays well on for 3-4 hours but in summer or on oily lids I have seen them last shorter than that. And not to talk about the sponge applicators-the sponge either falls off or splits from the middle (I hardly use them and that’s why you see them to be so clean in the picture.)

Rating: 3/5

My eye-look with the Lakme Desert Rose Quad. On the lids it’s the bottom left shade-the highlighting is done with the top left shade in the quartet.

eye look
eye look


15 thoughts on “Eye Shadow Quads Review: Revlon Colorstay and Lakme

  1. Hi Anuradha,

    The first eye shadow I ever bought was this revlon quad. I bought the plum wine one. Back then I didn’t know how to use eye shadows so I gifted it a friend. Always liked it and I think these quads are one of the best in the market.

    1. I can gift jewelery but not make up to anyyyyone :laugh: ..I also found some very pretty combos in this quad but since I am bit skeptical about using light shades like pink and lavender on eyes (really donno how they will look like on me eyes ?:-) )..so I went for this one.. 🙂 🙂 ..sad there are no metallics in this range I guess

      1. I had no charm of makeup back then so I gifted. 😛 Actually you have to give pinks and purples a try. You would never know otherwise. 🙂

        And back then also I used to love the texture. 🙂

  2. Oh! I hunted for copper spice for months but I didn’t find it that time. 🙁 So I gave up on these. I think I’ll take a look at the shades once again. 🙂

      1. I basically use the AVON concealer stick as a primer..works pretty well..else I was also considering buying an Oriflame primer..saw it in Nov catalog..and MAC pots are yet to be hit on my (makeup) dart board… :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

        1. he he my mac paint pot is so an investment I tell. It’s more than 8-9 months I am using it and It’s not finished to half as yet. And I do eye makeup almost every day. I think it’s going to last me another year. 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐

          1. The MAC counter in Forum mall Kolkata makes me behave strangely..first I rush towards it..then I slow down..then turn to Maybelline/revlon..n think “Ok, Next time ” :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: ..but as u say that the Pot lasts that long..I guess I can tiptoe onto to the counter next time

  3. Yepp..waittoo ..coz my next review is on Lakme Peacock Quad :-)) :-)) ..I have spilled all beans on that there…after that you can make it out which one to go for :chic: :chic:

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