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Parita Asks :

I am having quite dark and pigmented eye lids and would love to know if there are any good eye bases/concealers available which can help me neutralize the skin on my eye lids. I have heard a lot about Mac Paint pots Painterly and Groundwork, I am NC 40-42 and painterly would look quite ashy on me and I still have to try Groundwork. Apart from these two please let me know if you know any other good eye bases which can help me reduce the darkness on my eyelids. Thank you


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  1. Heya Parita! Ill give 5 options you can try out from :tongue:

    1) MAC Prep+Prime Eye in Medium Dark (it’s a creamy colored primer, much like paintpots and cream color bases)
    2) Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Candlelight is a great buy! Ive got it and even though i don’t have pigmented lids, I’m certain it can handle it very well!
    3) You can even try the standard concealer + powder combo..u can easily get the shade you want coz u’ll be owning them both to match your desired shade.
    4) MAC’s Prep+Prime Finishing Powder dusted on top of your suitable concealer
    5) Nyx jumbo pencil in Yogurt (yeah it’s a great primer too!)

    Phew! hope it helps :jiggy1:

  2. excellent , sukanya. :-*

    Parita you can also try mac paints. They have some with nice satin finish ,which you can use as eyeshadow also.

    groundwork would be fab! but do try some light eyeshadow on tip of it just to be sue that all kind of shadows work on top of it. 🙂

  3. I’ve heard the Urban Decay Primer Potion DUo is good(It’s on sale atm! ^^) and E. L. F eye primer is good too. Many gurus on youtube use it… But most of them are only using it ’cause E. L. F sent it to them 😐 I haven’t tried any of these products though. XD

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