Faces Pink Petal Lip Contour Review

Hello make-up junkies,
I recently spotted some cute colored lip liners from Faces and saw that this one was left to be reviewed! So I picked it and I am so glad I did because this is one of my favorite pinks currently. I wasn’t a big fan of lip liners because I thought they were only used as an outline for the lipsticks but when I started to use them like lipsticks, the results turned out to be great. So let’s move on to the detailed review.
Faces lip contour pink petal

Price: Rs 399/-
Product Description by Faces:

Faces Lip Contour is a perfectly textured lip pencil designed to outline, define, and enhance the natural shape of the lip. Wooden, Sharpenable Pencil.

My Experience with Faces Pink Petal Lip Contour:

Packaging: The lip liner from faces comes in a simple hot pink colored pencil with a transparent cap. It looks like a regular pencil which makes it really handy. I love the fact that these are color-coded. They have a variety of bright shades and I have really liked every shade from this collection. More than anything we want a lip color that would stay for a longer time; something that wouldn’t wipe out when you bite a sandwich or have a cup of coffee. It is exactly what we need! The only flaw about this one is that it looks super pointy initially but once the creamy texture comes out, it becomes really difficult to sharpen it. You could see it in the pictures; this is the maximum that I could sharpen.

Shade: The shade “Pink petal” is exactly like its name! It is a stunning hot pink shade which makes the lip look prettier than ever. It looks totally feminine, sophisticated, bold and cute at the same time. This pink is an all-rounder. It isn’t very vibrant like most of the fuchsia lip colors because the blue undertones are very mild and sober. So if you are the one, who is afraid to rock bright poppy fuchsia then this is the one that will get you perfect pink pout. This will suit all the skin-tones, in-fact it will complement almost all Indian skin-tone beautifully. It looks gorgeous no matter when do you wear it. Just 2 swipes and you have bold and cute “Barbie” lips. It makes my skin tone look very bright and clean. It can be totally used to add spice to the no make-up look. It is very light-weight on the lips and it doesn’t feel like I have anything on my lips.

Texture and Finish: The texture is very smooth and glides like butter on the lips despite of the tip not looking very buttery. It has a super yummy fragrance and it smells absolutely like a fruity marshmallow/bubble-gum. The finish is extremely matte which looks very classy. It glides smoothly on my lips without a lot of tugging and pulling.
pencil tip

Staying power: The lip liner looks very fresh for the initial 3-4 hours since the finish is super matte and the shade is highly pigmented hence it does not fade that easily. So if I could sum it up, it stayed for 5-6 hours with a little flaking and I think it will survive just an hour more with light snacks; by the way, yes I am a big-time foodie 😛 Hence I would say, currently I am loving this lipstick and this is an awesome pink to try out. It might get a little dry if you have already dry lips, but a lip balm will surely help. A must try product!

Pros of Faces Pink Petal Lip Contour:

• The packaging is color-coded so easy to identify.
• Handy.
• Available all around and in amazing shades.
• The shade is true hot pink shade which looks extremely beautiful and pretty on the lips.
• It smells like a fruity marshmallow or a bubble-gum.
• It is a pink that every skin-tone can rock and moreover, it complements the Indian skin tones brilliantly.
• The pink does not look vibrant or neon at all hence the ones who stay away from bright fuchsia should try this one.
• It is complete matte formula without any shimmers or glossiness.
• It adds a fresh pink pop on the lips making my skin-tone look brighter.
• It stays on lips for 5-6 hours with full meal and some snacks; and without a full meal it stays for 6-7 hours with little munching here and there.
• It always keeps my lips look fresh and lively.
pink lips

Cons of Faces Pink Petal Lip Contour:

• The formula is a little drying; although I am okay with it.
• Highlights the chapped portions on my lips after having a meal.
• It does not get sharpened properly.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Faces Pink Petal Lip Contour?
Yes this is one pink that I totally love and will come back to this if ever I run out of pink lip-liners. This is a perfect feminine pink for all; and all of you must give it a try.

Conclusion: Really impressed with Faces after using this one.

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