My 10 Favourite Pink Lip Colors and Swatches on Different Skin Tones!

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How are you all doing? Pink is one of those colours which complement most of the skintones. So I planned to do a little compilation of the pink lip colours that I have been loving lately. I have tried to cover lipsticks, lip-glosses, lip pencils and lip stains too, to make sure there is some offering in every category. I m not a big-time fan of soft or baby pinks because I am more into the hot pinks and brighter ones. And to make the choice easier for you, I have swatched these products on 3 different skin tones – fair, wheatish/medium and dusky so that you can get a perfect pink for yourself. So let’s get started, ladies!

My 10 Favourite Pink Lip Colors with Swatches on Different Skin Tones!

1. Makeup Revolution All I Think About Is You Ultra Velour Lip Cream : We all are addicted to lipsticks, but I really love this concept of matte lip creams as they keep the lips hydrated all day long with a pop of colour. “All I Think About Is You” is a really pretty berry shade which is a perfect blend of mauve and pink. It is a perfect shade to raise the romantic quotient or to pair up with your ethnic outfits.

2. Makeup Revolution I ♡ Makeup Hanging on the Telephone The WOW Stick: It is a bright Barbie pink shade which can add a lot of glamour to any makeup look. If I had to pick one out of all these pinks, then it would be this one as it is super matte, complements my skin tone beautifully and stays on my lips for ever!

3. Revlon Colorstay 020 Rio Rush Moisture Stain: This lip stain cum lip cream looks super creamy initially and then turns into a semi matte stain. The shade initially looks like neon pink and most of you might get scared looking at the shade, but soon (after 10 minutes or so), it settles down to a very wearable bright fuchsia pink.

pink lipstick swatches

4. Maybelline Flash of Fuchsia Superstay 14hr Megawatt Lipstick: This is the best one out of the new Megawatt series released by Maybelline. The shade “Flash of Fuchsia” is exactly like its name! It is a bold and a vibrant fuchsia shade that creates a pop on the lips as soon as I apply it. It is more on the hot pink side that has a metallic sheen to it, that makes your lips glow. The metallic shine makes the lip colour look elegant and sophisticated.

5. Faces Fuschia Sparkler Ultime Pro Lip Creme: This is certainly the hottest and the brightest pink that I have ever used in a gloss form! And I do have to say that it raises the hotness quotient within seconds. The shade “Fuschia Sparkler” is a very bright warm pink. It isn’t very close to fuchsia because fuchsia mostly has a cool tone to it; I would call it a “HOT pink” shade. It is super duper bright, intensely pigmented and creates a vibrant pop on the lips.

6. Maybelline Superstay 14 hr Lipstick in Infinitely Fuchsia: Maybelline Superstay is one of the best ranges for matte lovers. I used to have 4-5 shades from this range, which I finished up very quickly because these are so good. I love this particular pink to the core! It is an excellent one for the Indian skin-tone. The shade “Infinitely Fuchsia” is exactly like its name. It is a stunning fuchsia pink shade which makes the lips look prettier than ever. It looks totally feminine, sophisticated and bold and cute at the same time. This pink is an all-rounder. It isn’t very vibrant like most of the fuchsias because the blue undertones are very mild and sober.

best pink lipsticks

7. Chambor Orosa #554 Insanely Pink Lip Perfection Lipstick: I was never really into Chambor, but the moment I swatched this one at the counter, I instantly fell in love with this.  “Insanely Pink” is actually insanely loaded with pinkness. It is a super bright and a bold pink that gives you statement lips. This will be the best one to stick to as it adds an instant freshness and a pop to the face.


8. Faces Glam On Lip Gloss 08 Deep Blush: From the time I entered the lipstick world, I somewhere deep inside knew that I was going away from the little glosses. So I picked this one up recently. The shade “Deep Blush” is a bright pink shade which perfectly resembles its name. It is a very romantic and a feminine pink which adds an immediate flush and blush to the lips. It adds little shimmers which come together to look very gorgeous. The gloss has an amazing, dazzling shine which makes the lips appear very full and pouty. This pink is great to be used for every look, for every occasion, and by every age-group.

pink lip pencils

9. Faces Lip Contour in Pink Petal: I have very few lip liners, probably just 5-6, and most of them are pink. 😛 I was just browsing through the net and found these lip pencils from Faces. And since I have a little soft corner for pinks, I fell for this one. It is a super hot and bright pink shade which is ultra matte. It makes me look like an absolute rock-star! It is great for all the age groups and will suit all of your outfits too. I will be reviewing this beauty soon!

10. L’Oreal Color Riche Lip Liner Couture Berry Blush: The shade “Berry Blush” is a gorgeous berry pink shade with some hints of mauve, which make it look extremely beautiful and elegant. It actually brightens up my face really well, creating a romantic flush on my lips. But, it looks super subtle at the same time. It is an apt shade for daytime wear, as for night-time I would prefer something brighter. It instantly transforms any look to a very feminine one.

pretty pink lips

And now, check out the swatches of all of these lip products on three different skin tones!

pink lipstick for all skin tones

(From left to right: Makeup revolution all I think about is you ultra velour lip cream, Makeup Revolution I ♡ Makeup Hanging on the Telephone WOW Stick, Revlon Colorstay 020 Rio Rush Moisture Stain, Maybelline Flash of Fuchsia Superstay 14hr Megawatt Lipstick, Faces Fuschia Sparkler Ultime Pro Lip Creme, Maybelline Superstay 14 hr Lipstick in Infinitely Fuchsia, Chambor Orosa #554 Insanely Pink Lip Perfection Lipstick, Faces Glam On Lip Gloss 08 Deep Blush, Faces lip contour in pink petal, L’Oreal Color Riche Lip Liner Couture Berry Blush)

pink lipstick fair skin swatches

pink lipstick wheatish skin tone swatches

pink lipsticks dusky skin tone swatches

Hope you guys enjoyed this one, if there is anything you guys are looking out for in particular which I can make a post on, then do let me know! 🙂

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  1. This is an excellent post Saloni. I get so excited to see such posts from people who have huge makeup collection. I also love Maybelline’s 14 hour range, it’s just perfect with perfect shades. I use pink lipsticks the most, so this post will help me improve my collection too. 🙂

    PS : Pics are just perfect! Pink and bling – what else do we need! 🙂 <3

  2. Hey Saloni
    Love your post, would you like to write about the same thing for foundation color. I am facing so much trouble while purchasing.
    I appreciate your work.

  3. Awesome post Saloni and you have put in great effort swatching the pinks on different skin tones! Thanks especially for swatching on dusky skin tone! So much pinkiness in one post, I am loving it!

  4. Loveeeeeee them Saloni!! <3 <3
    Though m not into pinks but I love this post 🙂 🙂
    Plzz do a similar post for Reds n Peach colors too na 😛

  5. This is a lovely post saloni. Love all of these shades. It really helps me to buy more pink. As I am a totally pink lover girl so it makes me mad.

  6. Wow! This is like the ultimate pink lipstick gallore! Loved the post and the pics are just superb! Nice of you to swatch on different skin tones!

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