Faces Ultra Moist Lipstick – Coraline

Faces Ultra Moist Lipstick – Coraline

I got these in bulk I think, many times it is impossible for me to go to a mall again, and I then keep thinking of what I did not buy 😛 hence I picked up all the good shades from the Faces store, check out this orange pink shade with some golden hint to it, pretty but not one of the best from this range.

Faces Ultra Moist Lipstick - Coraline

This is from their new range of lippies, called ultra moist lipstick, they are creamy glossy lippies, I am not saying these are out of the world, but these are pretty good and they have 18 shades to choose from, most of them are super creamy and pigmented and I quite loved them.

Faces Ultra Moist Lipstick - Coraline (2)

This one is a coral pink, it has golden shimmer to it but not in your face shimmer, it makes the lipstick look yellow and coral, otherwise it is more pink, in person it is more coral, my pics are not picking up the gold in it right, I am not a fan of gold on lips so I would say I like the shade but i liked the other shades better, but this is one is nice too.

Faces Ultra Moist Lipstick - Coraline (4)

The shade comes out very creamy and luscious and you might need two swipes to make it even, the pink in it shows more in that case. The color is very pigmented and coral lovers will like it, I think most of us would not mind the golden shimmer to it

Faces Ultra Moist Lipstick - Coraline (5)

Faces Ultra Moist Lipstick - Coraline swatch

It bleeds a little and the transfer happens a lot since the texture is so, but I dont think it is a bad thing since it is so moisturizing, it stays on for three hours and save it from transferring you can blot it out, or fix it with loose powder. It makes lips look plumper and dry lips will love it, it does not settle in lines and pigmentation is covered too.
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10 thoughts on “Faces Ultra Moist Lipstick – Coraline

  1. Such a cute shade it is Neha di *woot* you rock each and every pink and coral *happy dance* moisturising lipsticks will be great for winters *happy dance*

  2. looks so pretty on you Neha… *clap* your lip swatches are always so gorgeous, if i go by the swatches without looking the review/rating, i might end up having each and every lipstick you review on my wishlist irrespective of their rating *clap* *clap* *jai ho* *jai ho* *jai ho*

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