What Factors Cause Weight Fluctuation and Is it Normal?

Weight fluctuation can cause panic attacks, especially when you have been sincerely doing everything in your might to lose weight – from controlling your eating habits to exercising regularly. Getting obsessed with the weighing scale can sometimes work against your weight loss goals and get you demotivated when the numbers don’t flash in your favor. However, we would like to point at the fact that it’s quite normal for a person’s weight to fluctuate up to 2.7 kg in a day! Surprised?! Yes, it’s a fact and that’s why, in this post, we would find out what factors cause weight fluctuation and whether it is completely normal? You might have noticed that your weight becomes the highest if you have slipped and cheated on your diet and had a late night meal, and weighed yourself first thing in the morning! Even if you sip a glass of water or had a bowl of healthy salad, it will still add weight to the body, though little to no calories. Also, it’s a common knowledge that you tend to weigh a little lesser after you have used the loo. But despite all these assurances, if weight fluctuation still bothers you, then read through this post to calm your nerves.

What Factors Cause Weight Fluctuation and Is it Normal

What Causes Weight Fluctuation?

1. Tweaking Meal Timings: If you have been tweaking meal timings, eating a late-night dinner will lead to weight fluctuation.

2. What you eat: Eating white bread instead of brown bread, losing count of carbs, all can cause weight gain.

3. Liquid calories: It’s wrong to assume that liquids such as fruit juices, are healthy, and would not add much calories. In fact, liquid calories get easily digested, and soon, you would be craving for more food, and in that way, would be adding more calories to the diet.

4. Exercising also leads to weight fluctuations: Not many people are aware, but rigorous exercising can lead to micro tears in the muscles and the body tends to hold more water to start the healing process.

5. Eating fruits at night: Fruits are no doubt healthy and rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, but snacking on them without including their calories and fructose count can actually lead to weight fluctuation.

6. Sleeping for less than 7 hours: You can workout like crazy and have literally no food during the day, but if you haven’t slept for 7 straight hours, your weight would go higher because less sleep increases the production of hunger hormone “ghrelin,” and lowers fat metabolism and the rate at which body burns fat.

7. Excessive salt/sodium – Foods rich in high salt content causes water retention and bloating in the body.

8. Stretching your cheat meal into a cheat day: We are all guilty of doing this – stretching a cheat meal into a whole day of binging! You are bound to have weight fluctuations the day after!

9. Water retention: Water retention and bloating are the most common factors that cause temporary weight gains.

10. Increased stress: Hard to avoid but absolutely necessary if you want to lose weight, reduce stress levels. Increased cortisol levels can play havoc on the body and as a result, make it difficult for you to lose weight.

11. Periods – It’s quite normal for the weight to go up even before the periods begin because the body tends to hold on to more water, but once the periods are over, things get back to normal.

12. You have been gulping down loads of water – One of the most common reasons why there’s more numbers on the scale, but then, since water does not have any calories, it’s only temporary weight gain.

13. You are gaining muscles: If you have been lifting weights and dumbbells in your workout, then there’s bound to be muscle gain and hence explains the weight gain.

14. Hormonal Imbalances: Additionally, thyroid problems and hormonal fluctuations, PCOD, etc., may cause weight gain.

15. Have you recently started a new medication? Some medicines can cause water retention and bloating, so do rule out this possibility.

How To Get Rid of Weight Fluctuations?

1. Stick to the diet: Rati Beauty helps you lose weight without compromising on nutrition, so stick to the timings and meals, and you are definitely going to lose weight. Do not tweak the diet or timings.

2. Keep sodium low: Cut down high-salt foods, processed food, and also reduce the amount of salt in your food. Salt leads to water retention and it’s advisable to reduce the quantity of salt, do not completely avoid salt because it’s needed to run biochemical reactions in the body smoothly.

3. Skip carbs at night: Go easy on carbs and avoid eating fruits at night. Have you fruits after breakfast or by evening, not near to your bedtime.

4. Stop taking liquid calories – We tend to lose track of calories while consuming fruit juices and other liquids, so it’s better to stick to Rati Beauty diet to lose weight in the correct manner.

5. Drink green tea up to three cups of tea: Gulping down green tea helps to flush out toxins and also reduce water retention. One can drink up to three cups of green tea a day, but do not overdo because it may lead to dehydration.

6. Reduce snacking: Frequent snacking spikes up insulin which in turns leads to formation of new fat cells. Stick to Rati Beauty diet snacks and control the urge to munch on something every few hours. Here’s how you can do that.

7. Stick to portion size: Portion control is very essential when trying to lose weight. Here’s how you can effectively control portion for weight loss.

When To Weigh Yourself?

When you are trying to lose weight, the weighing scale should motivate you to work more on yourself, not a tool that would demotivate and get you off the weight loss wagon. There are some tricks to make weighing scale your best friend – 1). Weigh yourself just once a day. 2). Step on the scale in the morning after using the loo. 3). Weigh yourself at the same time everyday.

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