8 Fitness Obsessed Bollywood Celebrities

Today I am here again with a fun Bollywood post. As we all know, most of our Bollywood stars are in great shape and have a great body. They all do all kinds of workouts, but some of them really take it to another level and are obsessed about being fit and healthy.

fitness celebrities

Today’s post is all about them! Read on to know about few of the fittest stars we have in our Bollywood.

Fitness Obsessed Bollywood Celebrities15

John Abraham

Fitness Obsessed Bollywood Celebrities12

This handsome hunk is OBSESSED with gym and bikes. Much like his ex Bips, he can spend hours and hours in the gym. His perfectly toned abs sure set a good example. Who can forget those yellow trunks in Dostana! 😛

Salman Khan

Fitness Obsessed Bollywood Celebrities13

He not only works out and has a great body, he also encourages newbies to take up fitness more seriously. He is that person who bought six pack abs into rage. He likes gymming, cycling and swimming the most and is quite a sight to look and drool at! 😛

Hrithik Roshan

Fitness Obsessed Bollywood Celebrities14

Hands down, he is like a Greek god! You look at his body and you just melt. His god like physique is a result of total dedication to his exercise routine.

Deepika Padukone

Fitness Obsessed Bollywood Celebrities2

She has an athletic body, thanks to her sports genes. With a lot of exercise and hard work, she has managed to achieve a sexier curvy figure. I mean, just look at that never ending curvier back of hers!

Kareena Kapoor

kareena fitness

Her fitness mantra is power yoga. Don’t you remember that almost invisible kamar of hers in her movie Tashan? Thank goodness she now has a well-toned figure all because of her diligent exercise routine.

Bipasha Basu

Fitness Obsessed Bollywood Celebrities1

She has one of the fittest body in B-town and also several fitness DVDs to her credit. Working out is not a chore for her, it is a heartfelt passion instead. Apart from working out regularly, she also eats healthy.

Shilpa Shetty

Fitness Obsessed Bollywood Celebrities7

She has the most envious figure in Bollywood, undoubtedly. She can carry off any outfit with so much sex appeal. She loves to do yoga, cardio and weight training and also has a couple of fitness DVDs to her credit.

Vidyut Jamwal

Fitness Obsessed Bollywood Celebrities16

Although, he does not have too many movies to his credit, his hot body says it all. Whoever has seen his movie ‘Force’ can tell you how much a gym junkie he would be to have those rippling biceps and surfboard abs.

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