Forever 21 Nude Crystal Mega Lip Plumper Review

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Today, I bring you the review of a great lip plumper that I just can’t stop using. Before I came across this lip plumper, I had been searching for a plumper that would give me fuller lips and make my lips proportionate (with certain lipsticks, my upper lip appears tiny in proportion with lower lip). So this one time when I was at Forever 21 (abroad), I spotted lip plumpers there at the billing counter and seeing that they were quite affordable, without wasting any time, I picked up two of these. So read on to know how Forever 21 lip plumper in Nude Crystal fared for me.

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Product description: This Love & Beauty lip gloss gives your lips the perfect high-gloss shine, while creating the look of fuller, plumper lips. Wear it alone or layer it over colored lipsticks for a bolder impact that’ll get you noticed.
• Features a twist-off cap with an attached applicator
• Net wt. 1.32 oz.
• Not tested on animals
• Imported
Product price: HKD 32 (Approx. INR 260)
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My experience with Forever 21 Nude Crystal Mega Lip Plumper:

Packaging: it comes in a very cute and adorable packaging. the tube is made of glass but is not breakable and the brush handle is a reflecting gold and the packaging looks quite classy for a lip gloss that costs so cheap. The text on the lip gloss has kind of disappeared but it says ‘Lip Plumper’ on one side and ‘Love & Beauty by Forever 21’ on the other. The shade name is not mentioned on the tube but it was mentioned on the tag and I to be honest, I didn’t remember the shade name so I looked it up on Forever 21’s website and I figured this one must be called Nude Crystal. It has a thin cylindrical brush applicator that feels smooth on the lips.

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Shade: Nude Crystal, like the name suggests, is a n*de brown lip gloss shade. It contains the tiniest glitter particles I have ever seen in a gloss. Since the glitter particles are so small in this gloss, I have absolutely no problem with it. in fact the glitters just add more shine and brightness. The lipgloss is not completely sheer. It is just the right amount of pigmented. It is not excessively pigmented that it turns the entire lip brown, and it is not extremely sheer that it does nothing to the lips other than adding glossiness. It hides the pigmentation of my lips to an extent. I usually wear this gloss whenever I want to up the amp of a boring matte neutral lipstick.

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Texture: the texture of this lip gloss appears to be gel like. It is smooth and it is very easy to apply this gloss evenly on the lips. it does not feel sticky on the lips as such but my hair does get stuck on this lip gloss sometimes s I have to be careful with that. The consistency is not runny, nor is it too thick that it takes forever to blend this on the lips. I usually wear just one coat of this lip gloss. It plumps the lips really well and it definitely stands up to its claim of keeping the lips plumped not only when the lip gloss is applied on the lips but also after it has faded off. On its own, the lip gloss stays on me for around 2 hours but when worn on a lipstick, the wear time definitely increases.

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Pros of Forever 21 Nude Crystal Mega Lip Plumper:

• Very affordably priced.
• Available in 4 different shades
• Stands up to its claim of keeping the lips plumped for a long time.
• Stays on for 2-3 hours easily
• The shimmer particles look pretty and not at all over the top.
• It has a gel like consistency and it does not feel sticky.
• Hides the pigmentation of my lips.

Cons of Forever 21 lip plumper in Nude Crystal:

• Forever 21’s cosmetics are not yet available in India.
• People who don’t like shimmer at all in their lip glosses can skip it.
• It is not very pigmented. Though it has a buildable pigmentation.
• Has a weird smell when applied.

Will I repurchase it/ do I recommend Forever 21 Nude Crystal Mega Lip Plumper ?
Yes and yes.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Conclusion: This is the only lip plumper I have tried that really works.

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