Forever 21 Contoured Makeup Sponges

Forever 21 Contoured Makeup Sponges

For someone phobic to sponges, I seem to be trying out Makeup sponges left right and centre. A while back I was in Forever 21, and came across these makeup sponges near the billing counter. They had some which were the shape and size of a BeautyBlender. And then there were these smaller ones in packs of 3. I kind of got attracted by the lovely pastel colours in varying shapes and thought of giving them a try. Don’t they look absolutely cute? Lets see how they performed…

Forever 21 - coutoured Maekup Sponges

The Product Details (from the website):

Contoured Makeup Sponge: This Love & Beauty makeup sponge features a contoured shape, to ensure an even and clear application.


INR 469 for a pack of 3 sponges.


These come packaged in a plastic pouch with a zipper which is transparent on our side, so u can see these lovely pastel sponges inside. Easy to carry.



My experience with the Forever 21 Contoured Makeup Sponges:

We have spoken about the whole BeautyBlender family at length – as if that was the best thing to hit the market since sliced bread! But there are other Sponges in the market too! I had seen a video of Wayne Goss where he had mentioned about some non-branded sponges making their appearances in outlets (in UK) which looked like the BeautyBlender and performed equally well. So when I saw these sponges in Forever 21, I got all excited to try. So I picked this bag of 3 sponges in different shapes and lovely pastel colours.

Look at the pics, don’t they look absolutely gorgeous! They brighten up the vanity area!!



Forever 21 - coutoured Maekup Sponges


Now coming to performance. I picked the turquoise one to try first. I put it under water and squeezed and squeezed…It is much harder than the BeautyBlender or the RT Complexion sponge. It did not absorb much water and neither did it increase in size when damp/wet. The texture almost feels like rubber….you know these squishy balls you get for anger/stress release – feels just like that, only smaller.

When I tried applying foundation with it – it did absolutely nothing. It was like placing foundation with an applicator. There was no blending of the product at all. Even the placing of product took effort since they refused to be squeezed. All in all – pathetic!

Pros of the Forever 21 Contoured Makeup Sponges:

1. Lovely colours – looks pretty.
2. Easy to travel with.

Cons of the Forever 21 Contoured Makeup Sponges:

1. Texture is hard and rubbery
2. Does not increase in size once wet/damp
3. Does not blend the product.
4. Could not be used to apply foundation / concealer/ powder / blush – nothing

IMBB Rating:

Yes, a 1/5 product.

Do I still need to elaborate? I give it one point for the beauty it adds to the vanity. They look absolutely gorgeous and work fairly well as stress balls. But for a makeup sponge, please look elsewhere! Clearly – Skip it!

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    1. Ya, they are so strategically placed next to the checkout counter that you would be tempted in picking this up….thats why i wanted to warn everyone!

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