Is Foundation Harmful For Skin?

Most of us believe that wearing foundation daily can harm and damage the skin, clog pores or can congest skin, leading to acne and premature ageing. It’s a popular notion that makeup foundations do not allow skin to breathe and are harmful for the skin, if you also think on the same line, read on further to find out answer to this question, Is Foundation Harmful for Skin?”

Foundation Harmful For Skin

1. It’s safe to use foundation daily: I know this is exactly what you wanted to hear! Using foundation daily is safe for the skin as long as you use makeup foundations from quality brands. Look for foundations from established brands and for brands that are certified natural brands.

2. Pick oil-free, water-based foundations: Water-based foundations are the best if you want a natural, non-cakey finish. Water-based foundations do not feel heavy on the skin, are lightweight in formulation, and do not clogged pores or acne.

3. Good makeup foundations act as a barrier on the skin: Most foundations form a barrier on the skin that protect you against environmental factors. The foundations that come with SPF have titanium dioxide which protects against UV rays and sun damage. For days when your going to be outdoors, make sure you apply your foundation over your sunscreen for extra sun protection.
3. Choose the right foundation: There are so many types of foundation in the market, for oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, and normal skin. If you are concerned about foundations clogging your pores, pick mineral foundations, they are completely okay for your skin and have added minerals as well. Use powder foundation/matte foundation/ stick foundation if you have oily/acne prone skin. Satin or satin-matte finishes are perfect for normal to dry skin. Moisturising liquid foundation are apt for dry skin.

Most makeup foundations provide a barrier on the skin that protect against environmental factors, pollution, and other factors. There is no harm in using makeup foundation daily – invest in quality makeup foundations, and most importantly, remember to take down all makeup at the end of day and make you skin squeaky clean before you hit the bed so that your skin can breathe through the night. Just take a oath to wash off all the makeup before bed, to avoid unwanted guests.

Hope this article takes you one step closer to your makeup box! Thanks for reading!


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