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I am a 23 old student and simply love to look good like every girl on this planet .

1.I have oily skin and I am prone to acne. I am very new to this world of makeup and whatever knowledge i have gained its all because of you, After reading good reviews about Lakme perfect radiance compact i
thought of buying it & went to NewU bt the SA told me there that i should not use it as i ahve oily skin and 1 or 2 acne. I got confused and didn’t get it..Is it so? Should not I use any compact on my face?
Please sugest me..

2. I want to buy a daily foundation for my face which gives a good coverage.  Please suggest me something which will suit on my skin type & also my Budget( Max.300)


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  1. Cannot believe I am the first one to comment , but here is what i think. I think using a compact should not be an issue for you. Since you are 23 , you can even try out their loose rose powder thats for 85rs.

    I personally like the chambor compact but it is a little expensive about 600 or so for 32gms of compact powder. This will last you a life time , give you great coverage and everything. It is actually cheaper than other compacts available , because you get such a huge quantity.

    As an oily skinned girl , I personally swear by lotus herbals alpha moist , this is an oil free and oil controlling moisturiser. set this with compact. you dont have to buy a foundation coz a SA told you to.

    Also if you can buy some tea tree oil, add 2-3 drops of it in your night lotion. It works on acne and oily skin.

  2. Ya chambor is good 1:) and its 725 🙂 i did try it at lifestyle but my shade was not there 🙁 also faces one is 350 and even revlon touch and glow compact is 350,lotus is also 350 maybelline compact is 150 …Foundation no idea 🙂 fullers earth works for oily skin..

    1. woops inflation happened to chambor.. thts tragic.. also because i keep getting it from beauty centre in mumbai i get things below MRP, but I had no clue i saved around 125 bucks odd..

      btw kamini i presume you are wheatish, try their RR5, that is the shade i use too. and they generally dont stock it , it is the last shade in their compact and for some reason they feel it is okay to keep lighter shades as indian women want to be fairer and will buy a lighter compact ne ways. i am so sick of SA’s telling me , but madam you are fair , so you can try the lighter compact, when in reality the last shade is a perfect fit.

      my favourite used to be maybelline compact , they seem to have discontinued it and made it all white stay variety. it was called maybelline super natural in beige cognac . it was such a perfect compact. i feel tht the new maybelline compact doesnt match my skin tone as well.

      i would also recommend maybelline dream mousse , or lakme daily wear souffle. the only thing is lakme souffle has a short shelf life, and i generally store it in my fridge. i feel it doesnt separate into gel, water and pigment if it is kept in a cold place. the cool dry place doesnt do any wonders to it. and lakme souffle is pretty cheap sadly i dont remember prices , because i hardly use foundation thanks to the compact i have been ODing on.

      1. Oh yes supriya beauty centre is the best for cosmetics last time when i was there i was going mad over so many options and the prices too 🙂 i was about to get maybelline but ended up getting faces one:) since i don’t use foundation often i am thinking of MAC studio fix for decent coverage.:) and RR2 in chambor was a good match for me when i tried but they dint have the stock 🙁 🙁 and SA’s are so irritating at times :tremble: seriously,they just ruin the shopping happiness :stars: :pissedoff:

  3. I totally love Street Wear compact, its for Rs 180, what it does is smoothens out the face and gives a healthy mild peachy glow.

  4. Hey Lovely!!!! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using compact daily..

    In fact, if you use a compact with matte finish, it will actually absorb excess oils.. Try Maybelline Whitestay UV compact (Rs. 150/-). It gives a flawless matte finish and the shades are pretty suitable for various skin tones.

    Foundation toh best option is : Lakme Invisible Finish.. It’s water base and gives pretty good coverage. And it’s only Rs. 180/-!!!

    If you don’t require much coverage you can also opt for Timted Moisturisers. I think the Ponds one is good but the Biotique one will be too greasy for you!!!

    Hope this helps!! :))

    1. Tx i was thinking of buying the maybillene wala but read somewhere that it give white patches… my skin tone is quite fair can u plz suggest what shade i should take for myself?

    2. Hey Mrun i dont why she asked me not to buy compact..being a beginner i got confused.. but not il go for it.. :yahoo:
      tx :thanks:

  5. maybelline’s uv at 150 works great on all type of skin………..also u can use it on daily basis and over on any foundation too……….its nice……. :waytogo:

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  8. Like so many here, I too love Maybelline Whitestay UV . I have just bought Neutrogena oil free moisturised which is also really good for oily skin

  9. I am top of the world today :yahoo: .. Tx everyone for giving your valuable suggestions… :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

  10. I am using Nature’s essence , color essence range of foundation and compact, its Rs 110 each, i love it, no break out, hides blemishes, am happy with it !!

  11. Hey beauties i have heard good about olive oil…olive oil help in removing acne marks.. is it so??
    being a oily sking type is it advisable from you to apple it on my face to reduce acne acne marks are quite light..plz sugest me can i apply it..and if yes how and what time..

    Many tx :thanks:

  12. Hiiii everyone… awesome blog … :thanks: :thanks: i have a question regarding my skin ..i wanna use foundation but dnt knw which one :nababana: my skin is oily and lot of visible pores what shud i do to hide them and i m wheatish in skin tone which colour foundation is gud for me ..pls advise waiting for u r valuable opinions… :waiting:

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