Nadoxin Gel Review

Nadoxin Gel

nadoxin gel
Hello lovelies, I am going to tell you about nadoxin gel today which was recommended to me by a dermatologist as the am cream for acne treatment.
It contains 1 percent nadifloxocin gel in a gel base.

Price: rs 53
nadoxin gel description
Available only at select chemist stores as I couldn’t find it everywhere.

I have heard about benzyl peroxide a salicylic acid as the treatment for acne but not this ingredient.
The doctor gave me a 2 percent benzyl peroxide gel for acne and told me that is not to be used on face.
This is manufactured by wockhardt limited. A not so known company.

Pros of nadoxin gel

• The best thing this gel did to me was reduce oiliness and shine.
• This kept oil at bay for more than 4 hours which is good enough for my super oily skin.
• The tube lasted me for 1 month.
• I used Nadoxin Gel every day and if used twice in a day will keep oil off face for over 8 hours hence less probability of blocked pores and acne.

Cons of nadoxin gel

• Not available everywhere.
• It did nothing for my acne marks and fresh acne still erupted.
• Just helped to reduce oiliness.
• I thought it would help me with acne marks as well.
• Just an am cream. It is drying to use it over night on the face.

Rating of 3 on 5. Can be a good cream to avoid oil for the oilies out there. Especially in summers.

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23 thoughts on “Nadoxin Gel Review

  1. i have used this ingredient by cipla brand (nadiderm i guess)
    doc advised me to use it overnight on acne for 7 days
    but that was a year back..i am getting eruptions again :yikes:

    1. I have been using papayablem from lotus and it has been working on my acne scars but it is going to take quite some time for my old and numerous acne scars to fade :waiting: :waiting:

  2. Knaika, neha and shaili my derma suggested me a wondrful product :yes: :yes: :yes: though it did nt helped in getting thm bt surely those who were thr wid the marks gone n skin too wz clean clean frsh frsh :teddy: :teddy: :teddy: it was Retinil A fr 1/2 hr thn Melanorm fr 1/2 hr again thn apply jst vaseline aftr Melanorm all scar went off clearly n skin so vibrant thn… 😉 😉 try tis one bt be aware the Retinol A is fr open pores n Melanorm is fr scars only :shying: :shying: :stars: :stars: i jst lv these smileyssssssssss

    1. Jiya, be careful to protect urself from sun..i never heard using Retin A and hydroquinone simultaneously…..they cud make skin very photosensitive. Thats a pretty intensive treatment. I’d say don’t use it too regularly.

      1. :lashes: :lashes: :lashes: Geeta u knw my derma told me to use tis in the evening only :struggle: i think d rezn u r giving wud b same fr sun wala thing sunscreen is fr sure d only thing he told me to be protctd :giggle: :giggle: :jalwa:

  3. Rauniii..Have you tried Clindamycin gel ?
    It is the bestest for acne ,plus its very mild on skin . It dries out the acne but not the skin
    And for combating oiliness ,just use lacto calamine,my derma recommended..its amazinggggg..sasta sundar tikau :dance: :dance: :dance:

  4. i tried acnesol sometime back and it worked very well on me. thankfully i have skin that doesnt always break out and my teenage years were my acne days (long ago…sigh)…offlate i notice some eruptions and acnesol works just fine for me…

  5. I have tried clindamycin A and the green coloured clindamycin tube, adit, erytop and some other gels that I don’t remember. Clindamycin A and adit worked the best.

  6. i also use this gel but it have no responce and the acne increase on the face too much. so, pl give me the better solution to decrease the same………………….

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