Why Do You Gain Weight Back After You Stop Dieting?

It’s quite common among people who have lost weight through dieting and exercise to gain back all the weight once they have stopped diet routine and activity. But what is the reason that triggers this gain in weight post suspension of diet. In this post, we will try to explore various factors that contribute to bouncing back of weight and find answers to this question, “why do you gain weight back after you stop dieting.?” So, without further ado, let us get started:

Why Do You Gain Weight Back After You Stop Dieting

1. Unsustainable diet goals: There are some diets that are totally unsuitable and unrealistic. They are the ones that recommend that we should cut out entire category of food from our daily diet. For example, keto diet requires to cut down carb intake to less than 25 gm per day. Such severe restrictions can create cravings and once you come out of such a diet, all the weight comes back.

2. Having a Sedentary Lifestyle: Dieting won’t do you much good if you lead a lazy and sedentary lifestyle. And by sedentary lifestyle, physical inactivity for most part of the day. It is not at all healthy or advisable nor should it be in practice. Leading an inactive life leaves you prone to gain all the lost weight from dieting rather quickly, post suspension of the said diet. Once you have lost weight, you should increase your exercise routine and activity level to maintain the current weight. Jogging and morning walks come highly recommended. Yoga and aerobic exercises also help to keep off the weight. Surya namaskar, which is a cluster of several yogasanas, boost metabolism and keep your whole body active.

3. Count Macros: This is a really effective and scientifically approved method of ensuring that one does not gain excessive weight, especially after suspension of a strict dietary regime. It ensures that the body gets the full nourishment it needs to function properly while at the same time, guaranteeing the body does not bounce to its original weight.

4. Stress Can Play Havoc: It does not matter if you have lost a ton of weight by diligently pursuing a diet. If you do not reduce stress levels, you always run the risk of gaining extra pounds and the leading reason behind that is – post suspension of diet – you become a victim of stress eating. Stress eating is a strict no no if one is serious about staying fit and slim. Stress also increases the level of cortisol. The disruption of cortisol not only aids in weight gain, it also encourages the body to store fat around the abdominal area.

5. Lack of proper sleep: Insufficient sleep is one of the leading reasons for weight gain. And it might come as a surprise but for those who have been on a weight loss diet, post suspension of the diet, they are far more prone to regain the lost kilos if they are sleep deprived. Importantly, it’s really difficult to lose weight without 8 hours of proper sleep. Sleep deprivation lowers our metabolic rate to such a great degree that almost anything we eat gets stored up as fat in our body and that compounds to added weight. So, it is advisable to get good sleep especially after one stops dieting if one wishes not to regain those lost pounds.

Well dear readers, we hope that you found today’s article useful and informative. We tried to present the leading causes of weight gain after stopping a diet. If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to share the same with us in the comments section below. Stay pretty and healthy my beautiful readers.

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