Get the Body Shape you want with the Power of Visualization

Weight loss cannot be achieved by depending on a single factor – correct diet, exercise, good metabolism, all play important parts in getting to your goal weight. However, there is a factor that we often do not give much importance to, which in fact, can help shape up your body, and it’s called creative visualization. One can put their subconscious mind to actually motor up their weight loss process. At the outset, this technique may not seem to hold much water or may not sound logical enough, but people who have lost weight by implementing this technique, will vouch for the power of visualization. It’s like making a vision board for your mind and body to represent your dreams and weight loss goals. Such a vision board can motivate your body to work towards achieving these goals and dreams. Visualization also helps to make the whole weight loss process is quicker when you do it with the right exercise and dieting technique. On the contrary, negative visualization will increase stress and cortisol levels, which can actually prevent the body from burning extra calories and fat storage. Creative visualization is also called “mental dieting,” and here’s how you can use it to your benefit and to lose weight.

What’s Mental Dieting or Power of Visualization?

It’s programming our subconscious mind through imagination to attain a certain body image or to become slim. This visualization pushes the body to work towards achieving this image and with the correct diet and exercise, and in a few months, you would be able to see in the mirror exactly the body type that you had imagined and had always wanted.

Scientifically speaking, to the subconscious mind, the situations that you imagine are also processed as real and that’s why when you imagine yourself as being slim and in a certain body shape, your subconscious mind will accept it as real and would work towards making your body stick to that particular image. This mental trick will make all the hard work that you put in effortless and easy. Also, when you visualize these things, your mind reads it as if it has happened. In fact, sportspersons and athletes often practice this trick to gain success in their respective fields.

How To Programme your Mind with Creative Visualization to Lose Weight?

1. The moment you think about weight loss, set aside a few minutes in a day, during which you can use to relax and meditate. Select a quiet place, you can do it in the comfort of your bed, but make sure you are not in a rush or have an important work to finish right after. You should be completely in a relaxed mood.

2. Close your eyes and think yourself as slim, at your goal weight, and in your favorite dress that you always wanted to wear when you slim down. You can also imagine yourself wearing swimsuit, and in a few months, it would happen!

3. The most important aspect is, you should not be imagining these visuals of yourself in the distant future. Convince your mind that these images are of current times. It would not only make you happy right now, it would boost your weight loss process greatly.

4. Visualize yourself loving and enjoying the healthy food that you are eating on Rati Beauty. This will also make the whole dieting process easy and you would be nourishing not only your body but the mind too.

5. Change over to a positive attitude. Shedding weight may be hard; and as we age, it gets a bit more harder because – strength, lean muscle mass, and metabolism all decline, but weight loss is not unachievable as many would like you to believe. With the correct diet, right form of exercise, and good metabolism can all help you to get fit. Here’s a list of 10 weight loss attitudes you must change to see positive results.

6. Do not get demotivated when you do not see results immediately. Remember just as you didn’t put weight overnight, you wouldn’t lose it in a week or 10 days. Read about some amazing tips to stay motivated during the weight loss process.

Summing up, stick to healthy eating and that’s where Rati Beauty diet programs are successful because it revolves around healthy eating to lose weight without compromising on nutrition. Healthy eating does not have to be boring, Rati Beauty encourages you to try new things instead of limiting yourself to eating the same food day in and day out. Along with exercise, dieting, and with the power of visualization, you are going to lose weight, just believe in the power of your mind.

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