How Do You Get a Porcelain Face?

Korean women have taken skincare to another level! Their glass skin and dewy texture has sent the beauty world in a tizzy. Every skincare junkie is stocking up Korean skincare in an attempt to replicate the porcelain skin that most Korean women have. In fact, by following a healthy skincare routine, it’s not difficult to get a porcelain face. But we suggest to not try too hard and embrace your beauty and include natural ingredients in your skin care routine to achieve porcelain face. In this article, we are listing out some effective beauty tips to get flawless skin.

Porcelain Face

1. Protect your skin from the harsh rays of sun: Remember this, sun is the biggest enemy for your skin, do not venture out in the skin without a sunscreen. Harmful UVA and UVB rays can not only give you sunburns, it can accelerate premature ageing, cause hyperpigmentation, and cause dark spots. To prevent sun from wreaking havoc on your skin, wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and PA+++ protection to protect your skin and reapply every two hours if you are staying out for too long in the sun.  Also avoid excessive sun exposure, wear hats, full sleeve clothes, and cover your face with scarf while venturing outside.

2. Find a good and gentle cleanser for your skin type: Most women use wrong products on the skin. Stop doing that mistake, start reading labels and pick products that are meant for your skin type. For example, a creamy cleanser would not suit you if you have oily skin. Use a gentle cleanser every morning and night to keep your skin clean. Avoid washing your face frequently as it may rip off moisture from your skin.

3. Follow a proper skin care routine: Start with cleansing, then toning, serum, and then a moisturizer followed by sunscreen. You can do your makeup on top. If you layer skincare products wrongly, you would not be able to reap benefits of any of the products. This is the most accurate way to enhance your facial skin.

4. Invest in good skincare products: Never take a chance with your skin when it comes to skincare products. Use good-quality products from reputed brands, and without harmful chemicals in them. If  you pamper your skin, it will definitely give you reasons to smile.

5. Follow CTM routine two times a day: Follow cleansing-toning-moisturizing routine twice a day – in the morning and at bedtime after removing makeup. Invest in a good night cream as well so that it replenishes and repairs your skin at night while you are asleep so that you wake up supple and beautiful skin.

6. Remove every bit of makeup at night and sleep with a clean face: Can makeup ruin your skin? Yes, it can if you leave it overnight. If you sleep with your makeup on, it will clog pores and damage skin. It’s a cardinal sin to sleep with makeup on. Use a good makeup remover at night to take down every trace of makeup.

7. Use face masks: Just like you pamper yourself with shopping, movies, outings, your skin too needs TLC every week! You could use sheet masks or homemade face masks to rejuvenate your skin.

8. Drink lots of water: This is every super-model’s secret! They all love water! We need enough water to flush out toxins from the body. Just like any other organ, skin too depends largely on water to flush out harmful toxins. Drinking water will help the skin to get rid of those harmful toxins also helps the skin stay moisturised from within, plus you’ll have better body, nails and hair! Also eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables for better looking skin.

9. Keep your hand away from your face: Avoid touching your face with your fingers. Touching your face will cause it to get oily and also transfer bacteria to your face. Avoid touching, squeezing pimples.

10. Use minimum makeup: We have nothing against makeup and personally love makeup but using too much makeup can irritate skin and cause acne hormonal imbalance and even premature ageing. For example, instead of using heavy foundation daily, use a BB cream.

Hope this article helps you achieve glowing beautiful skin, thanks for reading!


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