Givenchy #104 Brun Cachemire Le Rouge Lipstick Review

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This review will be on the Givenchy Le rouge lipstick in the shade “104 Brun Cachemire.”

Givenchy #104 Brun Cachemire Le Rouge Lipstick

Product Details:
A semi-matte lipstick encased in genuine leather.

What it does:

Enjoy perfectly defined lips that last as long as you do—and a genuine leather goods item. This lipstick-as-accessory delivers intense colors and a semimatte finish all in one stroke, and as the first lipstick to come in real leather, it imparts a soft, supple touch and sensual feeling.

Givenchy #104 Brun Cachemire Le Rouge Lipstick



My Experience with Givenchy #104 Brun Cachemire Le Rouge Lipstick:

Packaging:  The packing is absolutely classy and luxurious. The lipstick has a cap covered in genuine leather and has a decent amount of weight to it which gives it a feel of being a high-end item. Only the cap has weight to it, the tube inside is fairly light. The cap has a slot in which the tube slides through with some resistance like 2 pieces of puzzle and closes securely.

Givenchy #104 Brun Cachemire Le Rouge Lipstick

Texture and Pigmentation:  These lipsticks are super creamy, smooth, and just glide on the lips like butter. There is a good amount of slip to it which helps it not tug at all. They do go on evenly and opaque in one swipe, good enough to cover even pigmented lips.

Givenchy #104 Brun Cachemire Le Rouge Lipstick

Shade and Finish:  The shade “104 Brun Cachemire” is described as a plum brown shade. It is at least 2 shades deeper than my natural lip color, but I can still wear it as a MLBB shade. This shade is a very warm-toned rosy brown with a hint of plum. I have a soft spot for colors like this and hence this might just be absolute favorite shade amongst all the Givenchy Le rouge lipsticks I hauled. This color reminds me and may be a dupe of my “once upon a time, go-to,” overly abused lipstick MAC Creme in Your Coffee (which you believe it or not, I finished an entire tube of, and I consider that quite an achievement :P).

Givenchy #104 Brun Cachemire Le Rouge Lipstick

During the initial couple of hours of wear, the finish is creamy with a slight sheen and after that, it settles down to a more semi-matte finish. The finish is not a flat matte, instead it makes the lips look soft and supple (see lip swatch).

Feel and Look on lips:

This lipstick is fairly hydrating during the initial hour of wear, when it is still in the creamy stage, but once it settles to a more matte finish, it is neither too hydrating nor drying. It does feel very comfortable and lightweight on the lips. Also, once it does settle to the matte finish, I can see it accentuating fine lines and clinging to my dry patches, just a little bit only noticeable from up close. This can be fixed with swiping a fresh layer of the lipstick.

Givenchy #104 Brun Cachemire Le Rouge Lipstick

Staying Power:  Staying power is pretty good. It stays for 6-7 hours with light snacks and drinks before I notice some fading, but the color is still visible by the 8-hour mark. It does transfer during the creamy stage, but once it settles to matte the transfer is considerably lesser. You will need reapplication after a full meal. It does leave a nice stain behind.

Fragrance:  It has a very subtle makeup type scent which is not at noticeable once it is on the lips.

Overall, I am truly very impressed with this lipstick. I feel you get the best of both worlds of a creamy and matte lipstick with this semi-matte lipstick. I love the super creamy texture of it, the super wearable color and the decent staying power. This lipstick has found a permanent place in my handbag.

In the LOTD, on the right, it is freshly applied and on the left, you see that finish after it dries down to a semi-matte at around 4 hours into thew wear with a few snacks and drinks.

Pink lips

Pros of Givenchy #104 Brun Cachemire Le Rouge Lipstick:

  • Luxurious case.
  • Super rich and creamy texture, glides on without a tug.
  • Opaque pigmentation in one swipe.
  • This is my favorite shade out of all the lipsticks that I have hauled, I LOVE this shade.
  • Semi-matte finish.
  • Good staying power.
  • No overpowering scent.
  • Very comfortable and lightweight on the lips.

Cons of Givenchy #104 Brun Cachemire Le Rouge Lipstick:

  • None for me.

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  1. Although the names are tough to register, you could not ask for more. A lovely jaw dropping shade and the finish *thumbs up*. Lovely picks again Neha and the same for your swatches too. Pretty much sells the product 🙂 A full five can make you crave for this one!

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