Glossy Top Coat for Nails With Oriflame and Lakme

Glossy Top Coat for Nails With Oriflame and Lakme

I must admit I have been striving for neat glossy nails these days. Pinky glossy nails are just so sleek and professional. More so they take such little effort. Most good top gloss coats dry within ten seconds if worn alone on the nail. Whenever I am short of time, I paint a coat of clear gloss on my nails and I love that sparkle. I am still in the market for a pinkish glossy color but as of now I am very happy with my clear nail gloss coats. Obviously I keep testing and my new favourite for nails is Oriflame. Apart from these two gloss coats, I have the growth booster, nail butter, cuticle serum, nail hardener, base coat, and peel off whitener from oriflame(tell me if you need me to review any of these before you buy them)I bought all of these cause I completely trust the brand and they really work! There was a time when my nails had just stopped growing and were so brittle when ever they grew. The people at the salon said that I should consume more of milk. I did not do so but I started taking care of my nails with strengthening products from a lot of reputed brands and now my nails are not only, strong but they grow and are whitening each day. So in order to retain that quality I let my nails be and just paint them with these glossy top coats every now and then. I also use these over nude nail paint or any other if you like.

Lakme and oriflame Top Coat

Oriflame beauty glossy top coat:

7ml (please visit their website for the current price)

Oriflame Glossy top Coat

This comes in a very cute rectangular bottle and has absolutely thick clear liquid inside. I just love the look and the packaging. There is a “please turn over” symbol on the tiny leaflet attached on the bottle which says instructions in various languages. The one in English says “ apply top coat over dry nail polish as desired”. The cap is rectangular and super easy to hold while application. The brush is amazing with sturdy thick plastic bristles which really spread on the nail for even application. Just two strokes will cover the whole nail evenly. This coat dries in 15 seconds when air dried. I will give the glossiness 4 out five for this one. Use with French manicure, over nail paint, on its own or as barrier against peel.

Oriflame visions quick dry top coat: Oriflame Quick Dry Top Coat

This is a specific top coat, a very clear liquid and does not claim any glossiness on its part. They come in round bottle with a normal looking cap like any other nail paint with normal bristles. This is also quite cheap (69 rs for 8 ml) than the above glossy top coat. The liquid inside is not as thick as the above one and is more runny. On the contrary, I realised that this top coat is glossier than the above and dries faster than the above too. It is a must have for this price and quality. Use with French manicure, over nail paint, on its own or as barrier against peel. five out of five for glossiness. Lakme spa line go gloss hard wear top coat: Lakme Top Coat Price :195 rs for 7 ml

What the product claims on the pack:

  • Illuminate your nail make up with a coat of gloss
  • With extra protective armour against wear and tear

How to use: Apply one coat on dry nail polish to enhance shine and give protection to your nail color The bottle has a long shape with a very long shiny silver cap like its other spa line products (lakme protective base coat review here) the bristles are like the glossy top coat by oriflame but softer. (Bristles do make a difference in ease of application for me as I have a wide nail bed) just two little strokes are enough. The liquid is not as clear and has a yellow tint to it. It is like a plastic coat and dries the fastest.

Nail Paint Top Coat

All the above can be used for French manicure, top coat, only coat or protection against peel and brittleness as these form a plastic like coat on the nails for a week. All of these work well but lakme and oriflame beauty glossy top coat last longest. However, if you are also looking for protection and hard coat buy lakme. But the oriflame visions quick dry top coat for gloss factor, the money and the quantity.

So what top coat do you use?

I also need recommendations for a pale glossy pink nail color in any brand.

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22 thoughts on “Glossy Top Coat for Nails With Oriflame and Lakme

  1. Would you believe that I don’t have a single top coat? I used to have one by a brand called nail Juice but that is over now. Guess I am gonna pick up lakme or colorbar. 🙂

    Have you cut your nails short?

  2. oh btw Lakme has a very nice pale pink. i have used it a lot to do french manicures. It’s almost 6-7 months old now and it hasn’t dried up yet.

      1. yes Iwill..

        BTW Neha I still couldnt find the Colorbar nail hardner but got the colorbar nail repair which seems to be doing the same job as nail hardner…using it since 2 weeks now & it does seem to be slowly working on my nails 😀 😀

  3. I have something I’m in love with – the bourjois french maicure kit – it has a pale almost colourless pink lacquer shade with a top coat to go on top.

    Both together are chip resistant (lasted SEVEN days) and don’t smell odd. And they look super sophisticated. They also include a white colour for the tip but that is a bit weird.

    (Sorry Neha – mini review ho gaya 😛 )

  4. Neha,I think I saw one glossy pale pink(a hint of pink if I can remember correctly) top coat in Maybelline express finish range.You can look for it.

  5. hi neha very beautifully maintained nails…. :-)) :-)) n look strong N healthy too…. :-)) eyeing for the oriflame one.. :chic:

    1. oh they really have to be protected
      i have to cook so 🙁 so its a pain….but i try my best
      but they dont look as good in the pics

  6. nails.. 😥 they chip and break easily… I guess its my nail’s glass cieling no growth beyond it.. they break..!! :-(( 😥 ….. but do top coats really help.. I have just recently started using nail paint… n that tooo lakme ( :no: dissappointing) anyways.. they chip in a day coz my hands r constantly in action n the paint chips in a day… dnt knw its lakme or just me… ?:-) anyways… help me with good nail paints guys…

    1. Rashmi are you based in india? so then try the oriflame range for care ….i mean they offer a lot of nail butters and serums to start with
      once thats sorted you can wear any nail paint…i had the same problem of chipping…but its so much better now :-))
      oh silly me oriflame is available else where too!

      1. yes yes I am in India.. I had visited their website but cud’nt really find anything impressive (for my hands)… I need something for dark, dry wrinkled hands… and ofcourse weak nails… :-((

  7. i have just baught oriflame nail hardner.will b ordering nail growth booster and visions top coat soon.i like visions more since it is quick drying.b/w has anybody tried oriflame’s french manicure?

  8. i have oriflame’s top coat, french manicure in ‘rose shimmer’ (they have 4 pinkish shades to choose from) and the white tip. i dint like the white tip much as it felt like the white correcting ink, we used in school…. but the other two are simply amazing! 🙂

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