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I am a sucker for natural products. While strolling through Star Bazaar’s lush makeup and beauty counters, I came across Earthy Good’s Range. I wanted to pick up my Himalaya’s Apricot Scrub for my dreaded black heads but since that was out of stock, I decided to give Earth and Soul’s apricot scrub a try. Well! I couldn’t resist my temptation to pick their lip balm in Vanilla as well. I have been using both these yummy products for four months now and here’s my verdict.

Product: Earth and Soul’s Apricot Scrub

Price: Rs 75

Earh and Soul lip balm and apricot scrub

Earth and Soul lip balm and apricot scrub

The chocolaty Earth and Soul Apricot Scrub

The chocolaty Earth and Soul Apricot Scrub

rati beauty ad

According to the company,” Earth & Soul’s unique apricot scrub has crushed apricot kernels and natural oils. This scrub gently exfoliates you skin without leaving it dry. Discover your skin’s true natural glow with Earth & Soul’s apricot scrub.”

According to me,” It is a chocolate coloured exfoliator with soft apricot kernels that does some magic to your skin.”

How to use it? Pat your face with water.  Take some scrub on your finger tips and rub it all on your face and neck in circular motion for a minute or two. Wash it it warm/ cold water. Pat dry.

I would start with cons:

  1. It is a very mild scrub with soft apricot granules. So if you are planning to use it against your black heads, it would not work.
  2. The scrub comes in a wide mouthed container. So you have to dip you fingers inside to the product out.
  3. It smells pretty weird. I think it is because of the beeswax that they use.
  4. No information given about the essential oils. I know some essential oils are used as preservatives but there’s is no information about essential oils given on the jar.
  5. No information about preservatives given.


  1. It is an amazing scrub. Whenever I have to go out for a date or something, all I have to do is spend a minute with Earth and Soul’s apricot scrub. I am good to go out with a bare face.
  2. It doesn’t make my skin dry at all. It only pampers my skin. 🙂
  3. I can use the container for other stuff once it is empty.
  4. Full worth for money.
  5. Enough product to last for months.

Will I buy it again? I think I am never going to stop using it. 😛

MB Rating (on scale of 5): 4

Earth and Soul Vanilla Lip Balm

Earth and Soul Vanilla Lip Balm

Product: Earth and Soul Vanilla Lip Balm
Price: Rs 50

It is a glycerin based , vanilla flavoured lip balm.


  1. It is non sticky. You wouldn’t feel a thing on your lips after you have put it on.
  2. Moisturizes well.
  3. Cute Packaging


1. Although it moisturised your lips well once you have put it on but it has a very less holding power. My lips start feeling dry only withing 30-35 minutes of application.

2. Comes in a wide mouthed jar. You have to dip your fingers in the product every time you want to apply it.

3. Again no information about preservatives give. So I am planning to discard it now after using it for 3 months. Most of my product is going to go waste.

Will I buy it again? No.

Indian Make up and Beauty  Blog Rating: 3

Earh and Soul Lip Balm and Apricot Scrub

Earth and Soul lip balm and apricot scrub

I wanted to try their soaps as well but the departmental store near my home has stopped keeping Eathy good Products. 🙁 They said that the company was not making timely orders and they had some issues with the dealings.


18 thoughts on “Go Natural With Earthy Goods

  1. Hi Rati, u’ll find Palmer’s in Kunchal’s, GK M- block market.
    Wow that scrub look so good..by that i mean yummy!! =) Will check them out. I see u mentioned Star Bazaar…I used to go there a lot (the one in kailash colony??)

  2. Oh! thanks. 🙂 That scrub is excellent but I am wondering where will I purchase it from after it gets over. Yes Star Bazaar is the one in KC. I stay is GK-1 so that is the closest market (apart from M Block) I have near my home


  3. I guess I am a bit too ignorant, but what is the difference between an exfoliator and a scrub, and which one is okay to use everyday?

    I am aksing because I just started using a neutrogena scrub, and it says its for daily use…

    Gr8 blog, loving ALL the posts!

  4. Hi Poonam,

    There is essentially no difference between exfoliator and scrub. The chemical formulation of exfoliater has chemicals such as AHAs and Salicylic acid that help to remove and loosen the oil and dirt particles from your skin. A scrub has coarse granules that you have to work on your skin to remove the oil and dirt.

    For black heads and white heads, it’s good to pick up a product that has salicylic acid in it while for regular usage of removal of dead cells and surface cleaning, a good home made scrub can do wonders. St. Ives scrub is a great option if if you are looking for an exfoliator while Himalaya’s apricot scrub is a good option for a scrub.

    It’s not good to use scrubs daily on your skin because in the scrubbing process you would also loose the natural oils from your skin. Depending on your skin type you can use scrubs accordingly. Like if you have an oily skin, three or four times a week should be enough while if you have a dry skin, scrubbing twice a week should suffice.

    Hope that helps and thank you. 🙂

    What all have you used from Neutrogena so far? I am using their eye cream but nothing great about it. ANy recommendations from your side?

  5. Hello,

    Have any of u tried to use a prescription retinoid for exfoliation…I have read many good things about them . They are supposed to be a form of vit A which does wonders for ur skin. Which are the ones available in India? i heard…A-ret is one of them available in medical shops

  6. ohhhhhhhhhh so you stay in gk 1. lo, thats where a friend of mine stays too! man you live so close to m block! 🙁 love that place!

    ok so i just saw this post. why didn’t i see it earlier yaar??? just a day back i went to ignca’s annual dastkar exhibiton and got earthy goods ka lavender body butter! i could have picked up a couple of things for you too! they had their entire range over there. 🙁 bad timing on my part.

  7. That’s so sweet of your Rima. I have discovered here products here in CRS stores. They have this all new flashy packaging. Now I can pick them up whenever I want to. 🙂 Thanks for the offer, nevertheless. 🙂

    How is their body butter?

  8. loving the lavender body butter! goes on oily but gets absorbed in two minutes flat and leaves the skin soft for the whole day! the product smells more like apricot while its in the tub, but once on the skin, the lavender takes over. the consistency is gorgeously whipped. i am totally hooked and in fact, am applying it right now too! 😀

    lavender body butter 50 gms
    price – Rs. 160 /-
    ingredients – apricot oil, butter tree oil, beeswax, lavender essential oil

    crs stores?

  9. I like their products. The lip balm didnt impress me much but going to stock their apricot scrub again. I am going to try the lavender body butter once I am done with whole lot of lotions I have right now.

    I think the stores are now called Religere stores now. Green colour wale medical stores. Do you recall? 😛

  10. i forgot to mention that the body butter has a slight tingling effect on the skin, so i guess it will work well in summers too. kinda like mint.

    i didn’t buy any lip balm coz my cabinet is already overflowing with them 😛
    and you mean religare stores i think. i know one in dwarka, but have never been inside. will check it out soon.

  11. Hi Rati,
    I am truly addicted to your blog.. :-)) and looking forward to buy many products,
    hey rati I have really thin hair 🙁 so please suugest some good shampoo to volumize my hair,and also my hands and feet are really dark..so please suggest me something to remove tan from my hands and feet as well

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