Hairstyle Trends for Long Hair in 2012

Hairstyle Trends for Long Hair

Hey ladies, since a lot of you really enyjoy my fashion articles I am coming to you with this article today. It is about trendy hairstyles for long hair. I think it is very interesting what is trendy at the moment. In this article you will see different all the different trendy hairstyles.

1. Long and Bouncy

long bouncy hairstyle
This is very famous and easy to achieve. All you have to do is blow dry your hair with a round brush, brushing away from the roots to get more volume. To get the bouncy curls on the end of your hair you need to use the round brush and curl-blow-dry your hair ☺ this look is so elegant and groomed.
long bouncy hairstyle

2. Homemade Curls

homemade curls
I love this look because it looks adorable. This hair style is easy to achieve as well. All you need is a curling iron (small one). You take a few pieces of sections of your hair and curl it. that’s really about it. It is very eye-catching.

3. French Twist

french twist
This is very elegant and beautiful. This is a little bit hard to achieve and I suggest you googling or youtubing how to create this hair style. Wearing this hairstyle will definitely add some class to your outfit.
french twist

french twist

4. Fish Tail Braid (Tumbled Tail)

fish tail braid
This hairstyle is very popular among the youtubers and celebritys aswell. It lookds very different than anything I have seen before. I think it looks rather strange than beautiful. It is easy to recreate this hairstyle but you need patience and practice.
fish tail braid

fish tail braid

5. Half Up Twist

half up twist
When I think about this hairstyle I always think about Lauren Conrad ☺ she ALWAYS wore this hairstyle and I love it. very very easy to recreate. Just by looking at the pictures you kind of know how to recreate this hairstyle.
half up twist

halfup twist

6. Half Updo

This hairstyle is one of my favorites and super easy to recreate. I love this look when you have curly hair or curl your hair. Very trendy and stylish ☺ you basically take the hair on the crown of your hair and tease it before pinning it up. You can either leave your hair like this or straighten/curl them.
half undo

half undo

half undo
Thank you ladies for commenting and reading this article. As always have a good day ☺ xoxo

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20 thoughts on “Hairstyle Trends for Long Hair in 2012

  1. Vanessa Hudgens’ look is about all I can manage. I just don’t understand those do’s with the height at the crown, it makes the head look so elongated. Maybe it’s just me?

    1. i think that those who want volume should create that hair style. i like it 🙂 but it is everyones prefrences

  2. I love the look of the half updo! I dislike hair that sticks close to the head – I’m more of a big hair kind of person 😀
    Great article, Sahar! 🙂

  3. I love fishtail braids and sport them quite frequently for the playfulness they give. I want so badly to sport a french twist but unfortunately its one of the styles that no matter how hard i try they never come out well.. 🙁

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