How to Select Hairstyles According to Face Shape

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Since I did an article about choosing sunglasses according to face shape, I wanted badly to do one about hairstyles too. Check out the last article on How To Select Sunglasses According to face Shape

Hair is one of the most loved and cared for part of a woman’s personality. Healthy, shiny, soft hair is an accessory like no other. We have had many of our beauties telling us about the different hair care tips. I love experimenting with my hair.. I used to have hip length hair which I chopped off when I was 16….

Since then I have worn a bob, shoulder length hair, then grew them to waist length and again chopped off to a bob… and I have lost count of the fringes!!! My hair grows very fast and I love to experiment with different styles.

Now, whenever we go to a hairstylist, we generally rely upon their opinion about what looks good on us. Through my numerous experiments I have learnt some basic stuff about choosing THE hairstyle which will do justice to my face. The only thing that can help you in choosing the right hairstyle is to choose it according to your face shape!!!

Now, I have described the various face shapes and their identification in my article on how to Select Sunglasses According to Face Shapes
Now that you are sure about your face shape, let’s get down to some snippin’ and stylin’… 😉

Round face:

The key to every hair cut is to make your face appear a nice oval shape. So if you have a round shaped face, opt for a little volume on top of your head. If you have thin or lanky hair, backcomb them to add more volume. If you wanna go in for bangs, NEVER keep them short. Long and side swept bangs will pull the eye downwards making your face appear longer. The optimum hair length for a round face is shoulder length and longer. But if you have short hair, don’t fret. You can cut them in layers that go away from your face and jaw line. Thus, the widened, mane like hair will make your face appear slimmer, and hence longer. Long, flowing curls and waves are great for you.

Again, keep the hair in the front long.

Check out the various hairstyles sported by the round faced Shilpa Shetty-

Shilpa Shetty Haircut

Check out the hair that are out turned and kept away from the face. The hairs in front are side swept and long.

Shilpa Shetty Haircut

Love the soft waves on Shilpa… Notice that she has never gone shorter than shoulder length!!

Oval face:

These are the people I envy most. They can sport any damn hairstyle and carry it like nobody’s business!! No rules, no limitations… Aaarghh.. 😡

Madhuri Dixit HAir cut

Short, long, straight, wavy, curly, tied, open…. She carries everything…

Gawd.. She’s beautiful!!!

Square face:

Gotta keep your hair long and flowing!!! It can be straight, wavy or curly. The flowing hair keeps the focus away from your jaw line which is the widest part of your face. If you have short hair, keep it curly and rounded. You can go dramatic with the bangs as this will keep the focus at the top of your head.

Look what Salma Hayek does to her square face-

But then again with that body who’s gonna notice your hair? But for us lesser mortals, the key is long and soft curls or dramatic fringes… Sigh…

Salma Hayek Haircut

Heart Face:

The heart shaped face is wider at the top and narrow in the bottom. Keep the hair flowing around your face till the jaw line. This gives a narrow forehead and a dainty chin. Thus, makes it a perfect oval shape. Then, below the jaw line, it really doesn’t matter. That’s why a bob is perfect for the heart face. Check out Priyanka in both these styles-

Priyanka Chopra Hair Cut

P.S. Love the purple shoes in the second photograph though they DON’T go with the dress at all!!!

Diamond face:

A diamond face is quite close to oval shape. The only thing is to reduce the angularity. You have to go soft and rounded with the hair and avoid stark layers.
Bipasha Basu has quite wide and high cheek bones. Her face is fairly diamond shaped. Also she has been very experimental with her hair. In the pic below, she has long, layered hair. Check out how the fringe is side swept and partially covers her cheek bones, rounding them off.
Bipasha basu Haircut

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38 thoughts on “How to Select Hairstyles According to Face Shape

  1. You have done a complete lowdown on haircuts. I Have a round face and I just got a haircut with fringes and I am loving it. You are lucky you got to experiment with your hair. I love the way shilpa shetty styles her hair…so gorgeous. :inlove:

  2. Wow..

    Looks like you have truly mastered the art of determining the facial structure and thereby recommending styles n accessories. You know what Mrunmayee?? After reading your article on glasses, I have begun to wear them with much more pride and confidence

    I have an oval face…and I sport a step cut with some layers in the front.

    1. Thanks for the compliments Poornima….. 😀

      You are really lucky to have the perfect oval face…… Your pride is justified!!! :beauty:

    1. You should be…. You have the perfect canvas in place….. You can experiment a lot….

      I think, oval or not, everybody should be experimental with their hair…… A good haircut is an instant makeover…. :beauty: :beauty:

  3. Mrunmayee nice post.. you already know i have an oval face. But i just cant go in for any hairstyle unlike sunglasses. bcoz i have really poker straight hair so whatever hairstlye i go in for it just lays flat or otherwise i have to use a hairdryer to get the desired look. I am really against using heat on my hair so the only option left for me is to love my straight hair. Though i use different ways of tying my hair and all to look a lil different sometimes.

    1. Same here. The hairstylists get irritated with my hair as well . I have straight hair and within minutes of styling everything starts to fall flat. 🙁 Not that i don’t like my hair but still i sometimes feel that the straight hair would be out of fashion after a while , then what will i do. 😛

      1. Hehe, me too love my hair but then i sometimes get bored of the straightness. I so want tp have some loose flirty curls in the summers but that is just impossible with our type of hair. I one got my hair curled for a function by the time i reached the venue, my curls had opened and my hair were a mess, since neither they were curled and nor were they in their original straight state because of the hair spray in it, and i was so irritated i cant tell you. My hairstylist said i guess the only thing you should ever go for is and i was like yeahh crimping..hahaha!!!

  4. Both of you can try large rollers…. They don’t curl the hair but create more volume… When you comb your hair everyday, back comb the hair in front……. You can also cut your hair in layers to add volume and bounce…. Hope that helps…… :lashes: :lashes:

      1. Rati,

        Are you talking about those electric roller irons or the normal chotta cylindrical ones. The electric ones, also called stylist are available in almost all multibrand electronic showrooms like Croma, E Zone etc. Philips has one.

        The other one you can get in any small cosmetic shop/fancy shop. They are usually chinese ones which come in cute pink/blue or other pastel colours and sell in packs of 6 or 8 or even 12. Guess GK market would have that.
        .-= Poornima´s last blog ..Nail Style – Lavender =-.

        1. Hey Poornima, the electric ones need a little bit of skill and loads of practice. I like those cheap chinese ones that you mentioned.. They are fun to play with…

      2. I had got rolling sticks from Braun once… But they give you very tight curls… I have got local large rollers… Never came across any branded ones… You may get those at all those beauty parlour types shops…….

    1. M, I back comb and create a lil poof kinda thing at the crown and pin it up and let the hair loose. I got layers but now they have grown and i don’t want to get them again, maybe i’ll get some fringes or something. Also i try to pep up with some different kinda hairstyles. Im really bad and clumsy with rollers and curlers.

  5. whoa ! I like te detailed article , I have a round face .. and haven’t gotten trim from last 4 months .. they are little past my shoulders and I have been intending to grow them back .. luckily I have got no split ends as of now..
    I will keep these tips in my mind , the next time I fix an appointment with my hairdresser 🙂

  6. nice article, square face like Salma hayek (wish I had the body too 😀 ), and I hate growing my hair long as I cant leave it loose in Mumbai’s humid weather.. so I end up tying it and empasizing my square face even more.. and everytime I go to the stylist, wohi standard layers cut.. so bored :-(( .. poker straight hair.. maybe I’ll try a dramati fringe next time 😀

  7. I like short bangs! Like Beyonce in Telephone.
    Most people think it looks weird but I love it.
    I like it on Christina Aguilera too
    Don’t know if it would suit me. I have normal bangs and I’m afraid to cut it too short.
    Currently my hair looks like Salma Hayeks hairdo on the second photo of her.
    (except not so straight if i dont iron it)
    I’m actually letting my hair grow now because I want side bangs now like this
    I like Bipasha Basu’s hair too.
    .-= sunaina´s last blog ..Cheap and cheerful =-.

  8. Hey, that’s a great article. Can you suggest some good bridal hairstyles? I have an oval shaped face which is chubby at the cheeks and jaw line, which make my face look big when I tie my hair. I have medium length straight hair. Please do email me your tips and pics if any.

    Thanks a ton!

  9. Just got my hair straightened…looks very flat. My already broad forehead looks broader..can you face is round and wide

  10. Hey M, i hav an oblong face…bt damn straight hair..that r too limp nd light… volume…no rollers of any sort does the effect fr me..nd poof…wELL i’ve sported them fr over 6 months nd m bored…bt sometimes its only the option i’ve got to make my face luk bigger than it is…nd i end up making it more longer than wider…i dnt knw wat to go for..i hav my hair in layers…three times already…nd the hairstylers say nothing else would suit me…. HELP HELP HELP…

  11. I have a round face, and i completly dislike curly/wavy hair. Plus my hair is so freezy and big it’s scary… any ideas??

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