What Happens If You Do Not Cut Your Split Ends?

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Is your hair looking dull and lifeless? Luscious and bouncy hair days are a thing of the past now?  Do you feel the moisture slowly seeping out of your locks? Then chances are that you hair has probably made friends with split ends. Well, split ends not only suck out the shine, they also hinder your hair growth. Split ends are probably the first sign that your hair is getting damaged. In this post, we are going to talk about the importance of cutting off split ends from your life. Before we start, let’s find out how split ends can be prevented.

If you do not Cut your Split Ends

What Cause Split Ends?
There are a lot factors that could be contributing to split ends. You cannot completely put all the blame on pollution and environment, there are chances that your mistreating your hair and not putting in adequate effort, sorry for the heart break! We’re listing a few of the most common factors that lead to split ends
Using heat tools like curling wands, straightening irons, and blow dryers almost every single day.

  • Not trimming hair on regular intervals.
  • Skipping the conditioner after shampoo.
  • Shampooing the hair daily
  • Undergoing chemical treatments like hair color, straitening and perms.
  • Stepping out in sun without covering your hair.
  • Combing the hair when it’s wet.
  • Using too many styling products like mousse, gel, wax, hair spray.
  • Sleeping on a rough pillow case.
  • Not applying oil on weekly basis.
  • Unhealthy diet, crash dieting, not consuming enough protein, minerals and vitamins.

What Happens When You Don’t Trim Split Ends?

Apart from making the hair look damaged, lifeless and dull there are a many reasons to consider before you let your split ends untreated.

1. Split ends suck out the shine: Split ends suck the shine of the hair and make it look dull, brittle and lifeless. According to some experts No amount of hair mask, conditioner and spa treatments can restore the damage already done, the only way to fix it, is by trimming off the split ends.
2. Split ends refuse to go away on their own: Split ends don’t just go on their own, in fact, it would further split from two to three feathers, the worst part is it can effect the hair growth as split ends hinders hair growth.
3. Uneven pigmentation: If you notice the colour of split end,  it is usually a bit lighter than the natural hair color, this can give an appearance of uneven or discoloured hair.

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Taking all the above facts into consideration, do trim your split ends regularly to keep the shine and bounce in your hair intact. Hope this article answers all your queries regarding split ends, hope you have a good hair day!


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