Himani Navratna Oil-Review

Himani Navratna Oil-Review

Hello Lovely Ladies,

How is the weekend coming along? Today, I will be reviewing the Himani Navratna Oil, which is almost over now. I have been using this oil for many years. So now, I am reviewing it for you all.
Himani Navratna Oil

Product Details:

Himani Navratna Hair Oil is multifunctional hair oil which is made with only herbal ingredients which help with hair loss, rapidly increases hair growth, helps dandruff and soothes your mind, also helps with insomnia. This is also a great massage oil and works for muscle aches and sprains! Himani has a medicinal menthol smell and you can feel those menthol-minty ingredients working as you use it(it tingles!)
The Ingredients present in the product are all extracts from natural herbs. It does not have any chemical or biochemical substance that is harmful to human body.

Keeps the head cool.
Relieves headache.
Helpful in sound sleep.
An effective memory aid.
Tones up body muscles.
Removes tiredness.
Useful in minor burns and cuts.
A cool invigorating body massage oil.
Prevents premature hair fall.

Navratna gives relief from – Sleeplessness, Headache, Body ache, Tension, Hair related problems. It also has medicinal benefits.

Himani Navratna Oil 1


Rs. 120 for 300 ml (I think they have now increased it to Rs. 130 for 300ml)


It comes in a transparent plastic bottle with dark red color, flip-open cap with tiny nozzle. It is prone to spilling, that’s why I have still preserved the carton box. It helps in preventing an oily mess in my cabinet.


It has a mixed smell of menthol and herbs and is pleasant.

Himani Navratna Oil 2


Each 100ml contains extracts of:

Lata Kasturi, Kakoli, Brahmi 0.1g each, Sailaja, Kapoor Kachari, Gandhamatra, Gatella 0.2g each, Kunch, Muramansi 0.25g each, Gulab Phool, Benamul, Mustha, Kesut 0.05g each, Amla 1.0g, Karpur 0.5g, Pudina Ka Phool 1.84g, Pudina Ka Tel 0.46g, Surasar 0.5ml.
The Ingredients present in the product are all extracts from natural herbs. It does not have any chemical or biochemical substance that is harmful to human body. It also has medicinal benefits.

My Experience with Himani Navratna Oil:

I absolutely love this oil and I have been using it since,well, actually I don’t remember how many years exactly! Its claim, of helping in getting sound sleep, gets rid of headache, removes tiredness, making hair texture better; is all true. This is purely made up of natural ingredients and is not full of chemicals. About its other claims mentioned above, I haven’t tried it on my body and cuts or bruises. I use it on my hair only twice a week and it is awesome.

Himani Navratna Oil  3
The oil is dark red in color and it is quite greasy. When applied on hair and massaged on scalp it gives amazing cooling sensation and tingling feeling too. It completely relaxes you. The cooling, tingling feeling stays on for long. Since, it has a strong fragrance and makes hair sticky. I don’t prefer stepping out with oil on my hair. I generally apply it in the night time and wash off it in the morning. It nourishes my scalp and hair.

Pros of Himani Navratna Oil:

  • Made of herbs and natural ingredients.
  • Beneficial in my ways.
  • Very affordable and economical.
  • Gives cooling sensation to the scalp.
  • Nourishes the scalp well.

Cons of Himani Navratna Oil:

  • Though the packaging is sturdy it still results in spilling while usage. The oil basically coats the bottle which creates a mess in the cabinet.

Would I Repurchase Himani Navratna Oil?

This is my umpteenth bottle but I have been using it for years and it is great for tiredness, sleeplessness and just for indulging in some spa like experience at home. Highly recommended!

IMBB Rating:

4.8 /5

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11 thoughts on “Himani Navratna Oil-Review

  1. Thanks for the review because I really wanted to see a review on this brand.When i was in india last month i used a small sachet of this (one time use) and loved the way it made me fall asleep , but the smell was horrible and I had to wash it twice …..

    But interested to see the long term benefits …..

  2. Wow! I actually have this at home. My husband uses it for occasional scalp massages and for getting rid of his headaches. Never knew that this was good for the hair too!:)
    Will try it from now on 🙂

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