Bajaj Almond Drops Non Sticky Hair oil With Vitamin E Review

Bajaj Almond Drops Non Sticky Hair oil With Vitamin E Review

Almond oil is one of the richest sources of vitamin E. Almond oil is an excellent moisturizer. Its great for your your hair. It nourishes and softens the skin. It also conditions the skin no matter how mature your skin is. Almond oil helps the skin stay healthy and youthful. Almond oil gets absorbed in the quickly, thus will not feel oily on skin after application like other vegetable oils and it can be easily used for oily and combination skin.


I always had oily skin and an oily scalp, so I was looking an oil which was non sticky. While coconut oil works great, I was looking for an alternative. My mom suggested Bajaj Almond Oil. I started using it and was pleasantly surprised, have been a loyal customer ever since. My whole family uses it and loves it.

Bajaj Almond drops comes in a glass bottle which I’m not sure is the smartest thing about it, since it is an oil – it will get slippery then why glass bottle?? I’ve broken 2 bottles till now. So anyhow, it has a distinct but pleasant odour to it and you can use it within 3 years. It also comes is various sizes of 300ml, 200ml, 100ml, 75ml, 50ml, 20ml and 3ml sachet. The oil is beer- coloured, dark pale yellow.

MRP of 200 ml – Rs. 67 /-

bajaj Almond
bajaj Almond

What it says?

It fulfills the dual benefit of do-good due to the almond nourishment and look-good due to being a Non-Sticky hair oil. Thus gives you the ease of styling. Being a light, non-sticky hair oil, it provides the traditional do-good benefits of nourishment without having the biggest negative attached to a hair oil–stickiness. With real Almond extracts, Bajaj Almond Drops has 300% more Vitamin – E than coconut oil which helps nourish the hair roots and makes them strong and healthy.

Key Ingredient s : Mineral Oil, Vegetable oil, perfume, sweet almond oil, vitamin E

How to use it ?
For hair –

  • Apply almond oil 2-4 hours before your shampoo your hair, and hair will be shinier and smoother after washing. Almond oil not only promotes hair growth but also nourishes hair to a high extent.
  • It controls hair fall and makes hair stronger.

For face –

  • If massaged on face for 10-15 minutes in circular motion, it will improve blood circulation and most certainly will give you a clearer complexion. Tried it and tested by moi.
  • Almond oil when applied on face helps get rid of dark circles.
  • It is useful for delaying ageing process. Apply on delicate areas like under eyes and side of your eyes, it will help prevent wrinkles crow’s feet.
  • It can be used for skin rashes, skin irritation and inflammation and chapped lips.
  • Apply it on your eyebrows along with castor oil and olive oil, it will help you grow thicker eyebrows. (or so they say)
  • In short use it as a night cream, its nourisher + moisturizer + corrector in one.

For body –

  • Almond oil is especially helpful in the winter, when skin becomes dry and rough.
  • Apply almond oil on face, neck and hands every night before you go to sleep, you are 100 % sure to wake up with a glowing face and body. Don’t fret about being oily all night, almond oil gets absorbed into the skin within 30 minutes.
  • At the end of the day, rub heated almond oil on your hands and feet, including the sole, to relax and rejuvenate them. This will help moisturize the tough skin, and give you softer, smoother skin.

Pros –

  • Its light, non sticky, gets absorbed in the skin fast (but not if you use ridiculous quantities,3-4 drops are enough)
  • Smells great
  • A good alternative to regular coconut oil
  • Priced well, comes in a lot of sizes
  • It advertises for hair nourishment, but I find it does less to hair than face, it works grrrrrreat for my face and body

Cons –

  • Odour is strong, if you’re one of those who don’t like strong odours plus it smells nothing like ‘almonds’
  • Glass bottle prone to breakage (oil + glass = :pig: :pig: )

My Rating –
:inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: (4\5) (Took away 1 point for the cynic in me!)

I have been buying it for a couple of years and will continue until I find other alternatives, any suggestions?
They should really advertise it to be used on face and body plus hair (right now Lara Dutta advertises for shiny shiny hair). It will have many more buyers then.

Will I buy it again?

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63 thoughts on “Bajaj Almond Drops Non Sticky Hair oil With Vitamin E Review

  1. Nice review smita…never really thought i could use it for anything more than hair…will take ur advice and start multiusing it… :-))

  2. :yes: Nice review. Even i feel it has a strong smell & never knew it could be used for face & body. I feel its very sticky & shiny to be used elsewhere.
    Roghan Badam oil – Hamdard is more like almond oil with the almond odour n its really light & non sticky :-)) but its more pricey :-((

  3. my mother would apply keo karpin on my hair since i was little so that’s the only oil i like on my head. somehow, using these oils gives me a happy, cozy feeling. :shy:

  4. Hi Smita
    Just putting in my two bits….This is ‘Almond drops’ HAIR oil not Almond oil. You can say this is baby oil/mineral oil with some almond oil plus vit. E. While roghan Badam Shirin is actually the Almond oil. Though I have used Almond Drops and it is good and I love its smell it is not the same thing. But of course we can massage with Baby oil and put it on face and body.

  5. Hi Smita
    After hitting the submit button on my comment I was wondering if I sounded ‘hoity -toity’ but your reply is so innocent…any how what all I meant is I’d use this as baby oil not as almond oil (because you can put a few drops of almond oil in a glass of milk and drink it but I wouldn’t do the same with Bajaj hair oil LOL 😀 😀 ….)

    1. No not at all Rajeshwari… if theres something you know that someone else might not know, its always a good thing to add on it, like i didn’t know that you are not supposed to drink Bajaj oil (not that i would have done it :P), your message did make me realise that Bajaj Almond Drops is not PURE almond oil, and since everyone is recommending Rogam badam, i will definitely try it

  6. Ya Rajeshwari ur too used both bajaj almond oil and Roghan badam shirin..Roghan is definitely the best and purest form of almond oil that is edible also.But for hair,I guess Bajaj almond oil is wonderful 🙂 🙂

  7. You know the only Oil I have been using for years and years is the olive oil..Rest some oils give me headaches and some hairfall. 😛

    But I use badaam rogan for my eyes in winters. It kind of calms me down. 🙂

  8. Hi
    I use oil before shampoo. I mix sesame oil, olive oil and a few drops jojoba, leave it either overnight or if I’ve been lazy an hour or two before shampoo. I also beat a couple eggs with sesame and olive oil and leave it on hair for about an and then shampoo.. 🙁 but am not very regular :-((

  9. Ya Rati me started using olive oil to clean my eye makeup as per ur suggestion..It surely does wonders for the eyes . I feel so relaxed..thanx sooooooo much :-* :-* :-*

  10. Hey Smita, I used to use this when i was in school and I had long hair reaching just beyond hips… Then I cut is short, God knows why!!!!

    You got me all nostalgic…

    1. wowww !! hair beyond hips !! my mom made me have loooooooooong hair too, she hated it when i cut my hair, always blackmailed me saying ‘god has given you such beaitful thick hair, why do u want to cut it’ , but it was difficult to maintain, now i have mid back length hair, and i’m keeping it this length 😛

  11. I’ve always used Rogan badam but today only I was asking my mom about this….Guess I’ll give this a try too! Thanks for the review 🙂 🙂

    1. 😀 😀 😀 😀 Now that you mention, yaaaaaaaah ! hehehe
      Hey rati, what is this * (star) that comes on the top right window of your every comment ?? Does it mean Admin ?

  12. Hi Smita T,
    Nice review. I have used Bajaj Almond drops in the past for my hair. It was quite thick and sticky but it did keep my hair smooth and shiny and I didn’t end up with pimples on my forehead. But I kind of stopped using Hmm. I don’t know why… may be it was too think and was hard to apply… 😛

    But reading all your comments on Rogham I am so interested, unfortunately, I don’t think I can get it from where I come from… I can’t even lay my hands upon half the good Indian Products you guys discuss here 🙁

    1. You find it sticky ?? I find its one of the most non-sticky oils, i finally bought Roghan Badam, lets see how it works out for me

  13. I think I’ve used this at some pint coz the bottle looks I stopped using oil all together..juggling 2 kids, a job & the house dose not leave one time for oiling….hehehe. I ahev a bottle of Bringraj Oil lying in my cupboard for almost a year unopened 🙁

  14. Hi all ,please join me also in ur converstion,iam searching for good almond oil for my baby..
    Thanks i got some idea on ur comments :victory:

  15. HI, I started using Bajaj Almond drop oil. I am getting hair fall. Can you tell me y. and can you tell me how to apply this oil to hair. And onemore thing when i am doing shampoo it is like sticky. Can you help for this.Thank you.

  16. Hii….I have too much hairfall problem,,,please suggest the Oil….this almond drop oil is useful to stop my hairfall & do hair growth…Help me…. :waaa:

  17. Hello
    I had problem of premature greying of hair and i h thin n dry hair.After reading the reviews i decided to buy Bajaj almond hair oil ..SO since last 15 days i m using bajaj almond hair oil and lil coconut hair oil..But after using almond hair oil i m having a sever hair loss..Should i stop using it or sh i continue using for few more days ..
    Please help me ..!!

    1. Smita & Rati, Please advise for hair fall. I bought bajaj almond oil & would like to give a try but will it increase the hair fall.
      Or suggest some tips for hair fall.


    2. What you can do is try using–Mahabringraj oil+coconut oil+ almond oil & heat them (Very little). Massage ur scalp with them & keep them overnite.
      Wash it with the nice shampoo nxt day!

  18. actually i had terrible hair fall in winter and i had nearly a bald spot on my head. but after using this almond oil, its better nw. i also use it on my fave, it is a good moisturizer…. :haanji:

  19. dat ws a nice read… am using it for sm tm…n its pretty good … but thnx to my hectic schedule.. i hardly get tm for it….bt i wud like to share a point here…few yrs back i used to apply bajaj almonds n a bit parachute coconut oil mixture on alternate nights,n wash off the next morning..also did henna fortnightly and the results were pretty good (i have a pathetic dry n freezy hair)….lookin frwrd to applying it on skin( hope it brings sm glow to the usual dull look)… :thanks: :pigtail:

  20. This oil contains quite a lot of mineral oil..which makes it non sticky…and less of almond oil…Im not so sure about it being good for the hair…

  21. :nonono: i hate bajaj almond drops smell. its really irretate me.. i also suffered hair fall. i dont thik its made from almond… very artificial..!! aneways.. i love hamdard rogan.. its owsome but tooo expensive. in bangladesh its cost 1000tk..

  22. I really liked the way Bajaj Almond oil works. :toothygrin: I bought for my Hair, but keeps on using for my very dry skin. Believe me its working great!!! loving it!!! though the smell is very strong, but I cn deal with it.
    Just lukewarm the oil & apply either on your skin or on your hair!
    Will work wonders!!!!! O:) :pompom:

  23. I have been using almond oil for sometime now… usually use it with parachute coconut oil… massage it overnight and wash the next mrng… honestly u dont need conditioner after doing this champi…it leaves my hairs soft and shiny… have been receiving many reviews from ppl saying my hairs look voluminous now… loving tht comment( :dance: ), i agree its non sticky…it kind of gets absorbed pretty fast… so thats a huge plus… if you gonna keep it overnight…I love this oil.. havnt tried rogam badam but might try … lets c…

  24. Hi, I want a solution for my hair loss. and i want to make my hair regrowth. Please advice whether applying Almond oil in hair is best solution or not. If so, which brand Almond oil is best to use. Please help me in this.

  25. This Almond oil has tons of chemicals, lucky you if it helped you, in my case hair fall only got worse. It’s only for healthy hair, so if you have any issues better stay away from it

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