10 Home Exercises to Get Slim Legs

In this post, we shall talk in detail something which bothers us all – we will discuss some neat ways of slimming down the legs. And we shall put the ‘neat’ in the list by adherence to one parameter – all that we shall talk of today can be done by anyone at home, without going to the gym and without investing in any expensive equipment that would burn holes in your purse. We all have certain aspects of our body that we would love to change and one of the most common complaints that most women complain about are thick and bulky thighs and legs. So today, we shall try to spare a few words and enlist 10 home exercises that can help you achieve the slim legs that you have always dreamt of and desired. So, without any further ado, let us get started:

Home Exercises to Get Slim Legs

1. Stretching: It is perhaps the simplest and yet one of the most effective home exercises there is to get guaranteed results. Effective weight reduction and shaping/toning of legs can be obtained quite easily through this exercise. All you need to do is sit upright on a flat surface (preferably on a rug on the floor) and then you stretch out your joined legs. Next, you try to bend at your back and try to touch your toes. You breathe slowly as you do this and hold that position for 5-10 seconds. Repeat the whole thing like 10 times. This home exercise will get you results.

2. Air Cycling: Another neat home workout trick is the “Air Cycling” workout. It is a rather time-tested one as well. Here all you need to do is lie flat on your back on a plane surface, raise your legs at 90 degrees and cycle in the air in the forward direction for about a minute. Then you take a break for a minute and then resume with a reverse cycle manoeuvre for a minute or two. Repeat the whole process 5 times per session. This is going to slim your legs quite efficiently.

3. Lunges: This exercise comes third in line however it is no less effective than the previous two exercises that we have discussed. And lunges too have been around for quite some time now. This is a pretty simple workout really. All you need to do is stand perfectly straight with your legs 5 cms apart and then you step forward with your right leg first while your left leg takes the proposing position, then you repeat the process with your left leg. You do this five to ten times per session per day and it will surely give you desired results. Lunges have proven rather effective in toning your buttocks and inner thighs, such as the gluteal muscles.

4. Scissor Kick: This is also a rather old yet neat trick to slim your legs and tone your thighs. Here you need to lie on your back and then lift your legs and alternately kick in the air, as if your legs are a pair of scissors. This exercise is also time tested.

5. Squats: In this home exercise, all you need to do is to keep your shoulders relaxed, your legs apart while you lower yourself to a sitting position and then you hold that position for at least 5 secs. Then you again stand up. Repeat this exercise 10 times per session per day for best results.

6. Single Leg Circle: In this manoeuvre, all you need to do is lie flat on your back, with your palms down, on the floor and then while you raise one of your legs first and make circular motions in the air. Then repeat the same move with your other leg. This is a proven way to get slimmer legs.

7. Aerobics: Aerobics or free hand exercises are quite effective in helping you slim down overall. They are effective not only in slimming your thighs and legs but also in slimming your overall body. There are plenty of aerobic videos online done by professionals that you may watch and give a shot.

8. Side Lunges: This is a basic variation of the normal lunges that we have already described. Here, instead of holding your leg forward, you move it side wards, one at a time and then lower the body on the other leg. Your turn around and repeat the same procedure with the other leg and do the whole routine 10 times per session per day for best results.

9. Kneeling Roadhouse Kick: This is a pretty neat home exercise trick that is proven to tone your legs and slim your thighs. All you need to do here is kneeling on all fours while you are on the mat on the floor, then you lift your left leg with your knees towards your body. Once you have reached your position, you kick with your left leg in the air. Repeat the process with the other leg. This is a mixed martial arts inspired exercise and is quite effective in slimming your legs.

10. Prone Hamstring Curl: This is a new trick that has proven to be rather effective in slimming your legs. All you need to do is lie on your tummy on the floor. Bend your hands and stack them up under your forehead. Then first you extend both legs out and touch the floor with your toes. Slowly lift your knees off the floor, you may allow your knees to bend. When you are like 30 degrees off the floor, you stretch your legs and hold that position for 5-10 seconds. Then you lower them again, rest and repeat the process. This will reduce your thighs in no time

Well dear readers, we really hope that you found our list of 10 household exercise tricks useful and that you benefit out of pursuing them. Tell us what you thought of our article in the comments section below. As always, stay pretty and fit.


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