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Hello IMBB!  I hope 2011 is going great for you so far.  I’m here to blog about fragrance once again, this time not about perfume, but fragrances for your home!  This is one of my little luxuries.  When you want to relax and get a bit of pampering at home but don’t have the time or energy for beauty rituals, I highly recommend filling your room with a nice scent that can give your surroundings a better ambiance and improve your mood.

scented candles for home

Scented Candles

These are my favorite, particularly votive candles, which are small candles placed inside clear glass holders or metal tins.  Scented candles also come in bigger sizes and without containers, called pillar candles, and cute little tea light candles.  Some are even made to look like objects, or food. These emit scents for hours as the candles burn.  They look dainty and when lit at night in my bedroom, give the place a wonderfully calming, cozy ambiance.

Scented candles can be made of paraffin wax, soy wax, or a mix of both, but I personally prefer using candles made of soy wax, because they produce less soot, its residue can easily be cleaned, and it’s kinder to the environment by being non-toxic and biodegradable.

When buying scented candles for the first time at a particular store, I suggest buying just one or two, and trying those first to see if the candle has a strong scent when it’s lit.  Some candles may smell good unlit in the container, but give off little to no scent when it’s actually burning.

fragrance oils

Home Fragrance Oils

These are oils which can be based on essential oils (oil derived from plants, herbs, fruit, etc.), fragrance oils (oils derived from synthetic sources), or a mix of both.  Home fragrance oils are pretty concentrated and you’d only need a few drops of it or even need to dilute it with water when using an oil burner.

home oil diffuser

I recommend using an oil burner to better diffuse the scent.  Depending on the amount used in a burner, home fragrance oils can be very strong and can scent a room for many hours.

When purchasing home fragrance oils, it would be better to get ones made of high-grade oils, for a clear, strong scent, and to prevent any allergies which may be caused by low-quality oils.

soy wax tarts for home

Soy Wax Tarts and Room Sprays

Soy tarts are basically tiny, fragrance-concentrated candles without wicks.  They look like tarts, hence the name. These are usually the size of a tart or an ice cube, and come in assorted shapes and colors.  They are solid but melt into oil once they’re popped into oil burners or electric tart warmers.  They’re cute and look like candy, and are a lot of fun because they let me change scents often since they’re small, and disperse fragrance into a room pretty quick.  Unfortunately they only seem to be available in the USA and in the UK, where I ordered a small batch online via Ebay, for a reasonable price.  I’m even thinking of making some myself!

Room and Linen Sprays may be moderately scented or strong, and are very convenient to use.  They are also portable and allow for a selection of fragrances, and are usually affordable.  You can try making these too, by diluting your favorite essential oil or fragrance oil.

Scent Recommendations

For my bedroom, I usually choose scents with vanilla in them because I love vanilla and find it very comforting. So my tip is to get a scent that you like and enjoy.  For relaxation, lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood are some examples of scents that usually promote calmness and help people drift off to sleep.
For daytime, I prefer more upbeat, stimulating scents like fruity or floral fragrances, which I use in the bedroom, guestrooms, and the living room.  For the kitchen or dining room, since I enjoy foody scents, I often use candles and soy tarts that smell like cookies and chocolate.  Yum!

Using home fragrances are an easy, quick, and simple way to lessen stress from everyday life and to just make your home feel and smell cozy.  It’s also a great way to relax without having to leave your house.

Always take precautions though—if you burn a candle or use an oil burner during bedtime, always remember to extinguish the flame right before you sleep, or ask someone to do it for you.  Don’t leave a flame unattended, or near flammable surfaces, and keep it from the reach of children and pets.

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36 thoughts on “Home Fragrance- Scented Candles, Fragrance Oils & Room Sprays

  1. I am a huge fan of scents and diffusers, oils & candles are a staple in my room. and right now i am drooling over tht diffuser pic u posted.. i need it !!!!!!!!!

      1. hey thanks a lot!! i’ll pick it up on my next visit.. infact i did on christmas and i am so dumb i shd have read tht post earlier :headbang: :headbang:
        i was luking around for a nice diffuser design in khan market but found the usual white marble and stone ones

    1. lolz… i always burn oils or candles in the drawing room when we are expecting visitors. it lends such a nice ambience. not to mention that i am an interior designer and i have no option but to love all such thngs 🙂

    2. Hey Sanjeev, I would have found that thoughtful of you. Why’d she find it funny? ?:)

      Like Yasmeen I burn scented candles too when we have visitors, to make the house smell nice. 🙂 :))

  2. am a bigg fan os scented candles but i tend to incline towards the organic ones coz i dnt like the artifical wax smell whn some burn!particularly i like mysunshine candles i brought from delhi haat .great great stuff nd it gives pure smell nothng waxy or toxic.i loove thr cinamon spice and french vanila preps me up!

    1. Hi flygirl, I haven’t actually come across any completely organic candles, but I do understand preferring natural scents and soy-based candles. I hate waxy smells also and some synthetic scents make me sneeze! :sidefrown:

  3. nd also about these candles ,r made by ngo ppl in colab with an iitian/iimian person nd his finace who run it ;)great initiative!u can find em of fb!they ship all over

  4. Hi Rati,

    r u fond of natural fragrances…. because i live in the land of ittrs? Do send me ur address sweetie and i wud send u some…. :talktohand: :talktohand: :talktohand: :talktohand: :talktohand: :talktohand: :talktohand: :talktohand: :talktohand: :talktohand: :talktohand: :talktohand: :talktohand: :talktohand: :talktohand:

  5. I louuuuuuuveeee scented candles..They just make me feel calm and at peace in a jiffy..Sometimes when I feel too low or agitated, I switch off all the lights of my room and light 2 of my fav red colored scented candles…Just staring at the flame for sometime, along with the aroma makes me feel so calm and composed..Excellent article Ida!! :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

    And I have this Air wick spray, the lemon garden fragrance.I really love the refreshing essence it gives to the room!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Cali I do the same thing when I’m stressed and scented candles have the same effect on me. :)) Thank you! :cute: Air sprays I often use for the kitchen and bathroom, they’re great deodorizers and do perk up the room. 🙂

  6. @tarrnum where is the land of ittr?and wat form of fragnc is itrr?jus curious!am too fond of great smelng stuff

  7. me use scented candles and diffuser everyday . O:) ..love lavender,vanilla,lime,ocean,cinnamon scents

    oh btw do u use vanilla essential oil??and if yes where do u get it from? the one i would buy from thebodyshop is discontinued 🙁 🙁

    1. shanaiia i loved that vanilla essential oil the body shop used to have! i don’t know why they had to discontinue it! :-/ i use mostly vanilla-scented candles now. no idea where to get vanilla essential oil in mumbai though, sorry. 😕

  8. @yasmeen
    they have thr group on facebook
    find them there mysunshine candles they also have organic lip balms and much more stuffive just tried a special tea and few candles from them.
    but i trust them and buy from them coz it supports a cause
    also the candles are about 200 rs each but are big and burn for long
    last i visited delhi haat they had a stall there!
    hope this helps.its run by sumit singh and nidhi singh!
    u can order it through fb!they deliver all over

    1. oh okkkk yess i have seen their stall at DH too bt didnt pay much attention.. i was browsing for sumthng else at tht time.. :headbang:

  9. I had bought aromatic candles once and they didn’t not give out any kind of aroma…. :weep: :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: ….BTW, i am interested in diffuser reeds, I saw them somwhere and the flavours were green apple, rose kinds…..I want those, but i do not know how to use those 🙁 :((

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