How Black Seed Oil Can Put a Stop to Excessive Hair Fall

Hair fall can give sleepless nights even to the most courageous of people out there! More than trying various potions and medicine, it’s best to look for natural remedies because they often work better than medicines and shampoos in treating hair fall. Onion juice is quite a popular remedy to combat hair fall and here’s how you can use it to combat hair fall. But there’s a more effective remedy than onion – it’s black seed oil or kalonji oil.

How Black Seed Oil Can Put a Stop to Excessive Hair Fall

What is Black Seed Oil?

It’s extracted from the seeds of nigella sativa, or kalonji. This natural ingredient is extremely popular in hair oils that claim to reduce hair fall. Black seed oil is thought to combat excessive hair fall and help grow back hair healthy, strong, and long. Black seed oil contains a compound called thymoquinone which is an anti-histamine, that helps to hair regrowth and thinning hair. It also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties boosting hair growth. Other nutrients include essential fatty acids, amino acids, iron, vitamin C, etc., making it amazing for hair. It also seals moisture in the hair strands.

Different Ways to Use Black Oil to Stop Hair Fall:

1. A mixture of coconut oil and black seed oil as a hot oil treatment regularly over a few weeks can reduce hair fall considerably.
2. Fenugreek Seed Infused Coconut Oil for Long Hair and to Treat Split Ends: Here’s how you can make this homemade hair oil.
3. Black Tea and Black Seed Oil for Strong and Dark Hair: Here’s a homemade hair oil to grow out long and strong hair.
4. Black seed oil and castor oil: Take equal quantities of black seed oil and castor oil and massage it thoroughly through the scalp and hair length. Keep it overnight and rinse it with a mild shampoo the next morning.


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