Jeans: How To Choose Jeans For Your Body Type

denim shorts
denim shorts

How To Choose Jeans

All women lose body shape over their course of life. Be optimistic when you choose jeans because there ARE jeans that will fit your body type. Continuing from our earlier article, let’s see some more types of jeans.

Boot-cut jeans

Boot cut jeans flare out at the bottoms, so that they go over your boots.  Think of bell bottoms with less flare and you have boot cut jeans.. The jeans are ideal for

boot cut jeans
boot cut jeans

women who have bigger hips or thighs. The flare balances the lower part of the body with the thighs and makes them look slimmer. Select a low-rise jeans to make your hips smaller. If you have large thighs but smaller hips, select a boot cut with pockets to add fullness to your hips.

Straight cut jeans

If you cannot decide which jeans would suit your body type, buy a straight leg jeans. You can never go wrong with these basic jeans. They have a classic fit. The short ladies should go for straight fits which will make them look tall.

Destroyed Jeans

destroyed jeans
destroyed jeans

Are you in your teens and want to look uber cool? Then destroyed jeans are for you. Look hot by coupling it with blouses, tee-shirts and buttoned-down shirts.

Here are a few more tips on how to choose jeans:

• Color: A darker jean gives a slender look and is flattering while excessively light denims can actually add bulk.

• Choose stretch jeans with Lycra which are comfortable at home and outside and also ensure the right custom fit. Never choose jeans which are bulky and baggy. Try again and again to find the perfect fit for your body. Supposing if your waist is 26 inches buy a jean of about 28 inches waist, since this will ensure comfort. Refer to the size chart in every store and brand.

• Wearing mom’s pair of jeans will give you an aged look. Mom jeans fit quite well to most of us. Being high rise tapered and wide, they look terrible on every shape. Choose what is meant for your age and figure.

• Wearing daughter’s jeans is also a bad experiment to be tried on. Teen’s jeans are available in different styles to suit their lifestyle. Wearing what is meant for the teens gives a taste of your bad fashion sense.

• Any sort of bleaching will highlight those particular parts of your body. Some jeans have a faded spot on the thighs, that bleached spot will make your thighs the focus of attention and, ultimately, make them look bigger.

• Don’t think that showing off the underwear is gathering a lot of attention. Choose such low waist jean so that your thong or other lingerie is not sticking out. My best advice is to ‘Keep your underwear inside your jeans.’

• Blue jeans should never be worn with white cross-training sneaker. It shows you are taking the easy way out. Experiment with colored shoes and heels with jeans.


13 thoughts on “Jeans: How To Choose Jeans For Your Body Type

  1. Great work guys :yes:
    Even though I am a cone (or apple) I love my skinny jeans!
    I do believe a boot cut in a dark wash is universally flattering….
    Haha I remember my mother got the biggest shock to see my underwear sticking out of my jeans when I got home in the 11th grade…that was an awkward talk!

  2. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one :-))
    But honestly who knew that adventurous, underwear baring teens grow up to be nerdy, well settled adults? (I’m totally assuming you’re well settled here… :giggle: )

  3. HEy Zeeba… I have to agree that the peeking undies is the grossest thing ever!!!!

    I mean, how can that be considered cool.. Even sexy????

    I remember seeing a pair of jeans which has pink lacy underwear sewn to it.. So that it SHOWS!!!!! Gross..

    1. I knw there are these cheap trends too…and moreover ppl follow it….its d most cheapest thng ever..both for the males and the females… 🙂

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