How to Choose Sunglasses by Lens Type/ Color

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Choosing Sunglasses by Lens Type and Color

Apparently we just choose the sunglasses which we like based on the color and look of the sunglasses. But there’s certainly more to the lens types and colors. Here’s an article which shall let you know about different lens types and colors. 🙂

On an average, basically 3 types of lenses are broadly used for sunglasses lenses.

• Glass, the most commonly used material for lenses but it’s heavier as compared to the other materials.
• Polycarbonate, it is a kind of plastic which is lightweight.
• CR-39, it is a plastic which is used in prescribed lenses.

Summers directly relate to sunglasses, and your sunglasses lenses need to be UV filtering for summers. 🙂

UV filtering is just one kind of tinting or coating which is specially done for the sunglasses, for absorbing sunlight when it passes through them. However the color you choose depends on your personal choice and preference. 🙂

choose sunglassesSimilarly polarized sunglasses are also a great pick for the summers. Polarized sunglasses reduce the glare which is created when the light reflects from a certain object in the water, whilst driving on the highways and similar such circumstances. 🙂

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Photochromatic lenses are also a great pick for summers, since these become dark when exposed to UV radiations and the transitions are very quick, may be it takes just a fraction of seconds as soon as the change is from the bright to dim lighting.

If you are really going to stay outdoors through out summers, the anti reflective sunglasses are great because these sunglasses reduce the reflection of sunlight as soon as the light hits the posterior side of the lens bouncing off the light from the eyes.

Along with these sunglasses, scratch resistant sunglasses are also available. Scratch resistant sunglasses are nothing but sunglasses with a thin coating which is applied on the lenses making them scratch resistant.

But here is some detailed info which may help you in picking great useful sunglasses this summer.

The various materials used in making the sunglasses lenses, along with their vitality:

choose sunglassesThe material of the lens surely affects the clarity, contrast and visibility of your vision.

Glass ROS: It is used for producing high quality optical clear lenses. It scratch resistant and heavier than all the other lens materials. The lens made from this material doesn’t shatter or chip but yes cracks like a “spider’s web” if impacted by any means.
NXT polyurethane ROS: It’s impact resistant, and has outstanding optical clarity. Moreover, it is light weighted and flexible and with all these qualities it is bound to be the most expensive one.
Polycarbonate ROS: The lenses made by Polycarbonate ROS are highly impact resistant, and have qualities similar to those of the NXT polyurethane ROS lenses. They are scratch resistant but not as optically clear like the NXT polyurethane ROS lens.
Acrylic ROS: They are the cheap alternatives to the Polycarbonate ROS lenses, they are apt for casual wears and are less durable as well as not that clear optically but has some distortion with the image.

Sunglass Tints and Colors

Amber or brown lens: It reduces glare which is produced by the blue colored frequency in the sunlight which is also responsible the hazy blurry images we see in the day light. These tints distort colors more than the grey lens tints.

Grey lens: It reduces brightness without distorting the color.

Yellow lens: These are better than the brown tints since they reduce the haze greatly and give you a crisp clear view since they have color distortion to a greater extent.

Green Lens: It reduces glare and filters out the blue light. Green lenses are great for contrasts. 🙂

Pink lens: Pink tints are great for water sports specifically or outdoor activities generally since they are great with object contrasts and gives a clear view against green or blue backgrounds.

Hope this article helps all you summery beauties to pick the best pair of sunglasses.! 🙂

And here’s a video on how to choose sunglasses 🙂

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