I Love Raspberry & Blackberry Nourishing Body Butter Review

Skin tone: Medium to fair
Skin type: Combination and acne-prone
Hair type: Thin, moderately damaged and coloured

This is one brand I always love to splurge on because the products are so “me”! I love their packaging, the unique fruity blends and the amazing way they work for my skin. Hence, I told my aunt to get some body butter tubs from this brand and she got me this one. So let’s see how this berry butter worked for me!

I Love Raspberry & Blackberry Nourishing Body Butter Review

Price: $8/Rs 615 for 220 g

Product Description:
Super juicy and bursting with life. Feel exhilarated, as my delicious aroma of freshly squeezed raspberries, and succulent blackberries, infuse to create a fragrance sensation so fruity, I could be one of your five-a-day! Feel invigorated with a burst of yummy raspberry and delicious blackberry.
Coconut Oil & Shea Butter leave your skin feeling gorgeously nourished & silky soft, while my gorgeous perfume leaves your skin beautifully fragranced.

front label

Directions: Generously scoop me up with your fingertips and massage me all over your body.

My Experience with I Love Raspberry & Blackberry Nourishing Body Butter:

Packaging: Their products have the cutest packaging ever. The colour of the packaging usually represents the colour of the fruity blend. So similarly, this boy butter comes in a candy coloured pink tub which is pretty huge. It is of the same size like the TBS body butters but the price is less. It has a black screw cap with a huge hot pink label on it!


The fonts that they have used are super cute and add that girly touch to the entire packaging. The tub is pretty handy and can be easily carried during travels. But the only flaw with the packaging is the tub, I have long nails so it gets really annoying dipping my fingers every day. But I won’t blame this little tub as body butters do come this way.

back label

Fragrance, consistency and feel on the skin: The body butter’s consistency is perfect since initially it is thick but as soon as I layer it on my body, the smoothness comes along. But it might feel heavier during summers, so I am planning to use it for one more month and then stop. It does not get absorbed instantly as it needs a good massage, so I massage it for a minute or two which would also help me tone my skin. And then it gets absorbed nicely without leaving a greasy cast behind. The smell is definitely their USP! It looks like a strawberry mousse in the first place which looks damn cute. It smells like a berry pie which is loaded with fresh raspberries, blackberries, cranberries and strawberries. It smells very sweet and girly. And I love such scents as they keep me smelling great all day long. But this is something which not everyone will like. It is too over-powering; it may smell like a sweet medicine at times and may give headache. So surely sniff before you buy.

body butter

Results: It gives a great boost of hydration to my skin and I use it mostly during the bedtime. It instantly makes my skin bouncy and gives me soft and supple skin in the morning. But I feel it can hydrate my skin only up to 5-6 hours which I feel is enough, but it won’t be that great for very dry skin. But for my skin, it is too good and I would love to try more from them.


Pros of I Love Raspberry & Blackberry Nourishing Body Butter:

• A big tub which looks super girly and gorgeous in shades of pink with cute fonts.
• Huge quantity of body butter loaded in the tub.
• Not a huge amount is needed since the consistency is thick and smooth.
• I can give a nice massage to my skin since it takes a while to get absorbed.
• It gets absorbed nicely without leaving a greasy film on my skin.
• It looks like a strawberry mousse and smells of juicy berries.
• Gives good hydration to my skin for 5-6 hours.
• An entire range available to double up the scent.

Cons of I Love Raspberry & Blackberry Nourishing Body Butter:

• Not suitable for very dry skin.
• May feel heavy and greasy during summers (but hey, who uses body butters during summers?).
• The smell is extremely sweet; can give a headache, so not great for everyone.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Will I Repurchase/Recommend I Love Raspberry & Blackberry Nourishing Body Butter?
Yes, I would love to try some different flavoured body butters. I definitely recommend it if you are looking for a cheaper version of the TBS body butters. But make sure you sniff them since the scents are really overpowering.
If you guys know some place in India from where I can buy more I Love stuff, please do let me know.

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