14 Ways to Increase the Length of Hair Naturally

Getting long hair isn’t an impossible feat, but you do need to follow a healthy lifestyle and have proper haircare routine. If you want to increase the length of your hair, keep scrolling to find out 10 ways you can do that.

Promote hair growth

1. Trim your hair: Contrary to what people think, regular trims can actually enhance the growth of hair. This is because it eliminates the damaged ends and gives smoother, healthier hair. A neat trim every 8-12 weeks can aid in growing out your hair.

2. Eat a balanced diet: What you eat reflects on your skin and hair, so go easy on junk food and have a healthy diet with veggies, fruit and dairy products. Proteins and vitamins are an absolute must if you want to improve the growth rate of your hair. Add flaxseeds in your diet to boost hair growth.

Ways to Increase the Length of Hair Naturally

3. Take supplements: Often your healthy diet might not be reflecting in your hair length. To speed up the process of hair growth and to prevent hair loss, you can take biotin supplements. You can also try Sugarbear Hair Vitamins that claim to increase hair growth and improve the texture of hair. A word of caution, consult a medical practitioner before self prescribing any new pills. Here are some hair-beneficial vitamins for all hair types.
4. Use sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner: Sulphate-free hair cleansing and conditioning products can be your best friends if you want to prevent hair breakage and tame frizz. Hair breakage prevents you from achieving the desired length and volume, so choose your products with caution.

5. Hot oil massage: Hot oil massages are miracles that completely transform your hair. A warm blend of oils like almond, coconut and olive when massaged into your scalp boosts circulation and strengthens hair. Besides, your hair looks smooth, shiny and silky.

6. Essential oils to the rescue: For accelerated hair growth, you can exploit the gift of mother nature – “essential oils.” Mix a few drops of essential oils like rosemary, cedarwood or lavender with a carrier oil and massage your hair. This can increase cellular metabolism, promote hair growth and prevent baldness.

7. Hair tonics: To show extra TLC to your hair and scalp, you can use a hair tonic. These contain potent ingredients that speed up hair growth and work amazingly in solving your hair loss problems. I would recommend you to check out Rosemary Hair Tonic and Conditioner For Hair Growth and DIY Clove and Bay Leaf Tonic for Healthy Hair on IMBB.

8. Go easy on heat and chemicals: A no-brainer, but a reminder nonetheless. Heat, styling products, chemical treatments amp up your look for a short while, but in the long run do more harm than good. Go easy on styling and chemical treatments and allow your hair to grow at its natural pace.

9. Say no to hot showers: Hot showers spell doom for your hair. If you are fond of relishing a long, hot shower, be prepared to give up on the hair of your dreams. Besides losing shine and softness, hot showers damage the hair shafts, leading to hair breakage. Also, do not wrap your wet hair in a giant towel, as it results in breakage when your hair is at its weakest.

10. Protein masks: Treat your tresses with protein hair masks. In a couple of uses, you can see the difference in texture and smoothness. Besides just hair texture, they supply nutrition and moisture to the roots, boosting hair growth. You can try making these easy DIY Strawberry Protein Hair Mask and DIY Nourishing Protein Hair Mask to restore the health of your hair.

11. Never Forget to Condition Hair: Always followup with a rich conditioner after shampooing because most shampoos can rip the natural oils from the strands, leaving them dry and prone to breakage. Conditioning seals hair cuticles, prevents breakage, and your hair will not break into splits.

12. Brush your Hair 100 Times: Many people “brush it away” (pun intended) as a myth, but brushing increases blood circulation and helps hair to grow long and strong.

13. Use Cold Water to Rinse Hair: Making that important switch from hot to cold water can save the hair and prevent breakage by preventing loss of moisture and frizziness.

14. Apply Deep Conditioning Hair Masks: It is compulsory to condition your hair after using a shampoo. However, if your hair is very dry, damaged and beyond repair, you require a deep conditioning hair mask, which can penetrate your hair shaft and repair the damage by depositing required nutrients. You can try any of these completely homemade Best Deep Conditioning Hair Masks.

Hope these tips help your hair grow out long and strong 🙂


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