Inglot Eyeshadow #473

Inglot Eyeshadow #473


300 INR

Hope you are all having a great time. I am back with a review of another eye shadow shade that I got a couple of months back and it is a turquoise shade numbered #473. Read on to know more.
Inglot Eyeshadow #473

My experience with Inglot Eyeshadow #473:

#473 is a gorgeous turquoise blue shade with very minute shimmer. I first mistook it for being a matte shade. But it actually has really fine shimmer which isn’t over the top and loud at all. Even when I put it on my eyes, the shimmer doesn’t really show and looks almost matte. It is a decently pigmented shade and you can build it up according to the occasion. If you put a light swipe of it, it would really brighten your face and give you a pop of colour.

If you build it up it gives a great party and festive look. This colour would look lovely on lighter to medium skin tones. But I can’t say how it might turnout on darker skin tones. The staying power of the eye shadow is good and it stays on me for 3-4 hours without a base. So I suggest you use a primer if you want it to last longer. This colour does not feel chalky at all like the green colour that I reviewed, earlier and that is such a relief for me. There is no fallout on application. So I have no issues with this eye shadow as it fulfills all that I could wish for at such an affordable price and a great brand. Since these are paraben free and Inglot does not test on animals, it makes me love this range even more.
So if you love such colours then do give this amazing colour a try and I am sure you won’t be disappointed with this range.

Inglot Eyeshadow #473

Pros of Inglot Eyeshadow #473:

• Beautiful turquoise color.
• Decent pigmentation.
• Good staying power.
• Affordable.

Inglot Eyeshadow #473 swatch


Cons of Inglot Eyeshadow #473:

• Availability.

green eye makeup

IMBB Rating:


Do try this shade!!

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