Irresistible Products Every Strawberry Lover Must Own!

Women are really conscious about their beauty routines and can splurge all of their money when it comes to buying beauty products! I am a big-time fruity fragrance lover and can pick up anything without second thought whenever I sniff something lusciously and deliciously fruity. There is always that one fruity fragrance towards which women have a little soft corner – strawberry! And, most of the ladies would put a tick when it comes to juicy strawberries. Strawberry products are superb beauty treats and deliciously pampering to the skin. Although, we have loads of strawberry DIYs, but we do need some jars filled with those strawberries! So, here are the strawberry variants of some beauty products that every woman will definitely fall in love with. So let’s get started!

Irresistible Products Every Strawberry Lover Must Own!

Shower Gel and Soap

Irresistible Products Every Strawberry Lover Must Own!2

Shower gels and soaps are one of the most important parts of everyday bathing routine. Women want some strongly scented shower gels and/or soaps which would leave them smelling fresh and fruity all day long and what could be better than strawberries? Strawberry shower gels smell very fruity and over-powering and this property of strawberry shower gels and soaps make the fragrance last longer than other such fruity products.

Also, these shower gels contain some strawberry seeds which help with mild exfoliation of the skin. Milky strawberry soaps give out a fresh, creamy, fruity fragrance which is great for daily routine.


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Irresistible Products Every Strawberry Lover Must Own!1

Along with a shower gel and soap for the everyday use, a scrub too is necessary for proper exfoliation of the skin. Strawberry scrubs are usually harsh and effective and that is what we need for proper exfoliation in this polluted environment. Strawberry is known to have a brightening property and that is why a strawberry scrub is not only heavenly to smell, but also is really great for showing brightening effects. It helps to revive our skin and turn the dull layer into a fresh, glowing and radiant one.

Face Mask

Irresistible Products Every Strawberry Lover Must Own!4

A pampering treat for the face made out of juicy strawberries looks exactly like a delicious strawberry milkshake. Strawberries will ignite your senses with their heavenly fragrance and the mask will do great for the skin too. Strawberries are believed to contain a high proportion of anti-oxidants which helps to treat the dead and dull cells of the skin.

Also, it provides a natural glow to the skin making the skin look blushy pink. It also contains a good amount of salicylic acid which helps to treat acne and acne marks. A strawberry face mask has a total win-win situation and hence, this is one of the must-haves for all the strawberry fragrance lovers!

Lip Balm and Scrub

Irresistible Products Every Strawberry Lover Must Own!7

We just cannot live without these babies! Lip balms are one of those things in a woman’s kitty that she will not leave the home without. Who doesn’t like those rosy red lips? Juicy strawberry lip balms are one of the highest selling products in the beauty stores. They have a super sweet smell along with a natural tint for the lips.

Our lips look pretty pale and dull especially during winters because most of the women lack a natural flush in their lips and these strawberry lip balms do the trick! Similarly, there are yummy strawberry lip scrubs too! They are used to exfoliate dry and chapped lips and leave behind a subtle and sweet strawberry scent. So taht your partner can appreciate your smooth lips along with a heavenly fragrance.


Irresistible Products Every Strawberry Lover Must Own!6

Strawberry body mists and perfumes just take you some heaven the moment you spray them all over your body. It gives a burst of sweetness and gears us up to start for the day. It is amazing to smell and people who are not into fruity fragrances and have a headache issues with these strong fragrance, beware of these! But, those who love this fruity strawberry smell, are someone who are going to be loyal to this fragrance throughout their life! This fragrance creates a fun, playful and a flirty image when used.

Body Lotion and Butter

Irresistible Products Every Strawberry Lover Must Own!3

In order to double up the fragrance of strawberry mist and make it long lasting, the best trick is to layer your skin up with a strawberry body lotion or butter. Strawberries make the skin soft and supple along with great hydration and moisturising properties. Layering your skin with this delicious, creamy paste gives some pleasure that’s out of the world!

Also, it does great for the skin too when applied and kept overnight! Body lotions for summer and body butters in the winters will always gives you a feeling like the strawberry shortcake and will always keep you in that heavenly world!

Hand Wash and Sanitizer

Irresistible Products Every Strawberry Lover Must Own!5

One of the great ways to have your beloved strawberry fragrance around is to have a small, cute bottle of sanitizer in your handbag. It has small beads of strong and luscious strawberry fragrance which bursts out when you rub your hands together. They do not leave a sticky film behind on the hands, but only leave behind heavenly fragrance.

Also, one more option is to have is a strawberry hand wash. Kill those germs with a mild strawberry fragrance, how about that? So, the moment you feel dull and tiring, smell your palms and it will absolutely revive your senses!

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