Must-Have Summer Staples and Cool Ways to Style Them!

Welcome to the phase when sun is burning super hot, trees are illuminating bright green, flowers are blooming in their striking colours. A season to enjoy those lip-smacking popsicles – yes, you guessed it right! SUMMERS are finally out in town. But, do not know how to pick the best possible outfit for a summer outing? I will help you out with all the summer essentials so that you rock each and every day, despite scorching heat.

Must Have Summer Staples and Cool Ways to Style Them!14

Maxi Dresses

Must Have Summer Staples and Cool Ways to Style Them!9

Maxi dresses are a great pick for summers especially when you want a care-free look. They are a great alternative for those who do not like wearing short dresses but, at the same time, want comfort during the warmer months. Floral and aztec prints are a great way to add on to the summery look. Maxi dress is an excellent option to conceal the flaws of the body such as bulgy tummy, heavy thighs etc. So, go on and grab this summer staple!

Floral Dresses

Must Have Summer Staples and Cool Ways to Style Them!7

There won’t be an end to summers without these cute looking floral dresses. They raise the cuteness quotient to the best possible level. It is this cute looking and beautiful print that rules the entire spring and summer months. A short floral dress is a total must have for summers which help to create a casual as well as a trendy style statement!

Vibrant Quirky Prints

Must Have Summer Staples and Cool Ways to Style Them!15

Isn’t the stuff in the picture gorgeous? I am a big-time fan of aztec prints. They are a versatile option to add onto any outfit and aztec instantly brightens up the look. Have those days when you don’t feel like dressing up? Put on a simple tee and a pair of skinny jeans and add a splash of such quirky bright printed scarf or a bag and you are ready to rock a summer day. Summer is all about lively and bright colours, so why not indulge in such cheerful prints and turn a boring outfit into a flashy one!

Versatile Polka Print

Must Have Summer Staples and Cool Ways to Style Them!

Polka print is a very versatile print which never goes out of fashion. Its foundation started back soo many years ago and yet, it has survived competing superbly with all the fashion trends. Retro print gives a very well-groomed image. Be it the street style or our avant garde fashion, polka dots has always remained in style and will always be no matter what fad comes up. This print is a really good pick for those late night summer parties where you want look elegant and chic, but without getting too dolled up. How about a polka dot bikini for the beach? It will definitely grab a lot of eye balls!


Must Have Summer Staples and Cool Ways to Style Them!2

I am in no doubt that all of us love this summer staple. Most of the women dress up in loose pyjamas and a loose tees when chilling at home, but it gets a little irritating when we have to wear those tight denim jeans during summers. Want an alternative to your loose comfy pyjamas, make jumpsuits your best friend. They are super comfortable and trendy at the same time. The streets and the stores in the malls are filled with such cute dressy jumpsuits and above all, floral ones look the best for a summer lo

Crop Tops

printed pant

Crop tops were thought as a fad which was supposed to stay in vogue for a short while. But, no! They are back this summer all around us with a lot of demand. Have a slim waist and want to show it off? What could be a better option than a cute crop top? Crop tops look amazing and effortlessly stylish, if used correctly. Crop tops can support each look – a casual one for a day look or a stunning one for night time look! So, pick the one you like as per the occasions.

Sexy Short Bottoms

Must Have Summer Staples and Cool Ways to Style Them!10

Most of us might have stuffed up our cute little hot short bottoms during winters. But yes, the time has come to get them out. What could be more comfortable than wearing short lowers? Denim shorts and skirts do give you a stunning look, but I think it’s too causal. Printed mini lowers or a beautifully knitted crochet shorts will totally add up to that glam quotient and transform into a stylish one. Have a pair of jeans that are no more of use? Cut them off, rip them off, paint them and stick those gold studs and there you have a new summer staple! Printed lowers with a plain tee create a super cool look during this phase of the year.


Must Have Summer Staples and Cool Ways to Style Them!4

From the season of knee length boots, we have arrived into a casual and a cheerful weather. This is the time to take out those cute, candy coloured flip flops and rock this sunny weather. They are super cute and can instantly add a dose of brightness to your summer day. They are the most comfortable thing in the world when it comes to footwear.

Over-Sized Sunglasses

Must Have Summer Staples and Cool Ways to Style Them!

With the scorching heat and bright burning sun, a pair of oversized sunglasses becomes a must have for the season. Not only does it help in styling, but the main function is to provide shade to our sensitive eyes. It is always believed that the sun rays that falls directly on the eyes create a lot of issues for our eyes and also lead to severe headaches. Master the summer look with a shape which suits your face the most. I prefer aviators because they happen to be all-rounder, come what may!

Fragrances That Scream Summer


Fragrances such as body mists, body splashes, roll-ons, deodorants and perfumes are the most essential things when it comes to summer staples. It is a time when the body sweats a lot and you do not want to smell like a rotten vegetable when you go for an outing. There are a variety of options to choose from – be it fruity or floral. Most of the brands release their refreshing summer fragrances with give a burst of freshness during the humid months. Perfumes are a super good option for investment which will give out really good interests.

Sorbet Shades

Must Have Summer Staples and Cool Ways to Style Them!11

We always have a myth that during summer, we must only wear bright outfits, poppy coloured nail paints etc. But, let me tell you that sorbet shades are ruling the season this year. Sick of poppy pink and orange shades? Why not try cool mints and baby pinks? Mint is the colour of the season as it looks more refreshing than all the other colours on the fashion palette. Pastels have been a summer staple and will always be. Sorbet fashion looks really cool and soothing at the same time.

Fun and Vibrant Makeup

Must Have Summer Staples and Cool Ways to Style Them!8

Although I love sorbet fashion, sorbet shades do not really support our make-up. For makeup after maroon, red lips and smokey eyes from winter, we need to add more brightness and corals, pinks, aqua and oranges help us achieve that. These poppy shades do the trick even when you do not feel like applying full on makeup. A dash of aqua for eyes or pop of orange or hot pink for the lips will get you ready for a bright sunny day. And yes, it is finally the time to paint the nails in funky neon shades.

Cool Tote Bags

Must Have Summer Staples and Cool Ways to Style Them!12

It is all about tote bags when it comes to summers. Women just want to carry their entire cupboard when it comes to stepping out of the house during summers. Facial wipes, facial mists, make-up, perfumes, deodorants, lip glosses, sunglasses and what not! Tote bags not only look summery, but are spacious enough to stuff in our essentials. Ditch your leather bags for summery and airy ones.

Bright Accessories

Must Have Summer Staples and Cool Ways to Style Them!13

Most of us have a staple white loose and a comfy shirt to pair up with denims for summers, as most of the people prefer light colours during this season. But, a plain white shirt with jeans would look really sad and dull. Hence, you need to have bright and funky accessories in your wardrobe to add spice to your dull outfits. A stack of 7-8 bracelets usually do the trick and create a bohemian style. If you do not like bracelets, a funky statement necklace in poppy colours or a bright scarf would help out too!

Slouchy Pants


We are all packed in those skinny pants and leggings the entire winter, but summers are all about slouchy pants. They are similar to pyjamas, but a little more wearable for outings. They are a good option even as far as our health issues are concerned. Wearing tight fitted pants during summers could cause infections in private parts of a women, and slouchy pants are a best option to avoid such issues. Want to enjoy the slouchy pants trend to the fullest? Try printed ones!

Go Natural

Must Have Summer Staples and Cool Ways to Style Them!5

Few years ago, there was a trend where every woman wished to have poker straight hair and every woman once in their life-time might have had gone through a straightening treatment. But, this season urges to stay natural with those messy hair and natural curls. We usually worry about our hair being frizzy, but who knew this could be a trend too! Mildly fizzy and messy hair create a perfect summer hairstyle. So, do not worry about the way your hair looks because, as I said, it’s all about going natural.

So, that’s it for now ladies! Go ahead and create as many looks as you want to with these summer staples!

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