It’s Skin Strawberry Macaron Lip Balm Review

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Hope all of you are enjoying the festive season! We are also awaiting a grand Diwali meet-up in our area and I am more than excited to organize it with the help of my friends around. Moreover I will be performing for any event in the US for the first time, that too after almost 5-6 years. Hence I am very excited. I am also excited to share this cute, cuddly macaron lip balm with you all which is every beauty product junkie’s dream. So, let’s read more about It’s Skin Macaron Strawberry Lip Balm.

It's Skin Strawberry Macaron Lip Balm Review2

$10 for 0.32 oz, excludes shipping and taxes

Product Description:
What it is:
A delightful fruit-scented, macaron-shaped lip balm that nourishes and moisturizes dry lips with vitamins and fruit extracts, keeping lips soft and sweet all day.

What it is formulated to do:
Formulated with shea butter and cocoa butter, Macaron Lip Balm is packed with antioxidant-rich vitamins A, C, and E—keeping lips soft, nourished, and healthy-looking. Portable and adorable to carry, the balm comes in a macaron tin with four delicious fruit flavors and colors to choose from including sweet pink strawberry, fresh green apple, soft purple grape, and tropical yellow pineapple.

It's Skin Strawberry Macaron Lip Balm Review7

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My Experience with It’s Skin Strawberry Macaron Lip Balm:

It's Skin Strawberry Macaron Lip Balm Review

Oh well, from where should I start praising its unique macaron packaging with that strawberry pink case! As I mentioned earlier, this pink, cuddly macaroon is every beauty junkie’s dream and I would never like to throw away even the empty case. In fact I feel like flaunting such lip balms every once in a while. 😛 Other than that, I totally adore its strawberry fragrance and taste which lingers on for decent number of hours.

It's Skin Strawberry Macaron Lip Balm Review1

The macaron lip balm is available in variety of flavors and I picked up my all time favorite, Strawberry. It seems to be a baby pink glossy balm in the packaging, however all of these lip balms come up way transparent on the lips. I mean they do seem pink or yellow in their respective flavor’s packaging, but they do not impart any color on the lips. I believe this might be a turn off especially if you are looking for a tinted balm. However I am pretty happy with this plain lip balm as I needed an effective non-tinted balm for my dry – normal lips, considering the winters around. I am impressed to see that the lip balm is pretty good in this aspect.

It's Skin Strawberry Macaron Lip Balm Review3

Yes gals, sometimes good things can also come in good packaging ,just like this macaroon balm. It not only looks cute, but it also makes our lips soft & smooth, just like its packaging. I can see how it instantly melts onto our lips to form a shiny, glossy layer which stays put for few hours. It keeps our lips moist and supple for prolonged hours, and after that the shiny layer fades away. I can still feel soft, hydrated lips even after several hours of wear time though. Ever since I have switched to this cuddly lip balm, my lips feel super soft even with lip stains on.

It's Skin Strawberry Macaron Lip Balm Review4

I always use it at bedtime to wake up to baby soft lips as it melts & softens those dry and flaky patches on my lips; I can easily remove them while brushing my teeth and/or with any damp cotton. Pretty easy, huh? I can also see that it has good potential to even treat minor dryness while it may take time to heal severe dryness. I can see that my lip condition is improving too now a days. To be precise, my lips have the most sensitive skin which shows the ill-effects of weather pretty easily, even before my facial skin. Hence I need to take good care of my lips to prevent those cracked lines. I am so glad that this lip balm prevents my lips.

It's Skin Strawberry Macaron Lip Balm Review8

Now I hardly see any cracked lines, even though I have been skipping lip exfoliation for weeks. This is definitely an achievement for someone like me who is always looking for an effective lip treatment, and if the packaging is THIS cute, treatment becomes a bliss. Over all I am highly impressed with this lip balm and will definitely get it again. I also recommend it to everyone for its pretty effective formula against dry weather.

It's Skin Strawberry Macaron Lip Balm Review9


It's Skin Strawberry Macaron Lip Balm Review5

Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of It’s Skin Strawberry Macaron Lip Balm:

• Such a flavorful and delicate lip balm, infused with the goodness of vitamins and butters
• It is a shiny lip balm which does not impart any tint and can be worn under any lip color
• Keeps lips soft and moist even in winters
• It has made my lips soft, supple and youthful
• It melts dry patches gently
• It stays put for good 5-6 hours, and lips remain soft even after that
• It does not aggravate dryness and/or irritate my skin
• It transforms dry and parched lips into touchably soft and smooth lips
• It is formulated without parabens, sulfates and phthalates
• Such a cute pink macaron shaped packaging

Cons of It’s Skin Strawberry Macaron Lip Balm:

 It contains mineral oil
• Quite pricey for a clear lip balm

Well I usually find no fault with mineral oil, especially when I see no such side effects; I have used many lip balms before which are equally pricey, but none of them look as appealing. Hence I can easily ignore these cons. I am thinking of collecting all of these now. You should definitely check these out especially if you want an effective lip treatment and unique packaging.

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