J’adore Perfumed Body Lotion Review

J’adore Perfumed Body Lotion

Heylo Imbbians,

While digging into my bhabhi’s vanity drawer, I came across this splendid bottle of J’adore by Christian Dior Scented Body Lotion. The bottle itself being so pretty, I couldn’t stop adoring it. Read on to find out if the product was as good as the bottle itself..

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Quantity – 200 ml

Price – Unknown (It was a gift)

How to apply:

The product can be applied all over the body after a shower. It does not require much rubbing in.

Product Description

A deliciously perfumed body milk that moisturizes the skin, leaving it silky soft and subtly scented with the luminous floral notes of J’adore. In a transparent clear drop, an ultra lightweight texture, enriched with silicon oil for a silky sheen, a sensation of infinite softness. The luminous floral notes of J’Adore subtly envelope the skin throughout the day.
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Product claims

Its formula uses the beneficial properties of Jasmine, a flower whose radiance shines forth throughout the J’adore floral bouquet.
Jasmine is a floral raw material with a subtle and abundant trail, as well as a precious skincare ingredient.
Jasmine essence water is rich in flavanoides, which are known for their effective action against free radicals.
Gentle and refreshing, with a subtle, fragrant caress that envelops the skin, beautifying it and making it glow with pearlescent shine.
The ultra-sensorial delight of le Lait Embellisseur transforms bath time into a moment of pure pleasure.


A semi glass- plastic bottle with a beautiful dome shaped glass top cover. It is a see through bottle.The lotion is creamish in color and has a very light consistency. It looks and smells expensive.
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My experience with J’adore Perfumed Body Lotion:

I personally fell in love with the product the moment I set my eyes on it. From the packaging , to the texture of the cream to the fragrance , everything about this body lotion is above-satisfactory. The cream felt smooth on my skin and without much rubbing it, it disappeared into my skin leaving behind a lovely – smelling me. It also kept my skin moisturized. So it’s a win-win situation – Fragrance + moisturisation.

Pros of J’adore Perfumed Body Lotion:

• A beautiful and an elegantly packaged product
• Subtle Fragrance
• Long lasting
• Ultra leight-weight
• Gives a glowy sheen to the skin
• No shimmer, so its good for daily wear
• Clear see-through bottle, so one can know how much of it is left or used.

Cons of J’adore Perfumed Body Lotion:

• Large cap- so a lot of product can run out.
• Runny consistency
• Expensive ( I’m not sure if this is a con , after all its Christian Dior; It’s got to be expensive)

Final Verdict:

If a girl has the liberty to lay her hands on this gorgeous body lotion, then this is a product that shouldn’t be missed. It has a very subtle and mild fragrance but it lasts for a pretty long time. It does not feel greasy at all.. It’s as good as having applied nothing on the skin, but the Fragrance cannot be missed… it has an exclusive fragrance that is tad different from other perfumes and deos available in the market. It slightly difficult to exactly describe the fragrance but it can be said that it has a Jasmine Flower note to it. Moreover, this is the second bottle my Bhabhi is using and she says only a little product is required. So the bottle goes a long way. In short, this is one product I feel proud of and can happily show it off to my friends :p

IMBB Rating:

4/5 (Only if it had a pump dispenser, it would be the winner hands down)

Would I recommend J’adore Perfumed Body Lotion to others?

Yes yes!! If your pocket allows you to splurge on it, then definitely it is a Yes!

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