Estee Lauder Beautiful Perfumed Body Lotion

Estee Lauder Beautiful Perfumed Body Lotion

Estee Lauder Beautiful Perfumed Body Lotion

Fragrance Notes:

Blooming fresh cut flowers, rose, jasmine, and carnation.Accompanied by fruity notes of fresh citrus, melons, peaches and plum.

Thanks to my mum who got this for me, but I am now thinking why haven’t I been using this lotion up! I have some 4 to five perfumed body lotions, one from Doraine which is very heavily scented and then this one, another from Bath and Body Works I suppose.  But this one happens to be the best and the most wearable one for me in spite of being on the heavily scented side.

The lotion is a gorgeous perfumed one with heavy rose notes and is very floral.  I am more of a citrus and a fruity day wear kind of person and I like musky scents for the evening, but definitely crisp and citrus. But this one doesn’t happen to feel very citrus on me honestly.

It comes in a pretty, light pink tube with a flip cap.  I wish it came in a pump style, delicate bottle, helping me use just very little at a time, but for what it is, no complaints.

The lotion is very heavily scented. Even on my hands, it would last for say 5 hours, it would just go on and on and on. The lotion doesn’t feel greasy or creamy, but not light either. It feels somewhere in between and very soft.


It gets absorbed soon enough and keeping in mind it is perfumed I go easy with it.  The perfume just softens after a while and a very rosy, floral scent is left behind.  Every time I feel my hands near my face, I can feel the scent and its beautiful! So rightly, its very feminine, feels so gentle, makes one feel super nice and womanly 😛 Its very nice to have perfumed, nice, fresh smelling hands, especially if you spend time in the kitchen.

I really love how nicely it works as a lotion too, softens hands and lasts for very long. I use very little in humid weather, but I think dry skin would love it too.  It provides nice moisturization and I have no complaints whatsoever.


One thing I would like to point out is that I don’t think it is very apt for a day fragrance.  It can be a little overboard as its not crisp and rather heavy.  It lingers on and on, so use very little on some areas like hands and arms if you were to use it for office. I prefer to use it at night, but nevertheless love it.

Last Word on Estee Lauder Beautiful Perfumed Body Lotion:

One of the best perfumed lotions I have ever used. It softens skin and lingers on and on and is very floral and feminine, rightly named beautiful, more of a night fragrance for me. It may feel a little heavy for girls who are into lighter scents, this one is a classic and very beautiful indeed!

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9 thoughts on “Estee Lauder Beautiful Perfumed Body Lotion

  1. oh my gowd..u brought my childhood memories back..i can still feel my mom smelling so appealing with this on..but then she had a square bottle with rounded edges with a pump dispenser..i still remember her hanky smeling even days after washing of this lotion..wana get one right now and let my guy enjoy the aroma……………….

  2. neha I really wish they had given some luxurious packaging to the the product. Although i like the simple tube packaging – makes it easy to travel with. I’ll check it out . I have used one earlier from EL and it was heavenly. I really want to smell it. 😀

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