Jovees Hair Serum Grape Seed & Almond Review

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How are you all? I’m writing again after 15-20 days, I couldn’t resist myself from writing for IMBB :D. I love this blog so much that I can’t even express. I have my MBA exams going and I promised mom that I will study and study only ;D But still with three exams left, I could not stop myself from writing for IMBB.

My hair serum was over so I wanted to buy a new one, I mean try a new one :p . When I reached my local shop and asked for hair serum, he introduced me to a new baby, Jovees hair serum. I really like Jovees Product. They have never disappointed me. I bought few Jovees Product and will post reviews for them too very soon 🙂
Jovees Hair Serum almond and grapeseed11

Product Description:

This non sticky hair serum adds gloss and shine to the hair, the natural ingredients in the hair serum helps to moisturize the hair. Hair stays shiny, nourished and manageable all day. It also protects hair from external factors such as heat, dust and humidity. It helps untangle hair making it manageable. Plant based ingredients help condition and smooth hair, restores a healthy look and feel to hair.

Method of use:

Hair serum works best on clean hair. Apply a coin sized amount on wet hair. Style your hair accordingly. Use daily.

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Active Ingredients:

Almond oil, olive oil, wheatgerm oil, Safflower oil, broccoli seed oil, Grapeseed oil, Soyisoflavone and Niacinamide.
Jovees Hair Serum almond and grapeseed12

Rs. 245 for 50 ml, I got it for Rs. 230 🙂

My Experience with Jovees Hair Serum Grape Seed & Almond:

Firstly, lets talk about its packaging. The whole bottle was sealed in a plastic thin sheet. Packaging is very filmsy, transparent plastic bottle with a silver plastic neck and a white colour pump at the top secured with a plastic transparent cover or lid. This lid is tightly secured and does not come off easily.You have to apply little pressure while opening the lid, which is actually a good thing because this way it will not spill in your bag. In brief, it is travel-friendly. Okay now about its texture, I would say very thick. Very thick but non- sticky and non-greasy texture and consistency. It is not runny like L’Oreal or Matrix ones. Texture of this serum really scared me at first when I was going to use it since I had bought it only for its natural ingredients.
Jovees Hair Serum almond and grapeseed12
I divided my damp hair into two sections, and took less than a coin-sized amount on my palm. I had to rub the serum quite vigorously between my palms so that I can easily spread it on my hair. I had to do this for both sections of my hair. After application, it gets absorbed into the hair very nicely. It does not give a greasy or oily feeling on the hair. Infact, it feels light on the hair. I use this serum daily even though I wash my hair every third day. It has a strong smell, which many people will not like;  I hated it for the first time as well. I was like ewwww!! But that smell faded away after a couple of minutes. Well, that is a good thing; and now finally, the result, yes it definitely adds shine and gloss to the hair, makes it really soft and smooth.
Jovees Hair Serum almond and grapeseed swatch

I would say it works best for 7-8 hours after that you can feel your hair is dry again. Well by this time, I am at home so I avoid using it again in the evenings. It makes hair manageable to some extent. I would say its an average product for me. I bought it after reading the ingredient list and I definitely don’t mind trying herbal or natural products on my hair and skin. Ladies who have bouncy, curly or heavy hair can try this one for sure, it will not weigh down your hair. But ladies who have thin hair, better avoid this one as chances are there that it might weigh down your hair because of its thick consistency.

Pros of Jovees Hair Serum Grape Seed & Almond:

• Natural ingredients
• Adds shine to the hair
• Makes hair soft and works as a moisturiser for dry hair
• Reasonable price
• Easily available in India.
• Non sticky and non-greasy.
• Travel friendly bottle.
• Not tested on animals.

Cons of Jovees Hair Serum Grape Seed & Almond:

• May weigh down thin hair.
• Very strong smell initially, even if it fades away after 2-3 minutes.
• Just Active Ingredients mentioned, no complete list of ingredients 🙁

Will I repurchase Jovees Hair Serum Grape Seed & Almond?

No, the market is loaded with different hair serums. I will try  some other hair serum next time.

Will I recommend Jovees Hair Serum Grape Seed & Almond?

Yes, If you love nature’s goodness in your kitty, then you should go for this serum.

IMBB Rating:

I will give it 3.5 out of 5. (less 0.5 for packaging which could have been better and less 1 for its strong smell).

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