Jovees Active Protein Youth Face Pack and 30+ Youth Face Cream- Review

Jovees Active Protein Youth Face Pack and 30+ Youth Face Cream- Review

I actually bought the Jovees Youth face pack and Jovees 30+ Youth Cream for my mom.

She used the face pack once, crinkled her nose at the smell and gave it back to me.

She applied the Jovees 30+ Youth face cream, crinkled her nose and reverted back to her favourite Olay!!!

So here I was, left with two products clearly not meant for me… (I am not even 25!!!)… So did I chuck them away???? Who me??? A girl addicted to experimentation???? No way!!!!

Jovees Face pack and youth face cream review

I applied some logic. I could use the Active protein Youth face pack.

Here is why:

  • The pack is meant for all types of mature skin. Meaning it must be super-hydrating as mature skin needs extra-moisture. Everybody knows I can do with some extra moisture.
  • The active ingredients are: Almond, honey, Wheat, Argan Oil (Produced from a tree of the same name; native of Morocco; used for ages as a moisturizer and anti-ageing oil… Read more info here.) And Soya Protein. Nothing of the above would hurt my skin.
  • Here is what the pack says: We can achieve a youthful look through balanced diet along with using natural products for our skin. Collagen and Elastin are the skin proteins mainly responsible for elasticity, tone and texture of the skin. These two skin proteins give strength and flexibility to the skin. This youth face pack contains Argan oil, antioxidant and peptides along with other active ingredients derived from natural source that help to promote surface skin cell turnover, mitigate the fine lines by accelerating the cell renewal process, improve skin texture and help skin to be firm and youthful.
  • Method of use: Clean face preferably with Jovees Citrus Cleansing Milk and pat dry. Apply a thick layer evenly all over the face and neck. Leave on for 25 minutes. Wash thoroughly with water. Use twice a week. Follow with Jovees 30+ Youth Face Cream.
  • It is priced at Rs.225/- for 120 g.


  • The face pack is good. I don’t have any visible signs of ageing so I cannot vouch for its anti-ageing properties, but it does make my skin look fresh and even.
  • It also makes my skin feel tightened.
  • The consistency is good. Spreads easily on the skin.

Jovees Face pack  review

  • Does not dry out my skin and did not leave my mom’s skin oily (She has super oily skin…).
  • I think this should be more suited to dry skin, as it is meant to hydrate and moisturize for the mature skin.
  • It is not something I’ll recommend but is worth a try; especially if you are in your late 20’s or early 30’s. The packaging is clean and convenient.
  • The pricing is okayish. Not too high… Corresponds with the results.


  • The smell!!!!! I did not find it too obnoxious, but my mom couldn’t stand it….
  • She didn’t even keep the pack on for 25 minutes… Washed it away too quickly.
  • I am not a fan of the smell, but it is no fragrance. It is a not-so-good smell.
  • To describe, I can say that it smells like Almond oil +Soya +Spoilt milk.
  • So it is Good +neutral +Bad. So the reaction to it varies from person to person.
  • I alternate this face pack with my Fruit pack. But I must say, the results are almost same.

This makes my skin clear and visibly even toned. So I am gonna finish the current tube. But I won’t buy it again. I’ll stick with my Fruit packs. So much more pleasant to use!!!

My rating: :star: :star: + 0.5

So after I use this pack, I do follow it with the Jovees 30+ Youth face Cream. Actually I have been using this cream daily for day time since a few weeks now.

Here is what the pack says:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles are a fact of ageing. The skin starts to show signs of ageing in the late 20’s. Jovees has developed a natural 30+ youth face cream that contains ingredients derived from natural sources. A light weight cream, easily absorbed into the skin helps to plump up the collagen in the skin, reduce the fine lines, resist the production of melanin and brings glow and softness in to skin. This youth cream, full of organic ingredients, boosts the skin’s natural cellular renewal, which makes skin appear more lifted and firm. In addition, it gives requisite hydration to skin and protects skin from harmful effects of Sunrays.
  • Active ingredients: Blackberry extract, Grape seed extract, Vetiver Oil, Avocado, jojoba, AHA (derived from fruits)
  • Priced at: Rs.295/- for 100g.


  • It is a light weight cream. So very helpful in this humid weather.
  • Though they say light weight it is NOT for oily skin.

Jovees  youth face cream review

  • It has SPF 16. So I can do without sunscreen on my face. I do apply sunscreen on the body though.
  • It moisturizes well. I don’t feel dry patches or tightness.
  • Gets absorbed fast. Doesn’t leave any residue on the skin.
  • At the same time, it gives a slight firmness to my skin.
  • I have seen my skin a bit healthier since I am using this cream.
  • The packaging is good.
  • A very little amount is required to cover the face and neck.
  • It also cools and soothes my skin. So I love to apply it after Sun exposure or if my skin is feeling especially dry and uncomfortable.
  • I apply it twice a day and I don’t need to reapply any time in between.
  • This product smells MUCH better than its face pack counterpart.
  • Loving it so far!!!!


  • The smell is not as fruity as the ingredients.
  • Slightly pricey for a day cream.
  • Again I don’t have any visible signs of ageing so cannot comment on its anti-ageing properties.
  • I don’t mind buying it again. But my skin creams change with the season. This tube will last me a couple of months more. And after that in the winters I survive only on Nivea Crème. Nothing else can quench my skin in winters. But this is going to be my Rainy season moisturizer.

My rating: :star: :star::star:and 0.5 as benefit of doubt for the anti-ageing properties!!!

Both these products lack only in the smell department. Both of them are good for the skin, easy to use, easy to carry, provide what they claim and are fairly affordable.

Only if they do something to improve the smell, they will be much more appealing.

Have you used Jovees products?

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23 thoughts on “Jovees Active Protein Youth Face Pack and 30+ Youth Face Cream- Review

  1. We all think about our moms in the same way I guess…I am always buyng things for my mom and she is only a basi fae ream person….she is not interested in my fae paks and has every euse to huk them out…….but Mrun I am kind of inlined towards this when you said “healthier skin”…but oily….I still have my skin that tells everyone that I have just attained puberty….i will run away from anything that has an overdose of moisture in it!!!!!!!

    1. I was like “basi fae ream” what is that…was almost going to open up google to do a search thinking its some korean brand!! Then figured its Hindi..cannot understand what it is….thought..oh she means old “fae ream” what is fae ream. JOMOL…repair your keyboard!!!!! I know I know..its face cream but lost half my brains trying to figure that out.

          1. Fathima was sharing a big chakka pic with all of us and Jomol said that she liked “Hakka Hips”, as in the chakka. 😀

            We all were laughing at this and the our very own Fathima and mrunmayee decided to name Jomol as Hakka Hips. They are wicked I tell you. Look I said nothing. Mrunmayee and Fathima are to be blamed. :rotfl: :rotfl:

  2. even me too was like what is this “fae ream” n “fae paks” then read all of ur comments n now i said okay its better to read whole comments rather then googling it ….

    rati u asked me abt my skin in one of ur comments…
    yes i do have oily T zone … may be thats why mac min. satin. finish is not for me…
    but u know i bought mac’s MSN in medium dark online tell me it wont suit me kya???
    aab kya karon ??? yeh online purchasing kabhi kabhi blunder kar dete hai no matter how carefull u r ???

    1. Rashmi, medium dark would be very dark for you. Either medium light or medium would suit you. I use medium dark and I am atleast 3-4 shades a darker than you.

      See if it could be changed. 🙁

      1. hey rati but m NC 40 in MAc… n u know i never purchased a foundation just color matched myself n had samples
        and this studio fix nc40 is like too yellowish on me…
        why is this should i go for nw40 or what ???

        1. Rashmi, it’s very difficult to tell the shade like this. I have only seen your pics and pictures never show the same exact shade of your skintone. All I know is that NC 40 just cannot be your shade. I am NC 35. Would you believe that??

          I seriously suggest that you visit the MAC counter once and figure out your shades. After that you may always order online.

          NW 40 might be too pink for you, you never know. Sometimes people don’t find the exact shades also in MAC foundations.

          You have to figure this out yourself only, Rashmi. Do visit the MAC counter and take help from MUA. It would be worth the effort. 🙂

  3. I didn’t have to strain my brain to understanstand what fae ream is.Radhika did it for me.Oh my God!I am giggling so much I am having trouble typing.Jomol our sweet Jomol!

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